Ivy League Cancels All Spring Sports; Harvard Out of NCAA Swim/Dive

The Ivy League has just announced that they will be cancelling all sporting events that are currently scheduled for the spring of 2020. The NCAA Division I conference, made up of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale came to a unanimous decision made by the presidents of each school.

The swim season for some Ivy League schools wrapped up last month with the women’s and men’s conference championship meets. But with women’s NCAAs next week and men’s NCAAs a week after that, it’s now up to individual schools whether they will compete or not. Harvard specifically noted that it will “cancel all winter postseason play,” which means Harvard swimmers and divers will not compete at NCAAs.

Harvard had qualified three women and four men for NCAAs in swimming, plus three women’s divers:

Other Ivy League schools with swimmers invited include Columbia (Albert Gwo), Penn (Catherine Buroker) and Princeton (Ellie Marquardt, Raunak Khosla). Diving invites are also now set, and the Ivy League was also set to qualify divers from Princeton (Mimi Lin, Charlie Minns, Colten Young), Dartmouth (Justin Sodokoff), Cornell (Brett Hebert), and Yale (Christian DeVol). There has been no official word on whether those schools will attend NCAAs.

Update: Princeton’s coaching staff says they will still attend NCAAs for both men and women.

Update: A Cornell spokesperson says they are also still set to compete, as of now. That leaves Columbia, Penn, Dartmouth, and Yale still up in the air.

This decision builds on Tuesday’s call to cancel both the men’s and women’s four-team basketball tournaments. The tournaments were set to be held at Harvard’s Lavietes Pavilion in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a result, the Princeton women and Yale men have been given the conferences NCAA bids, based on regular season results.

Also cancelled were the men’s and women’s hockey tournaments that were scheduled for this weekend.

Robin Harris, Executive Director of the Ivy League said of the situation “Regrettably, the information and recommendations presented to us from public health authorities and medical professionals have convinced us that this is the most prudent decision”

The Ivy League is based out of the Eastern United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, here are the number of reported cases in each state housing an Ivy League school:

  • New York (Columbia, Cornell): 173
  • Massachusetts (Harvard): 91
  • New Jersey (Princeton): 15
  • Pennsylvania (Penn): 12
  • Connecticut (Yale): 1 to 5
  • Rhode Island (Brown): 1 to 5
  • New Hampshire (Dartmouth): 1 to 5

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11 months ago


11 months ago

Good thing Dean took his redshirt this year

Reply to  BSD
11 months ago

Dean knew . . .

Reply to  PowerPlay
11 months ago

unfortunately all the guys that competed this year lose this year eligibility and a chance at NCAAs. Spring Sports is a separate matter, but not allowing them to compete in NCAA swimming, which is apparently going to be held just doesn’t make any sense. They can sign a waiver. Indy is drivable. unclear thinking in my view.

Reply to  gator
11 months ago

Not that it matters for the vast majority of the 4-year guys who will graduate and move on to other things; but I would think they could petition to have NCAA eligibility reinstated for an additional year. This isn’t a football season where they got to play 11 of 12 games and had one cancelled. This is the whole song and dance for the guys that made it.

To be clear – I am in support of preventative measures such as this. Public welfare trumps all in this situation. But I feel for the guys who bled for this and can’t go now.

Reply to  gator
11 months ago

what do you think a waiver would solve? The problem is them going to an event like this and then returning to campus to spread it among students. The waiver doesn’t protect against that

Reply to  Eagleswim
11 months ago

They are not going back to Campus. Told to go home until classesresume . Will be doing online.

Swim Pop
Reply to  gator
11 months ago

Unattached??? Only slightly kidding

Coach Chackett
Reply to  BSD
11 months ago

Dean Farris will cure Coronavirus in ALL

11 months ago

Bummer for Harvard. Brings in Ho (STAN), Liang (STAN), Wilby (UK), and Dimitriou (UNC) off the alternates list for men, and Curry (ASU), Coffey (NEB), and Janvier (USC) off for women.

Reply to  joe
11 months ago

Stanford usually follows Harvard. They will pull their athletes at the last minute and the fUVA women will win NCAAS and we will have endure more annoying Descorbo Affect posts!