Hali Flickinger: These are the moments we train our lives for (Video)

Reported by Mitch Bowmile.


Top seed: Cammile Adams (2:07.31)
World record: 2:01.81 – Zige Liu (China)
American record: 2:04.14 – Mary Descenza
U.S Open record: 2:05.96 – Mary T. Meagher
U.S Nationals record: 2:05.96 – Mary T. Meagher
JR World record: 2:06.51 – Yufei Zhang (China)
2012 Winning Time: 2:06.52 – Cammile Adams

Cammile Adams is going to the Rio Olympic Games after a first place finish in the 200m butterfly finals. Adams posted a 2:06.80 to come very close to her trials winning time from 2012.

Cassidy Bayer took things out fast, turning first at the 50-meter wall to lead the field. At the 100-meter mark she faded to second as Hali Flickinger took over the lead.

At that point, Adams moved from seventh to third as she increased her speed heading into the third wall. At the 150, Adams was in first with Flickinger second and Bayer fourth.

With a 33.04 split on the final 50, Adams sealed the deal. Bayer tried to close on Flickinger and made up some ground, but ultimately didn’t have enough room to beat her.

Flickinger touched second in 2:07.50, Bayer was third in 208.68.

100m butterfly champion Kelsi Worrell finished seventh in 2:11.85. Worrell was eighth off every single wall, but managed to close on Hannah Saiz on the last 50.

  1. Cammile Adams (2:06.80)
  2. Hali Flickinger (2:07.50)
  3. Cassidy Bayer (2:08.68)
  4. Ruby Martin (2:09.96)
  5. Christina Betchel (2:10.54)
  6. Katie McLaughlin (2:10.87)
  7. Kelsi Worrell (2:11.85)
  8. Hannah Saiz (2:11.88)

For official results click here.

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4 years ago

Congrats Hali, so very well deserved by a fine young woman!

4 years ago

LOVE this! Especially the beginning.

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