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Florida Looks To Delay New NIL Rules, Then Reverses Course After Outcry

Language buried in an unrelated amendment would have changed the start date of Florida’s new NIL rules – but the state reversed course after public outcry.


NCAA President To Meet With Basketball Players Over #NotNCAAProperty Protest

College athletes are using the platform of March Madness to push for earning rights – and NCAA President Mark Emmert will meet with the athletes.


Citing “External Factors,” NCAA Delays Votes on NIL Modernization

Division I Council announced today that it would delay a vote that was supposed to be held this week regarding new NIL rules.


NCAA To Furlough Nearly 600 National Office Employees For Up To 8 Weeks

All NCAA national office staff will go into a mandatory furlough, which can range up to 8 weeks, in light of the association’s revenue loss from the pandemic.


NCAA President: “The Format of Our Championships Will Have to Change”

NCAA president Mark Emmert released a statement on Friday that was the most direct address yet of the coronavirus impact on the 2020-2021 NCAA season.


President Mark Emmert Says NCAA Would Prefer Federal NIL Legislation

At a Senate hearing this week, Emmert said he believes it’s “innapropriate” for the association to determine athlete compensation laws nationally.

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NCAA President Takes 20% Pay Cut; Insurance Policy Kicks In for $270 Million

The NCAA expects to be back to normal financial operations in 18 months thanks to a number of contingencies, including a $270 million insurance policy.


Conference Commissioners Ask For NCAA To Relax Sponsored Sport Requirements

Commissioners of five mid-major conferences have asked the NCAA to temporarily relax its rules on how many sports a school must sponsor.


NCAA Won’t Allow Fans To Attend Upcoming Championship Events

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement Wednesday stating that “only essential staff and limited family” will be allowed to attend upcoming events.


California Passes Bill On NCAA Amateurism; NCAA Showdown Awaits

California’s State Assembly passed a bill this week allowing college athletes to make money – a bill the NCAA has already said could lead to competition bans.


New California Bill to Pay Student-Athletes Could Lead to NCAA Ban

California is currently considering a bill that would allow for NCAA student-athletes in California to profit off their name, image, and likeness by in 2023.


NCAA Pres: Olympic Payout Rules May Change After Schooling’s Haul

NCAA President Mark Emmert suggested that schools may consider changing rules that allow college athletes to receive Olympic medal bonuses after Joseph Schooling won upwards of $750,000 in Rio.