Georgia, Cal Women Lead The Way With Double-Digit CSCAA Scholar All-America Honorees

The College Swimming Coaches Association (CSCAA) has unveiled their CSCAA Individual Scholar All-America Award lists, and it will come as a pleasant correlation that the two of the top three teams,* Georgia and Cal, at the 2014 Women’s Division I NCAA Championship meet were also the top two teams in terms of first team honors.

Editor’s note: the Stanford women didn’t have any swimmers on either list, and the CSCAA confirmed that they received a submission from the men’s program but not the women’s. The Stanford women were 2nd at NCAA’s.

The primary honor is given to all swimmers who have achieved a 3.5 or higher for the academic term and also qualified for and competed at their respective NCAA Championship meet (NAIA/NJCAA/CCCAA where relevant).

The CSCAA also gives an Honorable Mention award for those athletes with the same 3.5 GPA and who earned a “B” time standard for their national championship meet, or in the case of divers qualified for zones.

The Georgia and Cal women flew clear of the rest of the country in these honors, with Georgia totaling 11 of the primary honor and Cal totaling 10. Georgia had 16 women selected for NCAA’s, meaning that all but 5 of their roster had a 3.5 GPA in the spring semester. Cal did the same with 10 out of 16.

Below, see how many Scholar All-America swimmers and divers each team had, and below that the list of both the honorees and the honorable mentions.

Editor’s Note: The CSCAA Updated their lists after initial publishing, including 9 Tennessee women earning All-America status.

Rank School Number of Scholar All-America Honors
1 Georgia 11
2 California 10
3 Tennessee 9
4 Texas A&M 8
4 Virginia 8
6 Minnesota 7
6 North Carolina 7
6 Purdue 7
9 Alabama 6
9 Arizona 6
9 Penn State 6
12 Auburn 5
12 Florida 5
12 Missouri 5
12 Southern California 5
12 Texas 5
17 Arkansas 4
17 Indiana 4
17 Kentucky 4
17 Louisville 4
17 Utah 4
22 Duke 3
22 UCLA 3
22 Wisconsin 3
25 Boise State 2
25 Liberty 2
25 Michigan 2
25 NC State 2
25 Northern Arizona 2
25 Ohio State 2
25 Rutgers 2
25 Virginia Tech 2
25 Yale 2
34 Arizona State 1
34 Buffalo 1
34 Cincinnati 1
34 Denver 1
34 East Carolina 1
34 Florida International 1
34 Idaho 1
34 Illinois State 1
34 Iowa State 1
34 James Madison 1
34 Miami (FL) 1
34 Nebraska 1
34 New Hampshire 1
34 Northwestern 1
34 Notre Dame 1
34 Pittsburgh 1
34 Rice 1
34 Southern Illinois 1
34 Southern Methodist 1
34 Towson 1
34 U Mass Amherst 1
34 UNLV 1
34 Wyoming 1

Scholar All-America Honorees

3.5 GPA and competed at NCAA Championships

Alabama Bridget Blood Bridget Blood Female AA
Alabama Stephanie Kinsey Stephanie Kinsey Female AA
Alabama Paige McCleary Paige McCleary Female AA
Alabama Sarah Musselman Sarah Musselman Female AA
Alabama Emma Saunders Emma Saunders Female AA
Alabama Kristel Vourna Kristel Vourna Female AA
Arizona Margo Geer Margo Geer Female AA
Arizona Tjasa Oder Tjasa Oder Female AA
Arizona Elizabeth Pepper Elizabeth Pepper Female AA
Arizona Eve Sarris Eve Sarris Female AA
Arizona Taylor Schick Taylor Schick Female AA
Arizona Emma Schoettmer Emma Schoettmer Female AA
Arizona State Tristin Baxter Tristin Baxter Female AA
Arkansas Nikki Daniels Nikki Daniels Female AA
Arkansas Nina Drolc Nina Drolc Female AA
Arkansas Anna Mayfield Anna Mayfield Female AA
Arkansas Madeline Monroe Madeline Monroe Female AA
Auburn Emily Bos Emily Bos Female AA
Auburn Haley Krakowski Haley Krakowski Female AA
Auburn Natasha Lloyd Natasha Lloyd Female AA
Auburn Aubrey Peacock Aubrey Peacock Female AA
Auburn Sarah Reynolds Sarah Reynolds Female AA
Boise State Brittany Aoyama Brittany Aoyama Female AA
Boise State Sam Wicks Sam Wicks Female AA
Buffalo Brittney Kuras Brittney Kuras Female AA
California Rachael Acker Rachael Acker Female AA
California Rachel Bootsma Rachel Bootsma Female AA
California Camille Cheng Camille Cheng Female AA
California Missy Franklin Missy Franklin Female AA
California Melanie Klaren Melanie Klaren Female AA
California Celina Li Celina Li Female AA
California Kelly Naze Kelly Naze Female AA
California Elizabeth Pelton Elizabeth Pelton Female AA
California Caroline Piehl Caroline Piehl Female AA
California Cindy Tran Cindy Tran Female AA
Cincinnati Jacqueline Keire Jacqueline Keire Female AA
Denver Samantha Corea Samantha Corea Female AA
Duke Jessica Sutherland Jessica Sutherland Female AA
Duke Lauren Weaver Lauren Weaver Female AA
Duke Christine Wixted Christine Wixted Female AA
East Carolina Megan Sellers Megan Sellers Female AA
Florida Elizabeth Beisel Elizabeth Beisel Female AA
Florida Taylor Katz Taylor Katz Female AA
Florida Hilda Luthersdottir Hilda Luthersdottir Female AA
Florida Jessica Thielmann Jessica Thielmann Female AA
Florida Danielle Valley Danielle Valley Female AA
Florida International Sonia Perez-Arau Sonia Perez-Arau Female AA
Georgia Hali Flickinger Hali Flickinger Female AA
Georgia Lauren Harrington Lauren Harrington Female AA
Georgia Madeline Locus Madeline Locus Female AA
Georgia Jordan Mattern Jordan Mattern Female AA
Georgia Shannon O’Malley Shannon O’Malley Female AA
Georgia Courtney Peters Courtney Peters Female AA
Georgia Laura Ryan Laura Ryan Female AA
Georgia Chantal Van Landeghem Chantal Van Landeghem Female AA
Georgia Shannon Vreeland Shannon Vreeland Female AA
Georgia Annie Zhu Annie Zhu Female AA
Georgia Rachel Zilinskas Rachel Zilinskas Female AA
Idaho Jamie Sterbis Jamie Sterbis Female AA
Illinois State Wenting Zhang Wenting Zhang Female AA
Indiana Alexandria Day Alexandria Day Female AA
Indiana Katelyn Hillman Katelyn Hillman Female AA
Indiana Brenna MacLean Brenna MacLean Female AA
Indiana Brooklynn Snodgrass Brooklynn Snodgrass Female AA
Iowa State Imelda Wistey Imelda Wistey Female AA
James Madison Shannon Dubay Shannon Dubay Female AA
Kentucky Tina Bechtel Tina Bechtel Female AA
Kentucky Christa Cabot Christa Cabot Female AA
Kentucky Danielle Galyer Danielle Galyer Female AA
Kentucky Abby Myers Abby Myers Female AA
Liberty Meghan Babcock Meghan Babcock Female AA
Liberty Kendall Hough Kendall Hough Female AA
Louisville Mackenzie Buss Mackenzie Buss Female AA
Louisville Andrea Cottrell Andrea Cottrell Female AA
Louisville Breann McDowell Breann McDowell Female AA
Louisville Kelsi Worrell Kelsi Worrell Female AA
Miami (FL) Kara McCormack Kara McCormack Female AA
Michigan Courtney Beidler Courtney Beidler Female AA
Michigan Zoe Mattingly Zoe Mattingly Female AA
Minnesota Erin Caflisch Erin Caflisch Female AA
Minnesota Kiera Janzen Kiera Janzen Female AA
Minnesota Margaret Keefer Margaret Keefer Female AA
Minnesota Tori Simenec Tori Simenec Female AA
Minnesota Lauren Votava Lauren Votava Female AA
Minnesota Rebecca Weiland Rebecca Weiland Female AA
Minnesota Blake Zeiger Blake Zeiger Female AA
Missouri Danielle Barbiea Danielle Barbiea Female AA
Missouri Brittany Hammond Brittany Hammond Female AA
Missouri Anna Patterson Anna Patterson Female AA
Missouri Lauren Reedy Lauren Reedy Female AA
Missouri Katharine Ross Katharine Ross Female AA
NC State Zina Grogg Zina Grogg Female AA
NC State Alexia Zvenik Alexia Zvenik Female AA
Nebraska Anna Filipcic Anna Filipcic Female AA
New Hampshire Katie Mann Katie Mann Female AA
North Carolina Abigail Fisher Abigail Fisher Female AA
North Carolina Ally Hardesty Ally Hardesty Female AA
North Carolina Annie Harrison Annie Harrison Female AA
North Carolina Meredith Hoover Meredith Hoover Female AA
North Carolina Emma Nunn Emma Nunn Female AA
North Carolina Katherine Rechsteiner Katherine Rechsteiner Female AA
North Carolina Carly Smith Carly Smith Female AA
Northern Arizona Alexa Geiger Alexa Geiger Female AA
Northern Arizona Chelsea Jackson Chelsea Jackson Female AA
Northwestern Lauren Abruzzo Lauren Abruzzo Female AA
Notre Dame Emma Reaney Emma Reaney Female AA
Ohio State Alex Norris Alex Norris Female AA
Ohio State Michelle Williams Michelle Williams Female AA
Penn State Alyson Ackman Alyson Ackman Female AA
Penn State Mackenzie Powers Mackenzie Powers Female AA
Penn State Gabi Shishkoff Gabi Shishkoff Female AA
Penn State Megan Siverling Megan Siverling Female AA
Penn State Katelyn Sowinski Katelyn Sowinski Female AA
Penn State Chelsea Weedman Chelsea Weedman Female AA
Pittsburgh Blair Wegescheide Blair Wegescheide Female AA
Purdue Grace Hernandez Grace Hernandez Female AA
Purdue Francesca Marr Francesca Marr Female AA
Purdue Casey Matthews Casey Matthews Female AA
Purdue Nika Petric Nika Petric Female AA
Purdue Rhiannon Sheets Rhiannon Sheets Female AA
Purdue MacKenzie Tweardy MacKenzie Tweardy Female AA
Purdue Kylie Vogel Kylie Vogel Female AA
Rice Casey Clark Casey Clark Female AA
Rutgers Allyson Perrotti Allyson Perrotti Female AA
Rutgers Nicole Scott Nicole Scott Female AA
Southern California Meghan Hawthorne Meghan Hawthorne Female AA
Southern California Haley Ishimatsu Haley Ishimatsu Female AA
Southern California Andrea Kropp Andrea Kropp Female AA
Southern California Lynette Lim Lynette Lim Female AA
Southern California Lexie Malazdrewicz Lexie Malazdrewicz Female AA
Southern Illinois Kaixuan Zhang Kaixuan Zhang Female AA
Southern Methodist Nina Rangelova Nina Rangelova Female AA
Tennessee Harper Buens Harper Bruens Female AA
Tennessee Amanda Carner Amanda Carner Female AA
Tennessee Anna DeMonte Anna DeMonte Female AA
Tennessee Lauren Driscoll Lauren Driscoll Female AA
Tennessee Lindsay Gendron Lindsay Gendron Female AA
Tennessee Mary Griffith Mary Griffith Female AA
Tennessee Faith Johnson Faith Johnson Female AA
Tennessee Christina Leander Christina Leander Female AA
Tennessee Cherelle Thompson Cherelle Thompson Female AA
Texas Madisyn Cox Madisyn Cox Female AA
Texas Emma Ivory-Ganja Emma Ivory-Ganja Female AA
Texas Ellen Lobb Ellen Lobb Female AA
Texas Lily Moldenhauer Lily Moldenhauer Female AA
Texas Samantha Tucker Samantha Tucker Female AA
Texas A&M Kelli Benjamin Kelli Benjamin Female AA
Texas A&M Samantha Bosma Samantha Bosma Female AA
Texas A&M Claire Brandt Claire Brandt Female AA
Texas A&M Erica Dittmer Erica Dittmer Female AA
Texas A&M Sarah Henry Sarah Henry Female AA
Texas A&M Colleen Konetzke Colleen Konetzke Female AA
Texas A&M Caroline McElhany Caroline McElhany Female AA
Texas A&M Meredith Oliver Meredith Oliver Female AA
Towson Melanie Rowland Melanie Rowland Female AA
U Mass Amherst Michaela Butler Michaela Butler Female AA
UNLV Rachel Dixon Rachel Dixon Female AA
UCLA Lauren Baker Lauren Baker Female AA
UCLA Noelle Tarazona Noelle Tarazona Female AA
UCLA Ting Wen Quah Ting Wen Quah Female AA
Utah Nicole Ligeza Nicole Ligeza Female AA
Utah Kersten Merry Kersten Merry Female AA
Utah Traycie Swartz Traycie Swartz Female AA
Utah Samantha Zuch Samantha Zuch Female AA
Virginia Courtney Bartholomew Courtney Bartholomew Female AA
Virginia Shaun Casey Shaun Casey Female AA
Virginia Haley Durmer Haley Durmer Female AA
Virginia Alison Haulsee Alison Haulsee Female AA
Virginia Emily Lloyd Emily Lloyd Female AA
Virginia Kelly Offutt Kelly Offutt Female AA
Virginia Laura Simon Laura Simon Female AA
Virginia Ellen Williamson Ellen Williamson Female AA
Virginia Tech Holland Harper Holland Harper Female AA
Virginia Tech Weronika Poluszek Weronika Poluszek Female AA
Wisconsin Chase Kinney Chase Kinney Female AA
Wisconsin Ivy Martin Ivy Martin Female AA
Wisconsin Aja VanHout Aja VanHout Female AA
Wyoming Morgan Hartigan Morgan Hartigan Female AA
Yale Eva Fabian Eva Fabian Female AA
Yale Lillian MacRae Lillian MacRae Female AA

Honorable Mention

3.5 GPA and hit NCAA “B” time or dove at zones

Akron Kelsey Ferrante Kelsey Ferrante Female HM
Akron Alice Hottensmith Alice Hottensmith Female HM
Akron Paige Kelkenberg Paige Kelkenberg Female HM
Akron Carla McNamara Carla McNamara Female HM
Akron Hannah Raspopovich Hannah Raspopovich Female HM
Akron Laura Savariau Laura Savariau Female HM
Alabama Emily Facchine Emily Facchine Female HM
Alabama Brittany Gilbert Brittany Gilbert Female HM
Alabama Stephanie Klotz Stephanie Klotz Female HM
Alabama Bonnier Macdonald Bonnier Macdonald Female HM
Alabama Morgan Presley Morgan Presley Female HM
Alabama Dakota Toner Dakota Toner Female HM
Alabama Taylor Zablocki Taylor Zablocki Female HM
Arizona Sara Borendame Sara Borendame Female HM
Arizona Michal Bower Michal Bower Female HM
Arizona State Juanita Barreto Juanita Barreto Female HM
Arizona State Richard Bohus Richard Bohus Female HM
Arizona State Melanie Busch Melanie Busch Female HM
Arizona State Jennifer Morgan Jennifer Morgan Female HM
Arkansas Hannah Bortnick Hannah Bortnick Female HM
Arkansas Meghan Clark Meghan Clark Female HM
Arkansas Julia Kucherich Julia Kucherich Female HM
Arkansas Aiden Lister Aiden Lister Female HM
Arkansas Kesha Naylor Kesha Naylor Female HM
Arkansas Rachel Stoehr Rachel Stoehr Female HM
Auburn Natasha Lloyd Natasha Lloyd Female HM
Auburn Morgan Mullins Morgan Mullins Female HM
Auburn Carly Scheper Carly Scheper Female HM
Auburn Shanna Schuelein Shanna Schuelein Female HM
Auburn Hallie Stupp Hallie Stupp Female HM
Auburn Mary Elizabeth Warhol Mary Elizabeth Warhol Female HM
Ball State Mallory Miles Mallory Miles Female HM
Ball State Haley Richter Haley Richter Female HM
Ball State Bridgette Ruehl Bridgette Ruehl Female HM
Boise State Brooke Balogh Brooke Balogh Female HM
Boise State Felicity Cann Felicity Cann Female HM
Boise State Nikki Cannon Nikki Cannon Female HM
Boise State Ciera Cortney Ciera Cortney Female HM
Boise State Heather Harper Heather Harper Female HM
Boise State Rachel Heaney Rachel Heaney Female HM
Boise State Sydney Johansen Sydney Johansen Female HM
Boise State Erin Kohlbeck Erin Kohlbeck Female HM
Boise State Karli Kriewall Karli Kriewall Female HM
Boise State Devin Madsen Devin Madsen Female HM
Boise State Jordan Marthens Jordan Marthens Female HM
Boise State Katelyn Martin Katelyn Martin Female HM
Bucknell Tara Boyle Tara Boyle Female HM
California Melissa Bates Melissa Bates Female HM
California Kristen Vredeveld Kristen Vredeveld Female HM
Clemson Sarah Braun Sarah Braun Female HM
Clemson Emily Howard Emily Howard Female HM
Clemson Juliana Melchionda Juliana Melchionda Female HM
Clemson Jessica Resler Jessica Resler Female HM
Clemson Chelsea Uranaka Chelsea Uranaka Female HM
Colorado State Melissa Bollig Melissa Bollig Female HM
Cornell Jenna Immormino Jenna Immormino Female HM
Davidson Elise Lankiewicz Elise Lankiewicz Female HM
Denver Bridgette McNally Bridgette McNally Female HM
Denver Johanna Roas Johanna Roas Female HM
Denver Amanda Sanders Amanda Sanders Female HM
Duke Emily Barber Emily Barber Female HM
Duke Eliza Bragg Eliza Bragg Female HM
Duke Shayna Heinrich Shayna Heinrich Female HM
Duke Kendall McClenney Kendall McClenney Female HM
Duke Kirby Quinn Kirby Quinn Female HM
East Carolina Anna Gibas Anna Gibas Female HM
East Carolina Colleen Jones Colleen Jones Female HM
East Carolina Bailie Monahan Bailie Monahan Female HM
Eastern Michigan Lauren Dark Lauren Dark Female HM
Eastern Michigan Monica Dorszewski Monica Dorszewski Female HM
Eastern Michigan Danielle Hulvey Danielle Hulvey Female HM
Florida Yambor-Maul Alyssa Yambor-Maul Alyssa Female HM
Florida Delaney Dye Delaney Dye Female HM
Florida Autumn Finke Autumn Finke Female HM
Florida Rebecca Rainer Rebecca Rainer Female HM
Florida Kahlia Warner Kahlia Warner Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Tryshia Centeno Rosa Tryshia Centeno Rosa Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Caroline Hamilton Caroline Hamilton Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Maggie Holling Maggie Holling Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Alexis Johnson Alexis Johnson Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Evita Leter Evita Leter Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Taylor Malewicki Taylor Malewicki Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Natalie Rochette Natalie Rochette Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Nina Schiffer Nina Schiffer Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Blaine Small Blaine Small Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Christina Tanninen Christina Tanninen Female HM
Florida Gulf Coast Ellen Vann Ellen Vann Female HM
Georgia Olivia Boggs Olivia Boggs Female HM
Georgia Anna Neumeister Anna Neumeister Female HM
Georgia Tech Andrea Demick Andrea Demick Female HM
Georgia Tech Shannon Lumbra Shannon Lumbra Female HM
Georgia Tech Madison Young Madison Young Female HM
Grand Canyon Iryna Glavnyk Iryna Glavnyk Female HM
Grand Canyon Hannah Kastigar Hannah Kastigar Female HM
Harvard Deirdre Clute Deirdre Clute Femaile HM
Harvard Stephanie Ferrell Stephanie Ferrell Female HM
Harvard Sherry Liu Sherry Liu Female HM
Idaho Mairin Jameson Mairin Jameson Female HM
Idaho Rachel Millet Rachel Millet Female HM
Illinois Emily Fung Emily Fung Female HM
Illinois Erica Lynn Erica Lynn Female HM
Illinois Alison Meng Alison Meng Female HM
Illinois Erika Murphy Erika Murphy Female HM
Iowa Elise Borja Elise Borja Female HM
Iowa Joelle Christy Joelle Christy Female HM
Iowa Abigail Grilli Abigail Grilli Female HM
Iowa Karolina Wartalowicz Karolina Wartalowicz Female HM
Iowa State Marissa Engel Marissa Engel Female HM
Iowa State Breanna Loeschke Breanna Loeschke Female HM
Kansas Allison Merecka Allison Merecka Female HM
Kentucky Kelly Berger Kelly Berger Female HM
Kentucky Kendal Casey Kendal Casey Female HM
Kentucky Kendra Crew Kendra Crew Female HM
Liberty Emily Duff Emily Duff Female HM
Liberty Bethany Kennon Bethany Kennon Female HM
Louisville Andrea Acquista Andrea Acquista Female HM
Louisville Devon Bibault Devon Bibault Female HM
Louisville Abigail Chin Abigail Chin Female HM
Louisville Andrea Kneppers Andrea Kneppers Female HM
Louisville Emily Stalmack Emily Stalmack Female HM
Loyola (MD) Elizabeth Mixa Elizabeth Mixa Female HM
Marist Bridget Curley Bridget Curley Female HM
Marist Sarah Mosca Sarah Mosca Female HM
Marist Kimberly Tobias Kimberly Tobias Female HM
Miami (OH) Andrea Marquiss Andrea Marquiss Female HM
Miami (OH) Nicole Wagner Nicole Wagner Female HM
Michigan Erin Cameron Erin Cameron Female HM
Michigan Julia Fiks Salem Julia Fiks Salem Female HM
Michigan Claudia Goswell Claudia Goswell Female HM
Michigan Claudia Lau Claudia Lau Female HM
Michigan State Marina Borri Marina Borri Female HM
Michigan State Shelby Lacy Shelby Lacy Female HM
Michigan State Summer Strickler Summer Strickler Female HM
Minnesota Kathryn Etterman Kathryn Etterman Female HM
Minnesota Katelyn Holmquist Katelyn Holmquist Female HM
Minnesota Jessica Plant Jessica Plant Female HM
Minnesota Hailey Szews Hailey Szews Female HM
Missouri Madison Bridges Madison Bridges Female HM
Missouri Lauren Callin Lauren Callin Female HM
Missouri Andrea Marko Andrea Marko Female HM
Missouri Ellen Suek Ellen Suek Female HM
Missouri State Anna Ahlin Anna Ahlin Female HM
Missouri State Lindsey Conway Lindsey Conway Female HM
Nebraska Shannon Guy Shannon Guy Female HM
Nebraska Samantha Hardewig Samantha Hardewig Female HM
Nebraska Rebekah Land Rebekah Land Female HM
Nebraska Erin Oeltjen Erin Oeltjen Female HM
Nebraska Bailey Pons Bailey Pons Female HM
Nevada Sita Kusserow Sita Kusserow Female HM
Nevada Luiza Vieira Luiza Vieira Female HM
New Hampshire Lauren McCandless Lauren McCandless Female HM
New Hampshire Jenni Roberts Jenni Roberts Female HM
New Mexico Caitlin Gardiner Caitlin Gardiner Female HM
New Mexico Jorgi Hobson Jorgi Hobson Female HM
New Mexico Kaela McKee Kaela McKee Female HM
North Carolina Kelly Corish Kelly Corish Female HM
North Carolina Catherine Hulsey Catherine Hulsey Female HM
North Carolina Erin Purdy Erin Purdy Female HM
North Carolina A&T Niya Ross Niya Ross Female HM
North Dakota Rachael Waldbillig Rachael Waldbillig Female HM
Northern Arizona Jordan Burnes Jordan Burnes Female HM
Northern Arizona Alexa Geiger Alexa Geiger Female HM
Northern Arizona Chelsea Jackson Chelsea Jackson Female HM
Northern Iowa Reva Bork Reva Bork Female HM
Northern Iowa Rhennetta Bork Rhennetta Bork Female HM
Northern Iowa Ashlyn Clingman Ashlyn Clingman Female HM
Northern Iowa Elise Drewsen Elise Drewsen Female HM
Northern Iowa Mikayla Freese Mikayla Freese Female HM
Northern Iowa Jill Georgen Jill Georgen Female HM
Northern Iowa Kayla McCormick Kayla McCormick Female HM
Northern Iowa Ashley Nelson Ashley Nelson Female HM
Northern Iowa Taylor Ostrowski Taylor Ostrowski Female HM
Northern Iowa Stephanie Paape Stephanie Paape Female HM
Northern Iowa Alesha Rettenmeier Alesha Rettenmeier Female HM
Northern Iowa Kristin Staude Kristin Staude Female HM
Northwestern Becca Soderholm Becca Soderholm Female HM
Notre Dame Bridget Casey Bridget Casey Female HM
Notre Dame Sarah Dotzel Sarah Dotzel Female HM
Notre Dame Emma Gaboury Emma Gaboury Female HM
Notre Dame Catherine Galletti Catherine Galletti Female HM
Notre Dame Christen McDonough Christen McDonough Female HM
Notre Dame Lauren Stauder Lauren Stauder Female HM
Old Dominion Rachel Eckert Rachel Eckert Female HM
Penn State Carolyn Fittin Carolyn Fittin Female HM
Penn State Casey Francis Casey Francis Female HM
Penn State Meredith Harbison Meredith Harbison Female HM
Penn State Caitlyn Karr Caitlyn Karr Female HM
Penn State Stephanie Schmidt Stephanie Schmidt Female HM
Penn State Haley Sinatro Haley Sinatro Female HM
Penn State Megan Springsteen Megan Springsteen Female HM
Penn State Chelsea VanderWeele Chelsea VanderWeele Female HM
Pittsburgh Kinga Cichowska Kinga Cichowska Female HM
Pittsburgh Veronica Lee Veronica Lee Female HM
Pittsburgh Veronica Lee Veronica Lee Female HM
Pittsburgh Brooke Waugaman Brooke Waugaman Female HM
Pittsburgh Blair Wegescheide Blair Wegescheide Female HM
Princeton Randi Brown Randi Brown Female HM
Princeton Emily Kaplan Emily Kaplan Female HM
Princeton Elizabeth McDonald Elizabeth McDonald Female HM
Princeton Rachel Zambrowicz Rachel Zambrowicz Female HM
Purdue Lizzy Lyon Lizzy Lyon Female HM
Rice Quincy Christian Quincy Christian Female HM
Rice Erin Flanigan Erin Flanigan Female HM
Rice Chelsea Fong Chelsea Fong Female HM
Rice Cora McKenzie Cora McKenzie Female HM
Rice Karina Wlostowska Karina Wlostowska Female HM
Richmond Amalia Kobelja Amalia Kobelja Female HM
Richmond Kelley Yang Kelley Yang Female HM
Rutgers Brittany Guinee Brittany Guinee Female HM
Rutgers Greta Leberfinger Greta Leberfinger Female HM
Rutgers Allyson Perrotti Allyson Perrotti Female HM
Rutgers Morgan Pfaff Morgan Pfaff Female HM
San Jose State Darcie Anderson Darcie Anderson Female HM
San Jose State Alysha Bush Alysha Bush Female HM
Southern California Sam Adams Sam Adams Female HM
Southern California Lolo Blair Lolo Blair Female HM
Southern California Maggie D’Innocenzo Maggie D’Innocenzo Female HM
Southern California Rebecca Heyliger Rebecca Heyliger Female HM
Southern California Brianna Weinstein Brianna Weinstein Female HM
Southern Methodist Isabella Arcila Isabella Arcila Female HM
Southern Methodist Ursa Bezan Ursa Bezan Female HM
Southern Methodist Nathalie Lindborg Nathalie Lindborg Female HM
Tennessee Colleen Callahan Colleen Callahan Female HM
Tennessee Caroline Finkbeiner Caroline Finkbeiner Female HM
Tennessee Maddie Hahn Maddie Hahn Female HM
Tennessee Camryne Morris Camryne Morris Female HM
Texas Rebecca Baxley Rebecca Baxley Female HM
Texas Victoria Cassidy Victoria Cassidy Female HM
Texas Kristina Hoffmann Kristina Hoffmann Female HM
Texas Skylar Smith Skylar Smith Female HM
Texas A&M Zoe Alaniz Zoe Alaniz Female HM
Texas A&M Sarah Gibson Sarah Gibson Female HM
Texas A&M Madison Hudkins Madison Hudkins Female HM
Texas A&M Emily Neubert Emily Neubert Female HM
Texas Christian Michelle Fleming Michelle Fleming Female HM
Texas Christian Lyndsie Gibson Lyndsie Gibson Female HM
Texas Christian Gabrijela Korac Gabrijela Korac Female HM
Towson Kendall Towe Kendall Towe Female HM
U Mass Amherst Kathleen Arnott Kathleen Arnott Female HM
UC Santa Barbara Allie Knight Allie Knight Female HM
UC Santa Barbara Sophia Yamauchi Sophia Yamauchi Female HM
UCLA Taylor Carlson Taylor Carlson Female HM
UCLA Anna Senko Anna Senko Female HM
UNLV Lena Gavrilova Lena Gavrilova Female HM
UNLV Jessica Heim Jessica Heim Female HM
Utah Amanda Barrett Amanda Barrett Female HM
Utah Amanda Casillas Amanda Casillas Female HM
Utah Maryssa McArthur Maryssa McArthur Female HM
Utah Petra Soininen Petra Soininen Female HM
Vanderbilt Chrissy Oberg Chrissy Oberg Female HM
Virginia Tech Katie Bean Katie Bean Female HM
Virginia Tech Brittany Boone Brittany Boone Female HM
Virginia Tech Caroline Higgins Caroline Higgins Female HM
Washington State Emma Johansson Emma Johansson Female HM
Washington State Ali Mand Ali Mand Female HM
Washington State Loree Olson Loree Olson Female HM
Washington State Kelly Tannhauser Kelly Tannhauser Female HM
Washington State Presley Wetterstrom Presley Wetterstrom Female HM
West Virginia Eva Burlingham Eva Burlingham Female HM
West Virginia Julie Ogden Julie Ogden Female HM
West Virginia Jennifer Rey Jennifer Rey Female HM
West Virginia Lindsay Schmidt Lindsay Schmidt Female HM
West Virginia Haily VandePoel Haily VandePoel Female HM
West Virginia Jenelle Zee Jenelle Zee Female HM
Western Kentucky Claire Conlon Claire Conlon Female HM
Western Kentucky Nadine Laemmler Nadine Laemmler Female HM
Wisconsin Maria Carlson Maria Carlson Female HM
Wisconsin Jennah Haney Jennah Haney Female HM
Wisconsin Chase Kinney Chase Kinney Female HM
Wisconsin Ashley Peterson Ashley Peterson Female HM
Wisconsin Aja Van Hout Aja Van Hout Female HM
Wyoming Molly Coonce Molly Coonce Female HM
Wyoming Abby Sullivan Abby Sullivan Female HM
Yale Michelle Chintanaphol Michelle Chintanaphol Female HM
Yale Isla Hutchison-Maddox Isla Hutchison-Maddox Female HM
Yale Olivia Jameson Olivia Jameson Female HM
Yale Casey Lincoln Casey Lincoln Female HM
Yale Courtney Randolph Courtney Randolph Female HM
Yale Kina Zhou Kina Zhou Female HM

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D3 swmr
7 years ago

Can’t forget to mention the Emory ladies…. 15 making individual honors!

7 years ago

Stanford with zero? And I’m certain Tennessee should have women if they have men.

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