FINA Issues Memo Warning About Illness Spreading At World Championships


On day four of the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, FINA sent out a memo warning athletes about illness spreading amongst the competitors.

Credit: Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group on Facebook

It read: “Cases of diarrhoea have been reported during (the) past three days. We take this opportunity to remind all teams of the need to observe good hygiene practices in the prevention of any infectious disease. Regular handwashing, use of bottled water and the early notification of any significant health problems must be encouraged. Please report to the Village Medical Centre if you have any concerns.”

Various reports have claimed that there are numerous swimmers dealing with some sort of ailment.

Two notable names who have withdrawn from event(s) citing illness are Katie Ledecky and Emma McKeon.

Both women dropped out of the 200 freestyle heats (day three) despite being two of the top seeds, and not long afterwards Ledecky dropped out of the 1500 free final after qualifying first out of the prelims.

McKeon was back in the water at day four finals, helping Australia win gold on the mixed medley relay, while Ledecky was reportedly back in the practice pool during day five prelims. Her next opportunity to race will be in the final of the women’s 4×200 free relay during the next session.

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4 years ago

Advice for Americans when in Korea (or any asian country):
Use bottled water to brush your teeth
If you eat soup, load it up with salt (helps to kill anything that might be in there).
Vinegar and lemon juice are big helps, too.

4 years ago

That letter pretty much sums up FINA’s incompetence.

Grace Hudson
4 years ago

Hope they feel better soon 🙏❤

4 years ago

No sh*t, FINA. (Pun intended)

Captain Ahab
4 years ago

They need to inforce athletes to rinse off in the shower before they enter the warm up pool.

Reply to  Captain Ahab
4 years ago

I think that it requires more than a casual rinse. I understand that in Iceland, they make you shower naked and wash thoroughly with soap all over/under before you can put on your swimsuit.

4 years ago

The 2019 World Aquatics Championships, brought to you by Immodium.

4 years ago

FINA’s conduct of these championships is enough to give anyone the sh.*censored*

4 years ago

Probably as effective as the other warnings FINA have released this week…

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