Indiana’s Looze & Johansen Win CSCAA Coaches of the Year


After a spirited effort from his relatively small-but-talented crew, Indiana coach Ray Looze was named CSCAA Coach of the Year for 2018 men’s NCAAs.

Watch Looze receive his award here.

Looze’s team far outperformed expectations, ranking 5th in our Power Ranks before the meet but carrying the points lead for Thursday and Saturday before ultimately finishing 3rd.

IU won both breaststrokes, courtesy of Ian Finnerty, who broke the American record with the first sub-50-second breaststroke in history. He came back to win the 200 in a nailbiter. (IU has now swept both the men’s and women’s breaststroke titles after Lilly King‘s swims last week).

IU also opened the meet with the first American record of the week when Blake Pieroni led off the 800 free relay in 1:29.63, the first sub-1:30 swim in history.

Finnerty and Pieroni joined Mohamed Samy and Vini Lanza to win the 400 medley relay in 3:01.07, besting a crowd of tough programs. IU finished 3rd with just 9 individual scorers.

Johansen Wins Diving Coach of the Year

Indiana swept the coaches of the year, with Drew Johansen being named Diving Coach of the Year. His diving crew accrued 98 points, including a 1-meter title from Michael Hixon. Hixon was also 3rd on 3-meter. James Connor was 3rd on 1-meter and 5th on 3-meter, while Andrew Capobianco took 11th on 1-meter, 8th on 3-meter and 3rd on Platform.

Watch Johansen receive his award here.

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Go Hard or Go Home
3 years ago

Good thing Indiana was not ranked below 5th and won the meet, might have cost him a “Coach of the Year.”

3 years ago

One of the great class acts of,our sport. A.great Trojan alum and an example of what great should look like.

Reply to  Bevo
3 years ago

Absolutely. Proud of the effort and humility!

John Scott
3 years ago

Ray is a class act, amazing competitor and coach.

running start to touch backstroke flags
3 years ago

Dave Durden is coach of the year, factually speaking, as Cal won the SWIMMING title in 2018.

Swimming points:

California 437.5
Texas 368
Indiana 324

There is opinion, likability, feel good stories….. none of which determine the winner, not when you have facts and numbers for truth. Indiana and Texas swam great, just not as good as Cal.

Brad Flood

And when the NCAA changes the Championship from Swimming & DIVING, to Swimming (which will be NEVER), your comment will hold water…until then, it’s just unattractive whining.. Not to mention not recognizing excellence under the parameters of the present Championship format and giving CREDIT where CREDIT was earned and deserved this past weekend.

Accept the outcome…and wish, pray & encourage your team’s coaches to recruit some “scoreable” Divers for next year. If one does not learn from history, they are destined to repeat it…and repeat it…and repeat it!

These “swimming only” comments are quite boorish and frankly starting to sound like a broken record that will NEVER be fixed.


I don’t have a vote and don’t know who should win, but when you take into scholarship amounts given to Indiana divers and give those scholarships to Cal swimming one might say that it is a strong possibility that the person who won, and who all the coaches voted for, earns his accolades. Add in world records, NCAA records maybe it makes sense?

Drama King

Lets do this in per swimmer basis.
Cal 437.5 17 swimmers average 25.7
Indiana 324 8 swimmers average 40.5

And the best swimming team didnt win any swimming event. ???

Reply to  Drama King
3 years ago



Durden turning into the McKever of swimming gets great talent and can’t improve them.

Peter Davis
3 years ago

comment image

Well deserved for Coach Ray Looze, Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame member, along with fellow Serra alums Barry Bonds, Tom Brady, Lynn Swann, and John Robinson, and fellow swimmers John Naber, Marty Hull, Dick Roth, Greg Buckingham, Anne Warner Cribbs, Pokey Watson Richardson, Ted and Teri Stickles, Jan Henne, Tom McBreen, and fellow coaches Ray and Zada Taft and “Makapu’u” Jim Gaughran, my old man’s college coach. Other notables include John Madden, Keith Hernandez, Dick Vermeil, Don Bunce, Bill Walsh, Moises Alou, Bob Melvin, Harold Reynolds, Mark and Dave Schultz, Jim Harbaugh, Jeremy Lin, Julian Edelman. Good company outside of those Cardinal footballers and wrestlers.

Also the… Read more »

Coach Peter Richardson
Reply to  Peter Davis
3 years ago

As a former captain for Ray Looze, I want to offer the biggest congrats to Ray and his staff. Well deserved award.

I have to disagree with your theory Mr. Davis. As the current head coach at the University of the Pacific, I have first hand knowledge that Pacific is a place that prepares a coach to lead… Dr. Ted Leland, the former National Athletic Director of the Year at Stanford, chose to retire at Pacific. Working under him the last six years (as well as other leaders) has been one of the best experiences of my professional career… If you have ever spoken with Ray about his time at Pacific (I swam for him and have spoken with him… Read more »

3 years ago

From a texas alum this is well deserved unbelievable job by Indiana

Reply to  Hornfan
3 years ago

More down votes than up for this comment? I counted 7 benign comments so far, all merely congratulating the IU coach/program on a job well done. 2 (of 7) had more down than up – the difference? … those 2 with more down votes either mentioned Texas or had Texas in their username.

Reply to  bodybyfood
3 years ago

I noticed that too!!!?? So a texas fan isn’t allowed to be happy for other programs deserving of praise??? Either the downvotes are from Hoosiers that hats texas or from Longhorns that can’t play nice. Either way. Shame shame. Also, Pieroni and Finnerty were superb.

3 years ago

Amazing job putting IU back on the front line

3 years ago

Very well deserved Coach Looze – When i see how Pieroni swims and has improved in the last year or so + Ian Finnerty – just those 2 makes my heart sing . Their divers did a great job as well . They won one relay as well .

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