Live Updates: ISL Press Conference, U.S. Roster Reveal Part 2

Today at noon (U.S. Eastern Time), the International Swimming League will hold a press conference announcing rosters for the second half of its 8 inaugural franchises. Two more American teams as well as two European teams will be announced today. As the European teams have been revealing signed athletes one-by-one on social media, portions of their rosters may already be public knowledge.

We’ll be following the press conference live, trying to capture as much of the new information, announcements and athlete quotes as we can. Stay tuned to this page and keep refreshing for live updates from the press conference.

Also keep tabs on the SwimSwam frontpage, where we’ll be posting more full roster announcements as we get them.

Group A: Announced 6/11/2019

  • Cali Condors
  • DC Trident
  • AquaCenturions
  • Energy Standard

Group B: Announced 6/18/2019

  • LA Current
  • New York Breakers
  • Team Iron
  • London Roar

Live Updates

12:00 PM: Ali Khan, CEO of the International Swimming League, gives a brief statement about the progress the ISL has made and the ISL’s plans to usher in the greatest entertainment possible for fans of swimming. “Changing the sport for the better,” by bringing together more athletes and fans than ever before.

LA Current GM Lenny Krazelburg mentions that he has always performed well under pressure, and is excited to take the ISL forward. Krazelburg introduces LA Current team members and leaders Ryan Murphy and Kathleen Baker.

GM of London Roar Rob Woodhouse expressed excitement for bringing in NCAA star swimmers Vini Lanza and Sydney Pickrem. Pickrem stated that she was “nervous leaving the NCAA and the team atmosphere,” but excited for the teams the ISL has put together.

12:12 PM: The New York Breakers are given the mic. GM Tina Andrew introduces Lia Neal, who states that she is “proud to be a part of the fruitions and beginnings of this ISL league (sic).” Neal further went on to say that she believes the ISL will help to bring swimming more into the mainstream alongside the NFL and NBA, saying that she believes “swimmers will get the recognition they deserve.” Furthermore, Neal spoke of the difficulties of swimming professionally: “To continue to do it into a profession career is hard to do alone,” but with the ISL and having distinct teams, it will make the sport more fun.

In his first statement, co-captain of the New York Breakers Michael Andrew stated excitement to “bring in an audience that never new how exciting swimming could be,” and continued to say swimming will be “bold” in the ISL style of competition. “ISL is going a very untradional (sic) path,” stated Andrew.

Before signing off, Tina Andrew said of the New York Breakers: “We have a bunch of dark horses and sleeping giants,” and they are are excited for the fall.

12:17 PM: Alia Atkinson of Team Iron stated that she is “super excited to be part of a relay,” since Team Jamaica has not had an internationally-competitive relay for Atkinson to be a part of

12:25 PM: Q&A Opens:

What’s the significance of giving the American teams geographic designations when most of them will not be competing in those locations?

CEO Ali Khan replied, stating that the ISL will attempt to emulate club swimming and creating a team environment. “One of the things which is important to highlight here this is about clubs competing and emulating team events.”

When asked about prize money, Khan mentioned there is appearance money, prize money, and monies that are shared with the entire league. He also stated that there is no gender discrepancy in pay, and that is is solely based on performance.

Full Group B Rosters:

LA Current:

  • Nathan Adrian
  • Kathleen Baker
  • Amy Bilquist
  • Michael Chadwick
  • Dylan Carter
  • Jhennifer Conceição
  • Jack Conger
  • Ella Eastin
  • Béryl Gastaldello
  • Margo Geer
  • Matt Grevers
  • Ryan Held
  • Chase Kalisz
  • Annie Lazor
  • Will Licon
  • Felipe Lima
  • Katie McLaughlin
  • Andi Murez
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Farida Osman
  • Blake Pieroni
  • Josh Prenot
  • Andrew Seliskar
  • Tom Shields
  • Leah Smith
  • Kendall Stewart
  • Aly Tetzloff

New York Breakers:

  • Michael Andrew
  • Haley Black
  • Pernille Blume
  • Marcelo Chierighini
  • Mark Darragh
  • João de Lucca
  • Ali DeLoof
  • Catie DeLoof
  • Gabby DeLoof
  • Emily Escobedo
  • Reva Foos
  • Jonathan Gomez
  • Lara Grangeon
  • Marco Koch
  • Marius Kusch
  • Breeja Larson
  • Clyde Lewis
  • Jack McLoughlin
  • Lia Neal
  • Emily Overholt
  • Jacob Pebley
  • Christopher Reid
  • Pedro Spajari
  • Brad Tandy
  • Alys Thomas
  • Markus Thormeyer
  • Madison Wilson

Team Iron:

  • Veronika Andrusenko
  • Alia Atkinson
  • Ajna Késely
  • Kim Busch
  • Kimberly Buys
  • Henrik Christiansen
  • Dávid Verrasztó
  • Jérémy Desplanches
  • Dominik Kozma
  • Robert Glinta
  • Maddie Groves
  • Katinka Hosszú
  • Kristóf Milák
  • Ranomi Kromowidjojo
  • Jenna Laukkanen
  • Fanny Lecluyse
  • Vladimir Morozov
  • Mie Nielsen
  • Peter John Stevens
  • Sebastian Szabo
  • Pieter Timmers
  • Kira Toussaint
  • Jessica Vall
  • Zsuzsanna Jakabos
  • Ross Murdoch
  • Richard Bohus

London Roar:

  • Minna Atherton
  • Holly Barratt
  • Mireia Belmonte
  • Péter Bernek
  • Cate Campbell
  • Kyle Chalmers
  • Christian Diener
  • Alex Graham
  • Guilherme Guido
  • James Guy
  • Jess Hansen
  • Holly Hibbott
  • Bolgárka Kapás
  • Yuri Kisil
  • Finlay Knox
  • Vini Lanza
  • Cam McEvoy
  • Emma McKeon
  • Taylor McKeown
  • Siobhan-Marie O’Connor
  • Jeanette Ottesen
  • Adam Peaty
  • Sydney Pickrem
  • Kirill Prigoda
  • Duncan Scott
  • Sarah Vasey
  • Marie Wattel
  • Matt Wilson
  • Elijah Winnington


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3 years ago

Dressel follows the Condors on Instagram, and no other teams

Reply to  uhhhhhumhmm
3 years ago

I love this. This is total Lebron James stuff, tracking who he follows on IG.

Miss M
3 years ago

Maddie Groves will at least get some racing in this way after withdrawing from the WC trials.

3 years ago

London Roar also posted this “Introducing our 30 confirmed team members on the London Roar, just 2 to still be announced. Watch this space!”

If each team has roster size of 32…. then there are still some announcements to come for all the teams.

bear drinks beer
Reply to  spectatorn
3 years ago

I doubt all eight teams can sign 32 swimmers.🤦‍♂️

Reply to  bear drinks beer
3 years ago

Probably not to pay them but I’m sure some will swim as a starting point in there careers.

bear drinks beer
3 years ago

The roster posted by Michael Andrew on Instagram includes Pernille Blume, but her name disappears here.

3 years ago

Josh Prenot posted a pic on Instagram “We’re jacked up to be competing for @lacurrent_isl – the team is looking strong”. The picture shows him with Nathan Adrian, Murphy and Seliskar.

But I am not seeing Nathan’s name in the list… interesting….

Reply to  spectatorn
3 years ago

Adrian’s on the Current

Ol’ Gator
3 years ago

Dressel said he’d be doing it

Reply to  Ol’ Gator
3 years ago

to whom he said that?

Ol’ Gator
Reply to  Swimming4silver
3 years ago

There was a swimswam interview I believe

3 years ago

We need an article about notables missing from the ISL, perhaps with some comment from them?

3 years ago

Where is Caeleb Dressel?

Ol’ Gator
Reply to  camelboar
3 years ago

Tbh this is all of our thoughts we need answers

Reply to  Ol’ Gator
3 years ago

Manuel is not either, even though she’s an “ambassador”…

Reply to  Swimming4silver
3 years ago

maybe they save that for a separate announcement later?
or every team thought they are signed and no one contact them??? LOL

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