NCAP Crushes NAG Record in 15-16 400 Medley Relay By 6 Seconds

A group of four 16-year olds from the Nation’s Capital Swim Club not only broke the Meet Record by a second-and-a-half in the final race of the 2013 Junior National Championships, they smashed the 15-16 National Age Group Record in the 400 meter medley relay with a 3:46.23. This relay now moves into the territory where it’s not just about combining two really good legs with two great legs: each leg of this relay is incredibly impressive for a 16-year old, and in combination creates a great record.

The team of John ShebatCarsten VisseringAndrew Seliskar, and Graham Baird combined to break the old record set in 2009 by a group from Tualatin Hills at 3:52.66. That old relay included Aaron Young, Gabriel Rooker, Neil O’Halloran, and Steven Ung.

The comparative splits:

Tualatin Hills ’09 NCAP ’13
Young – 1:01.09 Shebat – 58.18
Rooker – 1:06.72 Vissering – 1:02.65
O’Halloran – 53.72 Seliskar – 53.80
Ung – 51.13 Baird – 51.60
3:52.66 3:46.23

Would you believe that Andrew Seliskar, who we would call the best swimmer of the age group right now, was the one who didn’t beat the comparative split from the old relay?

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7 years ago

only need to drop a half second to break the 17-18 NAG, unbelievable.

bobo gigi
7 years ago

Any recap of day 5?

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