Phelps Talks About Life With Baby Boomer, Meaning Of Son’s Name

The most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, can’t help but smile throughout his latest Facebook Live post, where the swimmer describes life with newborn baby Boomer Robert Phelps. Although not making an appearance within the video, Boomer is the main subject of the online conversation, with Phelps describing his time with the baby so far as ‘unbelievable’ and as ‘the best experience of his life’.

Weighing in at 6 lbs, 12 oz and measuring at 19.5 inches long, Boomer arrived 3 weeks early, with Phelps describing his son as having a full head of dark hair and blue eyes (at the moment).

As a possible nod to his son’s swimming future, Phelps said his son’s flexible movements give indications he may be double-jointed, complete with big feet and long fingers. Although, Phelps states that Boomer’s decision to swim will be left entirely up the kiddo himself.

While answering viewers questions, we find out that, yes, the plan is still for his mother, Debbie Phelps, fiancée Nicole Johnson and baby Boomer to attend the Olympics in Rio should Phelps make his 5th Games appearance.

Phelps also addresses how the couple came up with the name Boomer Robert, explaining simply that he and Nicole thought the name ‘Boomer’ was ‘different and cool.’ But, Robert does hold special significance as both the name of Phelps’ long-time coach Bob Bowman, as well as Phelps’ great grandmother whose name was Roberta.

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5 years ago

My daughter is 3 months older than Boomer Bob. I hope I can set them up in about 18 years. She also has long limbs and big hands and feet. I’m calling it now: Trials in 2032, she’ll be 16+ and will be the first female swimmer to break 1:49.5 in the 200m free and 3:51 in the 400 free. I’m going to enjoy going to the Olympics in Santiago, Chile, that year.

Reply to  BaldingEagle
5 years ago

I’m sure they’ll meet on the USA team camp before the olympics!

5 years ago

Bet there will be a lot of pressure on Boomer..

5 years ago

They say a happy swimmer is a FAST swimmer, and since I’ve never seen MP happier I hope soon I’ll also be able to say I’ve never seen him faster! 🙂
Congratulations, Michael and Nicole!

5 years ago

I’m imagining that mobile hanging over the crib is a bunch of his “minor medals:” London 200 fly, London 4×100 Fr-R, Athens 200 free…

Reply to  BaldingEagle
5 years ago

Don’t forget all his world champ medals.. Probably hanging in her closet

5 years ago

Hi Michael,

“Baby Boomer”…that’s a really cool name! Congrats to Nicol and you. Hope mom and Boomer are resting well. I wish you guys all the best. Hope you’re able to stay sharp & focused for trials and Rio.

Traci Steele
Reply to  CanadianFan
5 years ago

Maybe he’ll be a Sooner some day!!

5 years ago

If you are looking for a future swimmer or for above average to good lung capacity then it is advisable to stay in the womb for as close to full term as possible.. Kids stay in there where it is warm , food on tap & do your breathing exercises!

Michael Phelps
5 years ago

Hey Michael,
Congrats on the new son…I am a baby boomer, literally. I consider u my namesake since I’m the older of us. Been trying 2 meet u since I met your cousin @ Enterprise Rental in Maryland a few years back…came all the way to the Super Bowl that year. Well??? No contact. I won the bet that you would make Brazil for the last hurrah. After that, you got your hands full for the next 18yrs. Be well.

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