Stubblety-Cook Hits 3rd Fastest 200 Breast In History For OLY Record And Gold


Zac Stubblety-Cook has collected his first-ever Olympic gold medal in the men’s 200 breaststroke, topping the field with a 2:06.38 Olympic record. Stubblety-Cook became the first-ever man to crack 2:27 at an Olympiad, taking the record from Japan’s Ippei Watanabe who swam a 2:07.22 during the semi-finals of the Rio 2016 Games.

Split Comparison

Stubblety-Cook 2020 Watanabe 2016
50 29.35 29.14
100 1:01.72 (32.37) 1:01.83 (32.69)
150 1:34.17 (32.45) 1:34.55 (32.72)
200 2:06.38 (32.21) 2:07.22 (32.67)

While Stubblety-Cook notched a new Olympic record, he was a little bit slower than Russian swimmer Anton Chupkov‘s 2:06.12 world record from the 2019 World Championships. Stubblety-Cook also just missed out on lowering his own Australian record from earlier this year at Olympic Trials which sits at a 2:06.28. His 2 2:06s from 2021 mark the 2nd and 3rd fastest swim in the history of the event behind Chupkov’s world record.

All-time Performances In The Men’s 200 Breaststroke

  1. Anton Chupkov (RUS) – 2:06.13
  2. Zac Stubblety-Cook (AUS) – 2:06.28
  3. Zac Stubblety-Cook (AUS) – 2:06.38
  4. Shoma Sato (JPN) – 2:06.40
  5. Matthew Wilson (AUS) / Ippei Watanabe (AUS) – 2:06.67
  6. Matthew Wilson (AUS) – 2:06.68
  7. Ippei Watanabe (JPN) – 2:06.73
  8. Shoma Sato (JPN) – 2:06.74
  9. Shoma Sato (JPN) – 2:06.78

Notably, of all 5 swimmers who have top 10 performances in the 200 breaststroke, Stubblety-Cook is the only man who made it onto the podium in Tokyo. Anton Chupkov was the closest to finsihing within the top 3, hitting a 2:07.24 for 4th place. Shoma Sato and Matthew Wilson on the other hand actually didn’t even qualify for the final, hitting a 2:09.04 for 10th and a 2:10.10 2 for 15th during the semis. Ippei Watanabe was even further away from the Olympic final, having failed to qualify for the Games due to a third place finish to Ryuya Mura and Shoma Sato at Japanese Trials.

Arno Kamminga finished 2nd to Stubblety-Cook in the Olympic final with a 2:07.01 swim, trailing his own PB and Dutch record of 2:06.85. Matti Mattsson of Finland had a major best time of 2:07.13 to take Olympic bronze. His swim was an improvement upon the 2:08.26 national record he set just weeks ago at the 2021 European Swimming Championships.

Kamminga’s 2:06.85 PB from December 2020 makes him the 6th fastest performer in history while Mattsson is now the 8th fastest man on record.

All-time Performers In The Men’s 200 Breaststroke

  1. Anton Chupkov (RUS) – 2:06.13
  2. Zac Stubblety-Cook (AUS) – 2:06.28
  3. Shoma Sato (JPN) – 2:06.40
  4. Matthew Wilson (AUS) / Ippei Watanabe (AUS) – 2:06.67
  5. Arno Kamminga (NED) – 2:06.85
  6. Akihiro Yamaguchi (JPN) – 2:07.01
  7. Matti Mattson (FIN) – 2:07.13

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1 month ago

This makes me soooo happy. Gold for Zac !!!!

1 month ago

Will end up our only boy with a swimming gold medal, among hopefully the many Aussie girls (Kaylee and Emma for one more each). Well done Zac, ridiculous effort, improved on his times through heats, semi to final. Couldnt ask for more. I think first time in Australian history to snag this event.

1 month ago

Who said Australia doesn’t have a breastroke swimmer. Zac a well deserved gold medal winner. Congratulations mate.

1 month ago

One of the most calculated and strategically correct swims I have seen in years (and this includes to semi too). Amazing. Way to go Zac…