Las Vegas Swim Club To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

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April 13th, 2017 Club, News

Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour, but what most people don’t know is that in the jewel of the desert lives a competitive swim community. Las Vegas Swim Club is a part of that community and this year it celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

Ten years ago, the team had roughly 50 swimmers and this year the team boast it largest membership to date, 215 swimmers. Head Coach Peter Mavro relishes in the size of the team and should there be a need, would cap LVSC at 250 swimmers. The size of the team allows him to know every swimmer by name, their parents, and each swimmer’s strengths and areas of opportunities.

Like most, the team has had its ups and downs. In 2009 the team had grown to 75 swimmers. That same year the city of Las Vegas closed the pool the team calls home, to build an enclosure over the once outdoor pool. This caused the team to hit an all-time low, in 2010, of 25 or so swimmers. Once the pool reopened in late 2011 and the athletes could all practice together again, the team grew, a board of directors was appointed, and the structure of the team was redefined.

Photo Courtesy of Julie Tellier

So what has made this desert team flourish in these last four years? For starters, it’s coaching staff. Assistant Head Coach Amber Stewart went from swim parent to swim coach in December of 2013 and Head Coach Peter Mavro joined the team a month later. Both have brought a depth in stroke technique to the team and make a dynamic duo. Peter interned for the Sports Science Division of USA Swimming at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and is also a ACSM certified personal trainer. Amber swam for Division 1 Brigham Young University and founded a summer league swim team in North Carolina. Let’s not forget Coach Roseann Platt, 200 butterflier for Division 1 New Mexico State, Chuck Herrmann former Vassar College Swim Team Captain, Rachel Meadow freestyler with CSST before moving to Nevada and swimming for BCH, and Olga Bellah athlete at Blagoveshensk Pedagogical University in Russia.

The greatest success for LVSC is the families and their devotion to the sport and all of the athletes on the team. This team has often been accused, by many a swim meet announcers, as having the loudest cheering section at the pool. Parents stand at the end of the pool with their posters cheering on every kid. It does take a village to raise a swimmer and the families that make up the team really work together to benefit every swimmer in the club. Each swim group has a “group parent” that plans social events and fun outings for the athletes and parents.
How will the team celebrate its 10th Anniversary? The team created commemorative 10th Anniversary Tee Shirts that the coaches, swimmers and parents proudly wear at practices, meets and around town. They are also planning a family style on-deck pizza party in November!!

News courtesy of Julie Tellier.

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