NCAA Won’t Allow Fans To Attend Upcoming Championship Events

It’s been a furious few days of event cancellations across the globe as COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to spread, and the NCAA is the latest organization to release a statement indicating upcoming changes.

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement on Wednesday indicating that upcoming championship events will be conducted with “only essential staff and limited family attendance.”

This will include the women’s and men’s NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships, which are scheduled to take place Mar.18-21 and Mar.25-28, respectively. The Division II Championships, however, are already underway in Geneva, Ohio, and Division III is scheduled for Mar.18-22 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Ivy League announced Wednesday that the conference is cancelling all spring sports, meaning Harvard is out of the NCAA Championships.

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So the $64,000 question. What is “limited family”?

Ol' Longhorn

The ones without COVID-19.


mom and dad only? and specially not gramma and grampa…

Justin Thompson

Moms and Dads under 50

Coach Chackett

I got two mostly through college and turned 50 this week, before the VIRUS


Not the Texas or Cal alums that party all week at men’s NCAAs!

Stan Crump

Read today that test kits are available in bulk numbers now. So maybe, if they have been tested, are clean, and can prove it, they could come. Who knows…….


Apparently the tests sold out like toilet paper at costco.


Order people don’t normally wipe their butts, or they have confused coronavirus with cholera.

Regan stan

Where does this number come from?


The 8 Texas swimmers who qualified but can’t swim.


Does anyone know what ‘limited family attendance’ means?


The SwimSwam commentariat family?

Steve Nolan

Price is dependent on number of comments made.

They’re paying me to go, which is nice.

Sun Yangs Hammer

Imagine live commentary from Ol’ Longhorn, Yohzik, Pyschodad, one of the UVA troll fans, and Bobo

Justin Thompson

Let’s go to ol Longhorn down on the pool deck. Thanks Yohzik, “Once Dressel gets out the bathroom stall….”

Sun Yangs Hammer

Sorry to cut you off Ol’ Longhorn but Hosszu did something and I’m not happy about it” -Yohzik


that would be a great podcast


This is terrible for the athletes

Swimmers mom

Better than canceling the meets completely.


I completely agree. I’m more so talking about how not having a crowd/high energy in the building might affect performance

Swimmers mom

Headphones to escape the quiet


Canceling the meet would be 1000x worse!




Most of the distance guys won’t notice the difference…


@KDSWIM..As the mom of a distant swimmer, TRUTH!!

Coach John


S Soedel


ACC fan

This is the best and truest comment ever!


Former distance swimmer, sad but incredible truth.


Partial line from Jackson Browne’s The Loadout: “…and I can hear the sound of slamming doors and folding chairs, and that’s a sound they’ll never know…” Ahh, the life of a distance swimmer.


They’ll still have there teammates




*the’er’riey ‘

Human Ambition

The death of a relative would be worse to me than empty stands

Horns up

Yes and no. A loud cheering section is great but not necessary. I predict that if this meet happens, it will be legendary. The swimmers will have all the energy they need from the pool deck. I’m not worried. Hook em horns!


So, this can be solved quite simply – instead of the livestream pumping audio FROM the pool, get Zoom or whichever web conferencing service to allow us fans to scream into our laptop/phone/tablet microphones and have that noise pumped through the pool PA system


thats a f-ing great idea, which is why you can rest assured it wont happen

Noelle Caylor


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