Schooling Scratches 1Fly Final On Night 3 Of Singapore Nats


The crowd was anxious to see its Olympic champion Joseph Schooling in the pool again on day 3 of the 2019 Singapore Nationals, but they only got to see him once.

After registering a morning time of 54.63 to place 6th in the men’s 100m fly heats, the 24-year-old former Texas Longhorn withdrew from the finals, leaving the field wide open for the remainder of the contenders.

Sajan Prakash of India hit the wall first tonight in 53.73 while Jung Ong of Singapore finished with the host nation title in 53.83.

As for Schooling, the man has already qualified for the World Championships via his performance at the 2018 Asian Games. He has withdrawn from the rest of this meet.

Per The Straits Times, “National Training Centre head coach Gary Tan said the decision to withdraw from the SNSC was a collective one between Schooling and the coaching staff, and that the Olympic 100m fly champion was neither sick nor injured.”

“We are trying to make sure (Schooling) is in a good frame of mind going into the world championships and we want him to be ready to race there,” added Tan.

Stephan Widmer, the national head coach and performance director, said: “This part of the meet was for him to expose himself to a lot of racing – there was always the (possibility) of potentially having to say, ‘With the Worlds coming up and the recovery process, we maybe have to pull the plug’ and that’s what happened.

“He did a lot of tough racing and it wasn’t about the times; it was about putting himself out there and pushing the body again and again and it seems like it just got to that fine line.

“We thought it was better to stop that now and get him to recover over the next few days before we resume the training and taper towards the world championships.”

We’ve reached out to Schooling for comment as well.

The women’s 100m fly saw a 13-year-old visiting swimmer Geunhui Lee get the win in 1:00.71, just .06 ahead of runner-up Nicholle Toh Fann Rui.

National record holder Lionel Khoo took the men’s 50m breast in 28.21 after having clocked a new meet record in 28.08 in the morning, while Christie Chue completed her breaststroke sweep with the women’s 50m breast gold in 32.22.

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2 years ago

I would think being in a good state of mind would require racing so you know where you are I’m training

2 years ago

I heard he scratched this final so could do a 48.9 lcm 100 fly in the warm down pool, from a push, in a drag suit and carrying a 20 lb dumbbell from his feet

Reply to  Lpman
2 years ago

We’re talking about Schooling, not Dean Farris

Reply to  USA
2 years ago

My apologies

2 years ago

Classic comments from coaches and people in charge making excuses.
Dq in 50fly and pb +4.3 in 100, it’s not looking good for schooling 4 weeks out, gonna need a magic taper.
Seems like that once fearless racer has gone.

Reply to  Skoorbnagol
2 years ago

Something called Caeleb Dressel happened to him.

2 years ago

I think Joe is fully content with the 100m fly gold medal from Rio 2016 and doesn’t have the motivation to push himself to new heights.

I think we’ve already seen the best of Joe.

In my opinion, a motivated swimmer would’ve swam finals anyway and see it as a training session despite a poor time in prelims.

Reply to  TNM
2 years ago

It’d be hard to ever top that moment I would think.

May as well still have fun with swimming, travelling, and getting endorsement money, but doesn’t seem motivated

2 years ago

I’m going to predict Schooling doesn’t break 52 at Worlds.

WV Swammer
Reply to  Blackflag82
2 years ago

I really hope you’re of the best swimmers to watch when he’s on form

Reply to  WV Swammer
2 years ago

That statement could be made of pretty much any swimmer at the top of his/her game

2 years ago

From college kid to superstar national hero… that might mess with your brains a little

2 years ago

not a fan, I was about to get over this with a single “xd” in the comments, but even for me, this is getting more like a “:'(“

2 years ago

This isn’t looking good. At this rate, I don’t even know if he can make the finals at Worlds. His return from the US probably screwed up with his training. With the standard of today’s butterfliers, it’s likely that a sub 51 swim in the 100 fly is needed to medal.

Reply to  MR FLY
2 years ago

I will not be surprised if he can’t progress beyond the heats. I hope he can give us a surprise at the Worlds. I know he is a talented swimmer but he seems to be that type that lost his motivation easily.

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