Greensboro Withdraws Bid to Host 2025 and 2027 World Championships

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 45

April 25th, 2019 News

The organizing committee that was behind the bid by Greensboro, North Carolina to host either the 2025 or 2027 FINA World Championships & FINA World Masters Championships has withdrawn its bid. The decision came after the organization attended the FINA Bid Information Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland in January of this year.

This leaves 5 cities currently in the bidding for the event:

  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Kazan, Russia
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • China

The group said in a statement that they were encouraged by USA Swimming to start by hosting a smaller meet rather than jumping right in to the World Championships.

“Encouraged by USA Swimming, our largest aquatics sport governing body in the U.S., we are going to take a walk-before-you-run approach to international aquatics championships,” said Hill Carrow, Chairman of the Greensboro USA Bid Committee. “Instead of jumping into competitive international aquatics events head-first with the largest aquatics competition on the planet, we intend instead to start out with more modest-sized international events and work our way up. Some of the events we are now considering include FINA World Cup, FINA World Junior Championships, FINA Champions Swim Series, and UANA (Pan American) Masters Swimming Championships, among others.”

The Greensboro Coliseum likely would have been the target to convert into a temporary pool to host the event, as the Greensboro Aquatic Center itself is much smaller than the venues typically used to host the swimming portion of the championships. The GAC, however, could have been used to host training and other portions of the event.

“It is certainly disappointing,” said bid chairman Hill Carrow, “as a significant amount of time and effort has gone into the United States bid. The fact that the event has never been held in our country presented a unique opportunity, and if ever the time was right to bring this event to the U.S. it would be during the run-up to the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028. The Worlds are not an inexpensive event, but during the next nine years there is going to be more money flowing into Olympic Sports in our country than any time in history – as evidenced by Nike’s reported commitment of an estimated $200 million to become the first domestic sponsor of the LA Games!”

Even in withdrawal, the bid touted the Greensboro Coliseum Complex for its ability to host every part of the event, aside from open water, including the athlete village and headquarters hotel, in the same complex. The complex also lauded its new relationships with FINA staff built through the process. They credit those relationships with allowing Greensboro to host the FINA Artistic Swimming (Synchronized Swimming) World Series next month from May 24th-26th.

The USA, which has won more World Championship medals across all disciplines than any other country by almost double, has still never hosted the event. They did host the World Short Course Swimming Championships, a much smaller event by scale, in Indianapolis in 2004. Based on the 5 remaining hosts, 2025 and 2027 will make for 7 consecutive championships hosted in either Eastern Europe or Asia.

Recent and upcoming hosts:

  • 2015 – Kazan, Russia
  • 2017 – Budapest, Hungary
  • 2019 – Gwangju, South Korea
  • 2021 – Fukuoka, Japan
  • 2023 – Doha, Qatar
  • 2025 – TBD
  • 2027 – TBD

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What about the new ymca in Des Moines


It’s a great facility, but zero chance that it could host a World Chanpionship.




With nations like France and Britain sending less swimmers each year we’ll only need space for two heats and a final so the Y might be okay.




If Indy’s not big enough for Trials, it would be hard to sell it as a host for Worlds and can’t see people being keen on messing around with a pool that great to fit in enough seats.

They could try find an Omaha type temp pool facilty with an elite diving option nearby. Miami perhaps?


I haven’t been personally but Indy seems like it could work well. Swimming in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Diving and or water polo in the natatorium. Open water in a reservoir around town. A decent ‘urban’-ish vibe where you could walk and hang out around the venues…which Greensboro lacks. Too bad NFL season would get in the way or you could use Lucas Oil stadium ala Kazan. Or hey, better than Indy and it would be 110 degrees which may not work, but how about Austin?? College football starts later so use Texas Memorial Stadium, the TSC, Erwin Center, and Lake Travis/Lady Bird. SwimSwam and Dell can be presenting sponsors. Done deal!

2 Cents

I like Gboro… and it has High Point and W-S right there… I know its not a HUGE urban area, but it cant be worse than Omaha. Lots of good furniture there, and great BBQ around. at least 2 minor league baseball teams there that can entertain. Plus, doesn’t Gboro have one of the best ventilation systems now for their pool??


orange county CA?

13 % Chinese person

South Bend Indiana .

Captain Ahab

L No!


So they a going to take a walk. Quite a long one I would say. At least 10 years, until 2029 in best case scenario.
Run, Forrest! Run!!


I would love Kazan or Budapest again.

13 % Chinese person

The addition of high diving made these 2 unforgettable . .Those backdrops! .Their open water was not ‘ some reservoir’ but a sweeping waterway .The trick to getting spectators & international interest is ‘ Would you want to go there as a visitor & would freinds & family be jealous ? Not omg why are you going there?

Korea works because korea is in the news , it is neutral ground for most & has a surprise factor . Will a Kim turn up for the diving where PRK are quite good .


No one who has been to Kazan would say it isn’t an awesome tourist destination.

13 % Chinese person

I thought I indicated it was . Cities need a panorama for the high diving & open water .

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