Florida, Michigan men lead Division I with 6 CSCAA Scholar All-Americans apiece

Update: SwimSwam has been informed that the lists released by CSCAA were in error. A previous version of this article listed Indiana as the top school with 8 Scholar All-Americans, but a number of those athletes were wrongly included on CSCAA’s lists. The article has been updated to reflect this, which leaves Michigan and Florida tied for the top spot.

The Michigan Wolverine and Florida Gator men top the list of Division I CSCAA Scholar All-Americans released today, with 6 swimmers earning the honor from each team.

Scholar All-America honors athletes who held a 3.5 GPA or higher and also qualified for and competed at their national championship meet (NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA). In the NCAA’s Division I, Michigan and Florida had six such swimmers, with a 6-way tie behind them for third place at 5 swimmers apiece.

We’ve republished the list of All-Americans below, along with the Honorable Mentions. An athlete earns honorable mention honors by holding a 3.5 GPA or higher and hitting an NCAA “B” cut, or by qualifying for Zones in diving.

Number of Scholar All-Americans per school:

Rank School Number of Scholar All-America Honors
1 Florida 6
1 Michigan 6
3 Alabama 5
3 Arizona 5
3 Auburn 5
3 Georgia 5
3 Southern California 5
3 Stanford 5
9 Georgia Tech 4
9 Minnesota 4
9 Missouri 4
9 Ohio State 4
9 Texas 4
9 Utah 4
9 Virginia Tech 4
16 Harvard 3
16 NC State 3
16 Tennessee 3
16 Indiana 3
20 Louisville 2
20 North Carolina 2
20 Notre Dame 2
20 West Virginia 2
24 Arizona State 1
24 Brigham Young 1
24 California 1
24 Dartmouth 1
24 Duke 1
24 Hawaii 1
24 Missouri State 1
24 Old Dominion 1
24 Purdue 1
24 Virginia 1
24 Wisconsin 1
24 Yale 1

Individual Scholar All-Americans:

 Athlete Name
Alabama Phillip Deaton
Alabama Bjoern Hornikel
Alabama Anton Mckee
Alabama Conner Oslin
Alabama Pavel Romanov
Arizona Jeff Amlee
Arizona Mitchell Friedemann
Arizona Dominic Ricotta
Arizona Eric Solis
Arizona Brian Stevens
Arizona State Riley McCormick
Auburn James Disney-May
Auburn Zane Grothe
Auburn Tofey Leon
Auburn Fraser McKean
Auburn Joseph Patching
Brigham Young Hayden Palmer
California Ryan Murphy
Dartmouth Nejc Zupan
Duke Nick McCrory
Florida Andrea D’Arrigo
Florida Bradley deBorde
Florida Christian-Paul Homer
Florida Sebastien Rousseau
Florida Connor Signorin
Florida Eduardo Solaeche-Gomez
Georgia Taylor Dale
Georgia Nicolas Fink
Georgia Andrew Gemmell
Georgia Jared Markham
Georgia Tynan Stewart
Georgia Tech Andrew Kosic
Georgia Tech Richard Lehner
Georgia Tech Nico Van Duijn
Georgia Tech Mats Westergren
Harvard Danny Crigler
Harvard Jack Manchester
Harvard Mike Mosca
Hawaii Paulo Magalhaes de Paula
Indiana Max Irwin
Indiana Eric Ress
Indiana James Wells
Louisville Trevor Carroll
Louisville Grigory Tarasevich
Michigan Hassaan Abdel-Khalik
Michigan Richard Funk
Michigan Justin Glanda
Michigan Ryutaro Kamiya
Michigan Sean Ryan
Michigan John Wojciechowski
Minnesota Ian Gordan
Minnesota Nick Hatanaka
Minnesota Clayton Smith
Minnesota Derek Toomey
Missouri Michael Chadwick
Missouri Carter Griffin
Missouri Andrew Sansoucie
Missouri Clark Thomas
Missouri State Uvis Kalnins
NC State Jonathan Boffa
NC State Christian McCurdy
NC State Andreas Schiellerup
North Carolina Patrick Meyers
North Carolina John Nyquist
Notre Dame Joseph Coumos
Notre Dame Frank Dyer
Ohio State Michael DiSalle
Ohio State Daniel MacDonald
Ohio State Alex Miller
Ohio State Garrett Trebilcock
Old Dominion Sidni Hoxha
Purdue Jamie Bissett
Southern California Chase Bloch
Southern California Dimitri Colupaev
Southern California Maclin Davis
Southern California Cristian Quintero
Southern California Cary Wright
Stanford Bradley Christensen
Stanford Tom Kremer
Stanford Christopher Pickard
Stanford Thomas Stephens
Stanford Gray Umbach
Tennessee Sean Lehane
Tennessee Sam Rairden
Tennessee Tristan Slater
Texas Cory Bowersox
Texas Imri Ganiel
Texas Nicolas Munoz
Texas Keith Murphy
Utah Bence Kiraly
Utah Kristian Kron
Utah Josiah Purss
Utah Nicholas Soedel
Virginia Nathan Hart
Virginia Tech Kyle Butts
Virginia Tech Brandon Fiala
Virginia Tech Ryan Hawkins
Virginia Tech Morgan Latimer
West Virginia Bryce Bohman
West Virginia Tim Squires
Wisconsin Nick Caldwell
Yale Brian Hogan

Scholar All-America Honorable Mention:

School  Athlete Name
Alabama Brian Carr
Alabama Szymmy Day
Alabama Carl Madden
Alabama Brent Sagert
Arizona State David Adalsteinsson
Arizona State Hunter Atha
Arizona State Thibaut Capitaine
Arizona State Zac Dalby
Auburn Forest Davis
Auburn Cameron Jones
Auburn Tommy McKee
Auburn Justin Youtsey
Boston Andrew Stranick
Brigham Young Jordan Fletcher
Brigham Young Matthew Hopper
Brigham Young Rainer Ng
Brigham Young Stephen Richards
Brigham Young Chad Sorensen
Bucknell Louis Behnen
Bucknell Mike Nicholson
Buffalo Michael Dugan
California Sven Campbell
California Lai Yeung Chung
California Scott Farley
California Grayson Huston
Cleveland State Justin Kermack
Cornell Phillip Truong
Denver Timothy Cottam
Denver Kyle Milberg
Denver Kyle Robrock
Denver William Van Dehy
Drexel Kyle Lukens
Duke James Peek
East Carolina Michael Dugan
East Carolina Daniel Woods
Eastern Michigan Andrew Henry
Florida Christopher Jones
Georgia Derek Onken
Georgia Christian Riess
Georgia Tech Omar Eteiba
Georgia Tech Yuval Safra
Grand Canyon Mazen El Kamash
Grand Canyon Ivan Nechunaev
Hawaii Yuri Samouilich
Indiana George Andrews
Indiana Andrew Hull
Indiana Conor Murphy
Iowa Kyle Noser
Iowa Andrew Parker
Iowa Roman Trussov
Kentucky Hector Tricas
Loyola (MD) Michael Brown
Marist Sean Sullivan
Marist Nicholas VanDermolen
Michigan Kevin Bain
Michigan Kyle Duckitt
Michigan Aaron Ghiglieri
Michigan Keltan Lawler
Michigan Jack Mangan
Michigan Jeremy Raisky
Michigan Nathan Rietberg
Michigan Cameron Stitt
Michigan State Patrick Falconer
Michigan State Bryan Williams
Minnesota Luke Bushman
Minnesota Alex Cisneros
Minnesota Christopher Johnson
Minnesota Ryan Misksch
Minnesota Carl Newenhous
Minnesota Nick Orf
Minnesota Jack Tribble
Missouri Mark Conroy
Missouri Alexander Glogoza
Missouri Stephen Sobczak
Missouri Martin Wallace
Missouri Keiser Witte
Missouri State Christopher Carpenter
Missouri State Miguel Davila
Missouri State Aaron Dennis
Missouri State Jared Roberts
Missouri State Isaac Springer
Missouri State Matthew Wilson
North Carolina Joshua Beals
North Carolina Dominick Glavich
North Carolina Tyler Hill
North Carolina J.T. Stilley
North Dakota Ian Ballantyne
North Dakota Richard Eberle
North Dakota Michael Golling
Northwestern Charlie Cole
Northwestern Dominick Cubelic
Northwestern Van Donkersgoed
Northwestern Chase Stephens
Notre Dame Bogac Ayhan
Notre Dame Colin Babcock
Notre Dame Kevin Bradley
Notre Dame Michael Kreft
Notre Dame Cameron Miller
Notre Dame Albertus Nel
Old Dominion Reed Mathews
Penn Brendan Crystal
Penn Cole Hurwitz
Penn Robert Thomas
Penn John Worster
Penn State Shane Austin
Penn State Scott Heil
Penn State Matt Salig
Penn State Andrew Schuehler
Pittsburgh Harris Bergman
Pittsburgh Zachary Lierley
Pittsburgh Aaron Snyder
Pittsburgh Martin Vogel
Princeton Sandy Bole
Princeton Daniel Hasler
Princeton Conner Jager
Princeton Michael Manhard
Princeton Paul Nolle
Princeton Byron Sanborn
Purdue Josh Brooks
Purdue Matt Friede
Purdue Jan Petric
Seattle Nicolas Morrell
Southern California Chad Bobrosky
Southern California Michael Domagala
Southern California Jordan Gear
Southern California Michael Godbe
Southern California Nick Johnson
Southern California Morten Klarskov
Southern Methodist Nicolai Hansen
Southern Methodist Bryce Klein
Southern Methodist Ryan Koops
Southern Methodist Tyler Rauth
Southern Methodist Matt Roney
Southern Methodist Tucker Wells
Stanford Ryan Arata
Stanford Jeffrey Garnier
Stanford Bryan Offutt
Stanford Mitchell Stoehr
Tennessee Sam Petersen
Tennessee Carl Svagerko
Texas Patrick Dunne
Texas Matt Korman
Texas Ian LeMaistre
Texas William McCraney
Texas Grant Rogers
Texas Chris Scheaffer
Texas Reid Walker
Texas Christian Sebastian Arispe
Texas Christian Josh Mangus
UC Santa Barbara Ryan Hanni
Utah Karson Applin
Utah Jacob Crayne
Utah Andy Cunningham
Utah Keanu Interone
Utah Nolan Rogers
Utah Kenneth Tiltges
Virginia Carl Buergler
Virginia Jordan Sacks
Virginia Colby Shinholser
Virginia Tech Jacob Ores
Virginia Tech Nicholas Tremols
Virginia Tech John Trope
West Virginia Liam McLaughlin
Western Kentucky Heitor Rodrigues
Wyoming Jayce Calhoon
Wyoming Ethan Griffel
Wyoming Jordan Turner
Yale Michael Lazris
Yale Benjamin Lerude
Yale Tyler Pramer
Yale Kevin Stang
Yale Ronald Tsui

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7 years ago

How is it that with so many NCAA qualifiers from Cal, they end up with only ONE first team scholar All-American??? Congratulations to Mr. Murphy, but what in the heck is going on there? That is really sub par as a team! Zona 5, USC 5, Utah 4…. Cal 1. Improvement needed.

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