TCU Banquet Canceled, Team Reportedly Suspended For Rest of Semester

There’s no news yet on the new coach of the TCU swimming & diving programs, but a local newspaper reports that the team’s banquet was canceled, and sources tell SwimSwam that the team has been suspended for the remainder of the semester.

TCU placed former head coach Sam Busch on administrative leave in February, just six months after hiring him and with a dual meet and the Big 12 and NCAA Championships still remaining on the team’s schedule. Busch resigned shortly after he was placed on leave.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported earlier this month that Busch was “going to be fired” after allegations that he verbally berated staffers at the TCU rec center, had a physical altercation with an assistant coach and was seen “at local bars drinking and fraternizing with students.” While the Star-Telegram report says swimmers and divers were unhappy with many of the changes Busch put into place, it also says that the team became frustrated with the athletic department’s refusal to give the team any information about why Busch was suspended during during the season:

“They told us nothing,” said one TCU swimmer, who along with three teammates spoke to the Star-Telegram. “They left us to explain the whole thing, and we didn’t know the answer.”

The Star-Telegram report goes on to say that “a series of embarrassing social media posts and behaviors by some members of the team” caused the athletic department to cancel the team’s banquet, which was to happen the weekend of April 7. “The department is frustrated with the team, and the team is frustrated with the department,” the report said.

Now, sources tell SwimSwam that the team is suspended from all athletic activities, including training, for the rest of the semester. Though that’s not as severe as a suspension during competition season, it does impact training in preparation for summer season.

Update: SwimSwam has received conflicting reports, with other sources saying that practice has just been made ‘optional’ for the rest of the academic year. TCU has not responded to our requests to verify the information.

We’re told TCU will announce its new head coach at a team meeting today.

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3 years ago

This is how programs get cut. No coach, no training, I would suspect fleeing recruits… Ugh.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  HulkSwim
3 years ago

Not really a great combo to be sure.

Reply to  HulkSwim
3 years ago

So true. Bob Bowman is ready!

Reply to  HulkSwim
3 years ago

Recruits are still coming here, somehow

Reply to  Retweet
3 years ago

Retweet/Hanks – please adhere to SwimSwam commenting guidelines regarding not using multiple usernames in the same thread. Thanks.

Reply to  HulkSwim
3 years ago

True. Ugh

3 years ago


3 years ago

James Winchester

Reply to  Aquabullet
3 years ago

Done deal.

Reply to  Aquabullet
3 years ago

What about him?

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