FINA Passes Rule Changes, Will Pick 2025/2027 Worlds Hosts This Weekend

On the 111th anniversary of the organization’s founding, FINA, the international governing body for aquatic sports, passed a number of rule changes at its annual General Congress meeting, taking place in Gwangju, South Korea during its World Championships.

Delegates from 167 of the 209 National Federations were in attendance.

Among the items on the agenda was to approve 2017-2018 financial statements, which passed unanimously following a recommendation from the FINA Audit Committee and from the independent auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers SA. FINA also passed a number of rules in regarding its constitution, anti-doping policies, and facilities rules.

The next election for FINA president takes place in 2020; current president Maglione has held the position since 2009. After FINA already changed the age maximums for the FINA Bureau, in a year when Julio would have otherwise been too old, this change would allow Maglione to serve another term on the FINA executive even if he were to lose the next election, in 2021.

The organization sent the following rule change highlights in a press release:

  • Change in the composition of the Executive, which will now include nine persons (increased from seven), namely the Immediate Past President.
  • National Federations and Continental must hold general assemblies every two years and elective congresses every four years. Reports of these Assemblies must be presented to FINA.
  • The Bureau has the right to suspend a member if it is unable to preserve its independence for reasons beyond its control (example: governmental interference).
  • Seven members of the FINA Athletes Committee will have the right to vote in the FINA Congress.
  • Creation of a FINA Electoral Commission, formed by independent members, which will oversee the electoral process and have the final decision for the office of FINA President, FINA Vice-Presidents and FINA Bureau Members. In parallel, the Congress was informed of the Bureau’s approval of “Regulations for Elections”, which will be included in the FINA By-laws.
  • Members of FINA organising or sanctioning the organisation of a competition shall strictly enforce or procure the enforcement of FINA rules, including but not limited to the rules governing eligibility at or in connection with the competition.
  • On FINA Doping Control Rules, the delegates approved minor adjustments following the recent partnership between FINA and ITA (International Testing Agency). As part of this agreement, the out-of competition testing programme will be performed by ITA, while FINA remains responsible for the in-competition controls.
  • On Facilities Rules, the delegates approved the improvement of technical aspects in aquatic venues.

In response to the death of Dennis Miller in May, Congress approved Matthew Dunn as the new vice resident for Oceania, and Romani Katoa (COK) as new Bureau member for the continent.

In his speech to the delegates, FINA President Julio Maglione also said that the host locations for the 2025 and 2027 FINA World Championships will be decided this Sunday. “Establishing a long-term calendar is important to guarantee that FINA’s is in a stable situation and generates the necessary funds in a time of challenges and very competitive international sports environment,” Maglione said. Fukuoka, Japan is slated to host the 2021 edition, and Doha, Qatar, will host in 2023.

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Who is bidding for 2025 / 2027? Any chance of a US bid?


– AUSTRALIA, Melbourne
– CHINA, city to be confirmed, (most likely Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou would be my guess)
– HUNGARY, Budapest
– RUSSIA, Kazan
– SERBIA, Belgrade
– UKRAINE, city to be confirmed, most likely Odesa or Lviv would be my guess)
– USA, Greensboro, North Carolina

2024 SC Worlds are in Kazan and 2026 are In Budapest

If I had to guess, one will go to Budapest or Kazan, and one will go to China. That’s just a guess.

Serbia is the darkhorse. I don’t think there’s much chance for Ukraine, but I could be wrong (I think they have declared Kyiv as the host city on their bid).

Greensboro was originally a bidder, but pulled out.

Melbourne is presumed to have withdrawn too as they didn’t attend the bid meeting.


Yes, I feel like it will go to China for one of them (Beijing or Guangzhou).
It seems like every long course international meet in the coming years will be in Asia or Australia then (except Paris 2024, of course). Not the greatest news for North and South American swimmers.


Not Australia . Unfortunately . Anyway, Australian swimmers had quite a number of years going Rio, London, etc etc


2024 SC Worlds are in Kazan and 2026 are in Budapest, So 2025 might be a city in China while 2027 may be Kazan. Would be weird to have Budapest for two straight world championships (2025/2026 or 2026/2027).
I’m hoping for Serbia or Ukraine to get one, something different!


You really think Budapest or Kazan again? They hosted the world champs pretty recently.. Would be a bummer for me, all those beautifull cities and pools in the world, why not use them

Would love to see WC back in the US on the run-up to LA28….but no.


Same, but I’m not sure where it could be hosted. Only Indianapolis come to mind, in terms of seating and the pool. But that pool is only 8 lanes.

CT Swim Fan

If the pools in the USA don’t have enough seating, couldn’t they do what they do for the Olympic trials to an indoor arena somewhere? Would seem like they could find a venue where this would be possible and all the other sports could be accommodated someplace in that city.

Vegas? ISL is hosting their big meet in Dec there. much like the Omaha US Trials situation. That could be done in any major market. I’d love to see a WCs in a major US market with 20-25k fans in attendance. I think we’re learning – will learn – that we’ve nearly outgrown Omaha.


Swimming for Melbourne 2007 was in Rod Laver Arena (tennis/multi-purpose arena) with an temporary pool so not having a pool with enough seating capacity seems like a poor excuse. Melbourne’s bid this time is probably the same again.

Swammer from Wakanda

Vancouver BC has a super nice facility but it is NOT spectator friendly. Shame

I love Vancouver. Easy to get to, a beautiful, dynamic city with great weather that time of year.

Swammer from Wakanda

Omg I got a response from Gold Medal Mel. I’m geeking out.


High five to u Swammer

He Gets It Done Again

If China wins one of the bids, I hope they go back to the Water Cube.

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