NCAA Will Test Coaches, Athletes, and Officials at Winter Championships

The NCAA has published it’s “Return to Championships” guidelines for all winter sports, outlining a testing procedure for all athletes, coaches, and staff.

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NCAA Petitions Supreme Court To Review Amateurism Case

The NCAA has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to review an antitrust case that allows schools to better compensate student-athletes.


NCAA Weighing Eligiblity Extension For Winter Sport Athletes

The NCAA is weighing the possibility of extending eligibility of all winter sport athletes by a season, coaches were told on a CSCAA phone call last week.


NCAA Releases Statement on Gonzalez-Cleaver Bill Amid NIL Discussions

The NCAA has released a statement on the Gonzalez-Cleaver bill, which will allow student-athletes to profit off of their name, image, and likeness if passed.


A falta de Titmus, Anderson cubrirá las pruebas de distancia para los Condors

La incorporación de Anderson a la lista eleva a las mujeres de los Cali Condors a 15, con espacio para que una incorporación más alcance las 16 nadadoras.

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La ISL firma un contrato multianual con CBS Sports

El año pasado, la ISL llegó a un acuerdo con ESPN para retransmitir dentro de los Estados Unidos, el cual no se anunció hasta la víspera del primer encuentro.

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Joao de Lucca, campeón mundial y de la NCAA, se retira de la natación

“En un total de 24 años de natación competitiva, aprendí muchas lecciones que me llevaré el resto de mi vida”, dijo de Lucca.

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NCAA Approves Rule Allowing Athletes to Have Commemorative Patches on Uniforms

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) has approved a rule that will allow athletes to display commemorative patches on their uniforms.


Two-Time U.S. National Champion Becca Mann To Publish New Novel

In an exclusive interview with SwimSwam, two-time U.S. national champion Becca Mann revealed what screenplay projects she has been working on.


St. Thomas Approved for Historic Move from NCAA Division III to Division I

While we’ve seen programs make the switch from Division II to Division I, this will be the first transition from Division III in modern history.


College: Con Le Lezioni Online, Gli Studenti Stranieri Fuori Dagli USA

College, gli studenti stranieri non saranno riammessi negli Stati Uniti d’America per il semestre autunnale se la scuola offre solo corsi online

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Florida Becomes Third State to Sign Name-Image-Likeness Law for NCAA Athletes

In April, the NCAA announced that it would move to “modernize” name-image-likeness rules for student-athletes by 2020-21. States are putting the pressure on.

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NCAA Planning For Unchanged Dates, Sites For Fall Championships

Despite some wrinkles amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA says it plans to keep the same dates & sites for NCAA Championships in fall sports.

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NCAA Exploring Unique Options for Holding Fall Championships

The NCAA has begun to explore options for holding its 22 fall championships after coronavirus forced the cancellation of all winter and spring championships.

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NCAA to Allow Voluntary Athletics Activities in All DI Sports Starting June 1

After okaying the return of voluntary activities for football and basketball earlier this week, the NCAA has expanded that policy to all sports.