Michael Andrew, Pro Swimming Preview, Gold Medal Minute Video

As reported by SwimSwam June 11th, 2013: Late Sunday evening, fourteen year old swimming phenom, Michael Andrew, signed his first endorsement deal, officially making him the youngest swimmer in United States history to turn professional.

Andrew hasn’t been fourteen long. His birthday was April 18th, and just last weekend in Iowa City he became the fastest 13-14 year old in the 50 long course meter freestyle in American history with a 23.47. That’s the 11th National Age Group (NAG) Record he holds, and he’s broken 32 NAG Records since he started making waves in the pool.

Michael Andrew, @SwimmerMichael, Twitter Profile Pic

Michael Andrew, @SwimmerMichael, Twitter Profile Pic

Andrew’s 50 free time ranks him 59th in the nation among all elite males. A few female swimmers, similar in age, rank higher, but women have historically developed faster than men in the sport of swimming. It’s highly unusual for boys to crack the top 60 in the country at 14 years old. The next-closest ranked 14-year-old boy is #167.

The young swimmer might be one of the best 14-year old athletes in the history of the sport, but he’s also been one of the most discussed. His product endorsement, the youngest ever signed by an American swimmer, will only serve to further increase the buzz, mystique, and hype surrounding the talented young swimmer.

You can follow Michael Andrew on Twitter here.

Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist from the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. He is also the co-founder of SwimSwam. This video series is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com.

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Ick. This felt like an infomercial.


Posted by Braden yesterday: “Nope, sorry, SwimSwam doesn’t “give love”. We report on news, training, technique, human interest stories, analyze swimming, make predictions, etc. You can ask any parent, coach, swimmer, or fan who has ever asked for us to “give them love”. They all get the same response. Also, if you would like to read the hundreds of articles we’ve written about Georgia, here is the relevant link: http://swimswam.com/tag/georgia-bulldogs” This feels like ‘giving love’… He’s a professional swimmer, I get that it’s a unique story, but this approach felt wrong. The interview was fine, if it was just posted as an interview like swimswam does with other pros (and non pros) I wouldn’t feel this way… But it was… Read more »


“But it was an interview sandwiched between promotional pieces and no other athlete has gotten that kind of ‘love’ from swimswam… Those 58 men in the US ranked ahead of this kid haven’t gotten this treatment.”

come on, really

how many of those 58 guys ahead of him have held NAG records? maybe 10 of them
how many of them are professional swimmers? maybe ten
how many of them are 14? exactly zero

Andrew is not newsworthy for his times, he’s newsworthy because he is so fast so young (record setting-fast in fact) and because he is youngest professional swimmer ever.


Michael needs to stop saying “WE”. It is his swimming only not his fathers or coaches. He needs to start saying “I”. for example he says “we have been on our times this weekend. His dad is his coach but his dad is doing no swimming


Michael Phelps and Coach Bowman always said “WE” too. It seemed to work for them!!!


That annoyed me too. It’s the kid doing the swimming, the coach or parent is the support staff not a part of the team. It’s like when parents say “we are applying” when talking about college.

Tony R

I’m in the KC area, and have seen some local media interviews as well. Saying ‘WE’ bothered me as well. A little troubling that Michael is saying, VERY troubling that his dad is saying it. On the other hand, they’ve always been that way, and it appears to be working.

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