Florida, Michigan men lead Division I with 6 CSCAA Scholar All-Americans apiece

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Update: SwimSwam has been informed that the lists released by CSCAA were in error. A previous version of this article listed Indiana as the top school with 8 Scholar All-Americans, but a number of those athletes were wrongly included on CSCAA’s lists. The article has been updated to reflect this, which leaves Michigan and Florida tied for the top spot.

The Michigan Wolverine and Florida Gator men top the list of Division I CSCAA Scholar All-Americans released today, with 6 swimmers earning the honor from each team.

Scholar All-America honors athletes who held a 3.5 GPA or higher and also qualified for and competed at their national championship meet (NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA). In the NCAA’s Division I, Michigan and Florida had six such swimmers, with a 6-way tie behind them for third place at 5 swimmers apiece.

We’ve republished the list of All-Americans below, along with the Honorable Mentions. An athlete earns honorable mention honors by holding a 3.5 GPA or higher and hitting an NCAA “B” cut, or by qualifying for Zones in diving.

Number of Scholar All-Americans per school:

RankSchoolNumber of Scholar All-America Honors
3Southern California5
9Georgia Tech4
9Ohio State4
9Virginia Tech4
16NC State3
20North Carolina2
20Notre Dame2
20West Virginia2
24Arizona State1
24Brigham Young1
24Missouri State1
24Old Dominion1

Individual Scholar All-Americans:

 Athlete Name
AlabamaPhillip Deaton
AlabamaBjoern Hornikel
AlabamaAnton Mckee
AlabamaConner Oslin
AlabamaPavel Romanov
ArizonaJeff Amlee
ArizonaMitchell Friedemann
ArizonaDominic Ricotta
ArizonaEric Solis
ArizonaBrian Stevens
Arizona StateRiley McCormick
AuburnJames Disney-May
AuburnZane Grothe
AuburnTofey Leon
AuburnFraser McKean
AuburnJoseph Patching
Brigham YoungHayden Palmer
CaliforniaRyan Murphy
DartmouthNejc Zupan
DukeNick McCrory
FloridaAndrea D’Arrigo
FloridaBradley deBorde
FloridaChristian-Paul Homer
FloridaSebastien Rousseau
FloridaConnor Signorin
FloridaEduardo Solaeche-Gomez
GeorgiaTaylor Dale
GeorgiaNicolas Fink
GeorgiaAndrew Gemmell
GeorgiaJared Markham
GeorgiaTynan Stewart
Georgia TechAndrew Kosic
Georgia TechRichard Lehner
Georgia TechNico Van Duijn
Georgia TechMats Westergren
HarvardDanny Crigler
HarvardJack Manchester
HarvardMike Mosca
HawaiiPaulo Magalhaes de Paula
IndianaMax Irwin
IndianaEric Ress
IndianaJames Wells
LouisvilleTrevor Carroll
LouisvilleGrigory Tarasevich
MichiganHassaan Abdel-Khalik
MichiganRichard Funk
MichiganJustin Glanda
MichiganRyutaro Kamiya
MichiganSean Ryan
MichiganJohn Wojciechowski
MinnesotaIan Gordan
MinnesotaNick Hatanaka
MinnesotaClayton Smith
MinnesotaDerek Toomey
MissouriMichael Chadwick
MissouriCarter Griffin
MissouriAndrew Sansoucie
MissouriClark Thomas
Missouri StateUvis Kalnins
NC StateJonathan Boffa
NC StateChristian McCurdy
NC StateAndreas Schiellerup
North CarolinaPatrick Meyers
North CarolinaJohn Nyquist
Notre DameJoseph Coumos
Notre DameFrank Dyer
Ohio StateMichael DiSalle
Ohio StateDaniel MacDonald
Ohio StateAlex Miller
Ohio StateGarrett Trebilcock
Old DominionSidni Hoxha
PurdueJamie Bissett
Southern CaliforniaChase Bloch
Southern CaliforniaDimitri Colupaev
Southern CaliforniaMaclin Davis
Southern CaliforniaCristian Quintero
Southern CaliforniaCary Wright
StanfordBradley Christensen
StanfordTom Kremer
StanfordChristopher Pickard
StanfordThomas Stephens
StanfordGray Umbach
TennesseeSean Lehane
TennesseeSam Rairden
TennesseeTristan Slater
TexasCory Bowersox
TexasImri Ganiel
TexasNicolas Munoz
TexasKeith Murphy
UtahBence Kiraly
UtahKristian Kron
UtahJosiah Purss
UtahNicholas Soedel
VirginiaNathan Hart
Virginia TechKyle Butts
Virginia TechBrandon Fiala
Virginia TechRyan Hawkins
Virginia TechMorgan Latimer
West VirginiaBryce Bohman
West VirginiaTim Squires
WisconsinNick Caldwell
YaleBrian Hogan

Scholar All-America Honorable Mention:

School Athlete Name
AlabamaBrian Carr
AlabamaSzymmy Day
AlabamaCarl Madden
AlabamaBrent Sagert
Arizona StateDavid Adalsteinsson
Arizona StateHunter Atha
Arizona StateThibaut Capitaine
Arizona StateZac Dalby
AuburnForest Davis
AuburnCameron Jones
AuburnTommy McKee
AuburnJustin Youtsey
BostonAndrew Stranick
Brigham YoungJordan Fletcher
Brigham YoungMatthew Hopper
Brigham YoungRainer Ng
Brigham YoungStephen Richards
Brigham YoungChad Sorensen
BucknellLouis Behnen
BucknellMike Nicholson
BuffaloMichael Dugan
CaliforniaSven Campbell
CaliforniaLai Yeung Chung
CaliforniaScott Farley
CaliforniaGrayson Huston
Cleveland StateJustin Kermack
CornellPhillip Truong
DenverTimothy Cottam
DenverKyle Milberg
DenverKyle Robrock
DenverWilliam Van Dehy
DrexelKyle Lukens
DukeJames Peek
East CarolinaMichael Dugan
East CarolinaDaniel Woods
Eastern MichiganAndrew Henry
FloridaChristopher Jones
GeorgiaDerek Onken
GeorgiaChristian Riess
Georgia TechOmar Eteiba
Georgia TechYuval Safra
Grand CanyonMazen El Kamash
Grand CanyonIvan Nechunaev
HawaiiYuri Samouilich
IndianaGeorge Andrews
IndianaAndrew Hull
IndianaConor Murphy
IowaKyle Noser
IowaAndrew Parker
IowaRoman Trussov
KentuckyHector Tricas
Loyola (MD)Michael Brown
MaristSean Sullivan
MaristNicholas VanDermolen
MichiganKevin Bain
MichiganKyle Duckitt
MichiganAaron Ghiglieri
MichiganKeltan Lawler
MichiganJack Mangan
MichiganJeremy Raisky
MichiganNathan Rietberg
MichiganCameron Stitt
Michigan StatePatrick Falconer
Michigan StateBryan Williams
MinnesotaLuke Bushman
MinnesotaAlex Cisneros
MinnesotaChristopher Johnson
MinnesotaRyan Misksch
MinnesotaCarl Newenhous
MinnesotaNick Orf
MinnesotaJack Tribble
MissouriMark Conroy
MissouriAlexander Glogoza
MissouriStephen Sobczak
MissouriMartin Wallace
MissouriKeiser Witte
Missouri StateChristopher Carpenter
Missouri StateMiguel Davila
Missouri StateAaron Dennis
Missouri StateJared Roberts
Missouri StateIsaac Springer
Missouri StateMatthew Wilson
North CarolinaJoshua Beals
North CarolinaDominick Glavich
North CarolinaTyler Hill
North CarolinaJ.T. Stilley
North DakotaIan Ballantyne
North DakotaRichard Eberle
North DakotaMichael Golling
NorthwesternCharlie Cole
NorthwesternDominick Cubelic
NorthwesternVan Donkersgoed
NorthwesternChase Stephens
Notre DameBogac Ayhan
Notre DameColin Babcock
Notre DameKevin Bradley
Notre DameMichael Kreft
Notre DameCameron Miller
Notre DameAlbertus Nel
Old DominionReed Mathews
PennBrendan Crystal
PennCole Hurwitz
PennRobert Thomas
PennJohn Worster
Penn StateShane Austin
Penn StateScott Heil
Penn StateMatt Salig
Penn StateAndrew Schuehler
PittsburghHarris Bergman
PittsburghZachary Lierley
PittsburghAaron Snyder
PittsburghMartin Vogel
PrincetonSandy Bole
PrincetonDaniel Hasler
PrincetonConner Jager
PrincetonMichael Manhard
PrincetonPaul Nolle
PrincetonByron Sanborn
PurdueJosh Brooks
PurdueMatt Friede
PurdueJan Petric
SeattleNicolas Morrell
Southern CaliforniaChad Bobrosky
Southern CaliforniaMichael Domagala
Southern CaliforniaJordan Gear
Southern CaliforniaMichael Godbe
Southern CaliforniaNick Johnson
Southern CaliforniaMorten Klarskov
Southern MethodistNicolai Hansen
Southern MethodistBryce Klein
Southern MethodistRyan Koops
Southern MethodistTyler Rauth
Southern MethodistMatt Roney
Southern MethodistTucker Wells
StanfordRyan Arata
StanfordJeffrey Garnier
StanfordBryan Offutt
StanfordMitchell Stoehr
TennesseeSam Petersen
TennesseeCarl Svagerko
TexasPatrick Dunne
TexasMatt Korman
TexasIan LeMaistre
TexasWilliam McCraney
TexasGrant Rogers
TexasChris Scheaffer
TexasReid Walker
Texas ChristianSebastian Arispe
Texas ChristianJosh Mangus
UC Santa BarbaraRyan Hanni
UtahKarson Applin
UtahJacob Crayne
UtahAndy Cunningham
UtahKeanu Interone
UtahNolan Rogers
UtahKenneth Tiltges
VirginiaCarl Buergler
VirginiaJordan Sacks
VirginiaColby Shinholser
Virginia TechJacob Ores
Virginia TechNicholas Tremols
Virginia TechJohn Trope
West VirginiaLiam McLaughlin
Western KentuckyHeitor Rodrigues
WyomingJayce Calhoon
WyomingEthan Griffel
WyomingJordan Turner
YaleMichael Lazris
YaleBenjamin Lerude
YaleTyler Pramer
YaleKevin Stang
YaleRonald Tsui


  1. PAC12BACKER says:

    How is it that with so many NCAA qualifiers from Cal, they end up with only ONE first team scholar All-American??? Congratulations to Mr. Murphy, but what in the heck is going on there? That is really sub par as a team! Zona 5, USC 5, Utah 4…. Cal 1. Improvement needed.

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