Mare Nostrum Barcelona: Day 1 finals recap

2016 Mare Nostrum Tour – Barcelona

Women’s 800 Free


  1. Jazmin Carlin, GBR, 8:31,96
  2. Maria Vilas, ESP, 8:34,71
  3. Sharon Van Rouwendaal, NED, 8:36,54

Jazmin Carlin took the win in the 800 m Freestyle – her season best time is a 8:23,52, she ranked sixth in the world at the moment.

Men’s 50 Backstroke


  1. Shane Ryan, IRE, 25,09
  2. Chris Walker-Hebborn, GBR, 25,40
  3. Augusto Guilherme, BRA, 25,46

Shane Ryan set the fastest time in the morning in 25,30 – and clocked 25,09 in finals. Chris Walker-Hebborn was 2nd in 25,40, followed by Brasil’s Augusto Guilherme in 25,46. Tomorrow the 100 m backstroke will take place in Barcelona – and the three top finishers will fight again for the victory.

Women’s 50 Breast


  1. Ruta Meilutyte, LUT, 29,98
  2. Sarah Vasey, GBR, 30,79
  3. Jennie Johansson, SWE, 30,98

2012 Olympic Champion Ruta Meilutyte defended her top seed, touching in 29,98 for the win. Sarah Vasey took 2nd in 30,79 and Sweden’s Jennie Johansson was third in 30,98. With her time, Ruta Meilutyte is the first women in the 2016 Season under 30 seconds – it seems like she gets back to her 2012 Olympic speed and it will be interesting to watch her 100 m breaststroke tomorrow.

Men’s 50 Butterfly


  1. Andriy Govorov, UKR, 23,16 CR
  2. Henrique De Souza, BRA, 23,27
  3. Aleksandr Popkov, RUS, 23,56

Can Andriy Govorov, UKR, better his meet record he set in prelims in the morning with a time of 23,22 and he did it again: New meet record in 23,16. Henrique de Souza was a close second in 23,27 followec by Aleksandr Popkov in 23,56.

Women’s 400 IM


  1. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 4:30,75, CR
  2. Hannah Miley, GBR, 4:38,31
  3. Aimee Willmott, GBR, 4:39,18

Katinka Hosszu showed another awesome perfomance in a 400 m IM race: She finished in a new meet record in 4:30,75 – only she has been faster in 2016 so far. Hannah Miley touched nearly 8 seconds behind Hosszu in 4:38,31. Katinka Hosszu dominates the 400 IM at the moment and the only question is: When will she set a new European or World Record? She is the clear favorite in this race going into the Olympics – who should beat the Iron Lady?

Men’s 100 Free


  1. Sinri Shioura, JPN, 49,41
  2. Duncan Scott, GBR, 49,66
  3. Steffen Deibler, GER, 49,68

Japan’s Sinri Shioura took the win in the men’s 100 free final in 49,41.


Women’s 100 Back


  1. Georgia Davies, GBR, 1:00,49
  2. Daria Ustinova, RUS, 1:00,77
  3. Natsumi Sakai, JPN, 1:00,91

Great Britain’s Georgia Davies won the 100 m backstroke in 1:00,49, Daria Ustinova placed 2nd in 1:00,77 and Japan’s 15-year old Natsumi Sakai rounded out the top three in 1:00,91.


Men’s 100 Breast


  1. Adam Peaty, GBR, 59,07 CR
  2. Felipe Franca Da Silva, BRA, 59,26
  3. Ross Murdoch, GBR, 1:00,70

Adam Peaty set a new meet record en route to the 100 m breast title, clocking a 59,07 – he owns the fastest time in 2016 in 58,36 and today’s time would also rank him under the top three in the world in 2016. Also under 1 minute was Felipe Franca Da Silva in 59,26 – this is his personal season best  time, he now sits on third place in the world ranking. Ross Murdoch was third in 1:00,70.

Women’s 50 Free


  1. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE, 24,45
  2. Francesca Halsall, GBR, 24,63
  3. Chantal van Landeghem, CAN, 24,81

Sarah Sjostrom took the win in 24,45, Francesca Halsall claimed second in 24,63 followed by Canada’s Chantal van Landeghem in 24,81. Japan’s youngster, 16-year old Rikako Ikee, finished fifth in 25,08.

Men’s 200  Back

  1. Christian Diener, GER, 1:58,28
  2. Hugo Gonzalez de Oliveira, ESP, 1:58,84
  3. Jan-Philip Glania, GER, 1:59,76

Christian Diener of Germany won a title battle in the 200 back with Hugo Gonzalez de Oliveira, winning in 1:58,28 over Gonzalez’s 1:58,84. Germany’s Jan-Philip Glania was also under 2 minutes in 1:59,76 – his season best is a 1:56,01, Glania will start in the 100 m and 200 m backstroke in Rio.


Women’s 200  Breast


  1. Kanako Watanabe, JPN, 2:23,02
  2. Chloe Tutton, GBR, 2:23,87
  3. Runa Imai, JPN, 2:25,53

Kanako Watanabe set her season best time in 2:23,02 to win the women’s 200 m breast. Chloe Tutton touched 2nd in 2:23,87 just ahead of Runa Imai in 2:25,53.


Men’s 200  Fly


  1. Chad Le Clos, RSA, 1:54,42, CR
  2. Danil Pakhomov, RUS, 1:57,73
  3. Carlos Gallego Peralta, ESP, 1:58,14

Chad le Clos had a phenomenal swim in the 200 fly, clocking a time of 1:54,42 to set a new meet record. That swim improves Le Clos’s previous season best of 1:54,80 and moves him past Sakai Masato for 4th the world rankings. Danil Pakhomov was 2nd in this race in 1:57,73 and Carlos Gallego Peralta was 3rd in 1:58,14.


Women’s 100  Fly


  1. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE, 56,96, CR
  2. Rikako Idee, JPN, 57,93
  3. Penelope Oleksiak CAN, 58,27

Sarah Sjostrom came out on top in the 100 fly in a new meet record  in 56,96, followed by two 16-year old: Japan’s Rikako Ikee who clocked a 57,93 and Canada’s Penelope Oleksiak in 58,27.

Men’s 200 IM


  1. Kosuke Hagino, JPN, 1:57,33, CR
  2. Daniel Wallace, GBR, 2:01,07
  3. Ieuan Lloyd, GRB, 2:01,21

Kosuke Hagino finished in impressive 1:57,03 – only he himself was faster in 2016. He set a new meet record and was more than 4 seconds faster than 2nd place finisher Daniel Wallace in 2:01,07. 3rd place went ot Ieuan Lloyd in 2:01,21.


Women’s 200 Free


  1. Veronika Popova, RUS, 1:55,97
  2. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 1:58,23
  3. Larissa de Oliveira, BRA, 1.58,58

Veronika Popova came out on top in 1:55,97 – she now ranked ninth in the world ranking. Katinka Hosszu touched second in 1:58,23 just ahead of Larisssa de Oliveira (1:58,58).


Men’s 400 Free


  1. Aleksandr Krasnykh, RUS, 3:46,98
  2. James Guy, GBR, 3:48,11
  3. Stephen Milne, GBR, 3:48,82

Russia’s Aleksandr Krasnykh won the 400 m free in 3:46,98, followed by James Guy in 3:48,11. Stephen Milne was third in 3:45,82.

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7 years ago

Chloe Tutton gaining confidence with every swim, watch out for her in Rio

Irish Ringer
7 years ago

Le Clos getting faster with the rest that comes with competing every week. Looking pretty good but still going to get stomped in Rio 🙂

Reply to  Irish Ringer
7 years ago

I dunno .A series of 1 54s looks good .He’s got to be in some sort of mileage . Ic this was an American there would be ‘ IN SEASON ‘ exclamations .

Irish Ringer
Reply to  G.I.N.A.
7 years ago

So he swims prelims, then trains, then swims finals? Or maybe he trains after finals but if he does either he’s a serious bad arse going 1:54 every week.

All Swimmers Matter
Reply to  Irish Ringer
7 years ago

if you think going 1:54 fly through training is very tough, then Katinka Hosszu will just have to completely disagree.

Reply to  All Swimmers Matter
7 years ago

How would she know? 1.54 is for real men babe.

7 years ago

I don’t remember the last time Sjostrom swam a 57 in a final

bobo gigi
Reply to  john26
7 years ago

56.96 is not 57.

Last time she swam a 57 in final was at a meet in Marseille last March in 57.01.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

i think he meant that she was nearly always a 55 or 56 in the finals.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

This march actually. (maybe you meant that)

7 years ago

I’m really cheering for Hosszu to get the WR from YE’s once in a lifetime fast swim in that event..

bobo gigi
Reply to  Hswimmer
7 years ago

I’m really cheering for DiRado to beat Hosszu. 🙂
It will be the last meet of her career. 😥

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Please, don’t be sad, messr. Gigi.
Maya just wants to enjoy her married life and maybe make a family like Dana did. She will return just in time to prepare for 2020 Tokyo.

Reply to  Smoothswimmer
7 years ago

I hope they all follow in Dana’s footsteps, she is a great leader and an inspiration..

bobo gigi
Reply to  Hswimmer
7 years ago

Hswimmer, there was an article about Maya on the USA swimming website this week.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Thanks Bobo, maybe she’ll realize how much she misses training and do masters or something. 🙂 I will support her all the way of not though. She’s a smart woman!

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Bobo, DiRado can beat her after the race with the silver medal in hand and with the 6,5 seconds she got.