Katinka Hosszu Has 6 Provisional Entries at 2017 World Championships

It’s a new year, a new Olympic quad, and the same old Katinka Hosszu. The 28-year old Hungarian has entered 6 individual events at the upcoming World Championships that will be hosted in the capital of her home country later this month: Budapest, Hungary.

Hosszu is known for Herculean event schedules, including having at times entered every single event at a meet. She’s been slightly more measured in her championship efforts, though she’s excelled with schedules that few other swimmers would dare contest.

Hosszu’s list this year is actually one bigger than her Olympic list, at least individually. In Rio, she didn’t enter the 200 free, but is scheduled to swim the race in Budapest. Hungary is entered in all 5 relays for which Hosszu is eligible (400 free, 400 medley, 800 free, 400 mixed medley, 400 mixed free), but no indication has been given yet as to whether she’ll swim any of those races. In Rio, she also swam on Hungary’s 800 free relay that finished in 6th place. Swimming for a home crowd could be enough to convince her to swim more relays, however – she would be a part of the best possible combination on each of those 5 thanks to her skill and versatility.

If Hosszu were to swim her full schedule of individual events, she would have only one session off – Saturday, July 29th, during the prelims session, she has no potential races. If she were called into 400 mixed freestyle relay prelims, though, that gap would go away as well.

Provisional Individual Event Entries for 2017 World Championships:

  • 200 IM
  • 400 IM
  • 100 back
  • 200 free
  • 200 fly
  • 200 back

Hosszu’s Potential Schedule

  • Day 1 AM – 200 IM prelims (400 free relay prelims)
  • Day 1 PM – 200 IM semi-finals (400 free relay finals)
  • Day 2 AM – 100 back prelims
  • Day 2 PM – 100 back semi-finals, 200 IM finals
  • Day 3 AM – 200 free prelims
  • Day 3 PM – 200 free semi-finals, 100 back finals
  • Day 4 AM – 200 fly prelims (mixed 400 medley prelims)
  • Day 4 PM – 200 fly semi-finals, 200 free finals (mixed 400 medley finals)
  • Day 5 AM – (800 free relay prelims)
  • Day 5 PM – 200 fly finals (800 free relay finals)
  • Day 6 AM – 200 back prelims
  • Day 6 PM – 200 back semi-finals
  • Day 7 AM – (Mixed 400 free prelims)
  • Day 7 PM – 200 back finals (Mixed 400 free finals)
  • Day 8 AM – 400 IM prelims (400 medley prelims)
  • Day 8 PM – 400 IM finals (400 medley finals)

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If she decides to skip some events during the meet can she be replaced by another Hungarian swimmer? I think she is going to check how she fits the competition and based on that observation to make a decision to race or not to.
If it isn’t allowed to be replaced and she doesn’t swim all six individual races as listed then I find such approach as kind of selfish.

There is no one else with medal chances. Kapas and Kesely are not a podium contenders in 200 free, neither Jakabos in IM or fly.
She needs to be selfish if we want to see Hungary finish well on the medal table. Forget relays, scratch 200 free, swim 200IM WR on day #1, get into the 100 back final in the 5-8th place.

Riez, it so like “Mother Russia” of GOYULIYA. And that is what probably means to be a sport fan. The achievement of somebody from our family or our school or our village or our country makes US to think about ourselves in better terms (without actual reasons 🙂 ). But the other point also exists. In 2013 Ledecky skipped individual 200 free. She wasn’t that bad at this time. She won leadoff leg in 4×200 relay against Camille Muffat. But 1:56.36 was still way out of podium and she let other swimmer who didn’t even make a final then to come to beautiful Barcelona to be a part of great national team to compete with strongest swimmers in the world… Read more »

I hope Riez is speaking only about the 200. Kapas will win 2 medals in 800 and 1500. And there are 3 guys with medal chanses, more than chances. Cseh, Kenderesi and Verraszto. Of course Katinka has more than 3 absolute ‘chanses’ alone.

Sure I am 🙂 My pick is that Kapas delivers 3 PBs, equivalent to 2 silvers and a bronze. Secretly I am dreaming about a silver in 400, too.

400 is difficult. I think about 4:01 is needed for the silver and under 4:02 for a medal.

My prediction is a 4:01 low from her. What I cannot see is if Smith can really go below 4 or not.

IMO not. Carlin is out, but Li, Titmus are there.

I can only see her relay participation through the eyes of what happened in Rio. She missed her fourth gold, Boglarka a silver in 800 and Hungary the #2 place on the medal table.

I see what you mean, but at home? We could swim for the relay bronze.
US, China and?

It’s only minutes after the 200 fly final. Next morning she has the 200 back prelims and Boglarka the 800.
I really want to see Hungary finishing #2, providing that China moderates a bit the juice consumption.

200 fly at 18:34, 4×200 at 19.16. Whole day only this final for Katinka, she did this over and over again. Not to forget she is the anchor, so she has more time 🙂 The heats (4th next day) of the 200 has to be easy. Bogi’s 800 is the last in the morning rather early in the afternoon.

It isn’t allowed.

If Katinka Hosszu isn’t in her greatest ever form of her entire swimming career to be up to the challenge in all six finals then this program doesn’t smell good: something more of business than of sport.
If she is in such shape then this phenomenon deserves scientific study.
Honestly speaking I respect more the six races program of Leah Smith. It is tougher and is the part of long term plan to achieve in each of these disciplines.

She will skip the 200 free. She will perform in 5 individual race: 4 gold 1 bronze

The backs aren’t so easy as were in Rio and she could loose the more safer 200. Only the IMs are in the pocket.

Gold: 200/400 im, 200 back, 200 fly
Bronze: 100 back (masse wr)

Everybody would be really really happy in this case. (At least 3 Magyars have been here already, including me 🙂 )


A bronze in W4X200 relay not out of the question. USA would need to break or miss the bus to the pool not to win and CHN looks a clear 2nd but the likes of AUS & CAN are dramatically weaker than in Rio, there is no SWE 4X200 this year and am not sure JAP is fielding a team either.

Yes, we discussed it some weeks ago. 3-6 is possible for Hungary. Jakabos, Verraszto, Kapas, Kesely can reach the final and after the (possible) 200 fly final Katinka will swim, I think (hope).

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