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October 04th, 2022 Gear, Training

Courtesy of Swim Smart, a SwimSwam partner.

ASCA, NISCA and CSCCA have all used and are expanding their use of Swim Smart books, courses and knowledge to help their coaches take the next step in their self-development. Why? Because swimmers improve most when they believe in the workout and training they are doing.

Use your winter break wisely to help educate yourself, your swimmers, your staff and even your parents to build a team everyone wants to be on!

The Biology of Swimming

Everything you need to know about the Swimming Machine

“I have just started reading the textbook. It is accessible and engaging for a person with very little background in biology or swimming. Karl’s understandable explanations make the material easy to follow.” – Anne McCorkle

  • Used for talks at ASCA and CSCCA that last two years
  • Exercise science in simple picture book format with over 300 illustrations!
  • Learn how the Swimming Machine works, adapts and is perfected
  • Click the pictures/links to see samples, reviews and more!

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Swim Coach’s Starter Guide

Building a Team Everyone wants to be on

“Karl combines creative ideas with well-structured plans to provide an enjoyable to read and easy to understand guide to coaching swimming for every (new and experienced) coach.

Coaches at swim clinics often comment that they learn the most in the conversations after the clinic talks. “Swim Coaches Starter Guide” is like the very best of those discussions. I also highly recommend Biology of Swimming to everyone (coaches, swimmers and parents) looking for important and easy to understand information about almost all the science behind swim training and performance.

Read both books now, then thank Karl and Mike later! Thanks Karl & Mike.” – Coach Monty Hopkins

  • Recently added to the NISCA recommended reading list!
  • Perfect for new coaches looking to make coaching their career
  • A resource for head coaches wanting to help improve their assistants
  • Directly applicable guidelines, tips and instruction
  • Click the pictures/links to see samples, reviews and more!

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FREE Download-able Teaching Aides

Knowledge is Speed!

“The Swim Smart download-ables are a MUST have for each swim coach. Whether you’re an experience veteran, or a bright-eyed new starter—these free tools are a great template for any coach to build off of. —Abbie Fish, Creator/Head Coach of Swim Like A. Fish

Whether you are struggling with workouts, teaching the strokes, managing a team, tracking your yards, making a high school swim meet lineup or want to learn more about dryland, we have something for everyone. Take a look, share with your colleagues and let us know what you think because we want to continually improve what we do and your feedback helps us all.

Here is what you can find:

  • Workout Templates
  • Workout Progressions
  • Season Planning and Periodization
  • Dryland Template
  • Overtraining Monitor
  • Videos on Teaching/Training the Strokes
  • Training Tracker
  • Meet Lineup Tracker
  • Website Documents for your Team

Click here to find all the Download-ables here!


Partner Books

Join the Growing Bookstore. Contact [email protected] to add your book to the store. No inventory needed!

  • Sue Nami: Children’s book guidefor parents and children to start their swimming journey at home.
  • Fundamentals of Fast Swimming: Gary Hall Sr. and Head Coach Devin Murphy, guide you to a better understanding of the science and nuances of what makes great swimmers so fast.
  • Winning Life’s Gold Medal: Ten motivational lessons that will help you become a better person and improve your relationships with friends and family.

Click here to see the bookstore!


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Swim Smart was founded by Karl Hamouche and Mike Peterson. We are coaches fixing swimming problems. Every product we created was to help our own kids improve and we hope they can help your swimmers too! At the core of everything we do, we just want swimmers and coaches to be more engaged in workout.

We would love the chance to Partner with you and your team (and vendors) to get you want you need and get your athletes swimming smarter!

Courtesy of Swim Smart, a SwimSwam partner.

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