FINA Reportedly Threatens Bans and Revocation of Medals Over Podium Protests


As part of fallout from Mack Horton‘s protest of Sun Yang during the 400 free podium ceremony on the first night of the 2019 FINA World Championships, and Duncan Scott‘s ensuing run-in with Sun on the 200 free podium, FINA has issued a new Code of Conduct provision entitled “rules of conduct during the competition,” according to The Australian. 

The international governing body for aquatic sports reportedly distributed a memo Tuesday night in Gwangju stating that athletes can receive a ban or lose their medal if they engage in “any political, religious or discriminatory statement or behaviour” at the podium.

“The competitors shall actively participate in the full conduct of the competition including victory ceremonies and, if applicable, presentations and or press conferences,” the memo says, reportedly. “They shall strictly avoid any offensive or improper behaviour towards the officials, the other competitors, the team members and/or the spectators during the entire conduct of the competition. Any political, religious or discriminatory statement or behaviour is strictly prohibited.”

The memo was given out when Sun still had another possible individual podium ceremony opportunity forthcoming, but he finished sixth in his final solo event, the 800 free. He will more than likely swim on China’s 4×200 free relay, however.

FINA first issued a warning letter to Horton after he refused to take the podium during the playing of China’s National anthem Sunday night, then sent the same to Scott and Sun after the two had a confrontation Monday, and Scott refused to take pictures with the other medal winners.

That warning cited FINA Constitution Rule C 12.1.3, which reads that “Any Member, member of a Member, or individual member of a Member may be sanctioned for bringing the Aquatic sport and/or FINA into disrepute.” Possible sanctions appear to begin with a warning, then another offense would lead to a fine, then another a suspension, and then another “expulsion.”

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sun is hero
3 years ago

whatever Mack Horton want to fabricate,he is swindler. Because he has applied prohibited drug

3 years ago

So It’s ok for Anton Chupkov to wear a cross around his neck when swimming, but it’s not ok for him to wear it on the podium.

I’m beginning to think that FINA’s medals are not worth all that much.

3 years ago

So FINA’s the elementary school kid losing the game, shouting “New rule!”

3 years ago

Let’s just give all the medals to Sun… seriously FINA!!! Why are we praising those who dope? Huge shoutout to the athletes taking a stand for a clean sport!

Reply to  Heather
3 years ago

Where is your evidence of Sun’s doping in this competition ? Paranoid and suspicions don’t make a crime. Mack Horton and Duncan Scott could have boycotted the competition before and not after. They were just sore losers, plain and simple.

3 years ago

Good ol Fina trying to ban everyone EXCEPT the person who was cheating.

Water Bug
3 years ago

What does “actively participate in the full conduct of victory ceremonies” even mean? I mean they were there, they accepted their medals, and were standing for the anthem. So now swimmers will be “forced” to shake hands and take pictures???? Seems like shouting during the ceremony and getting in someone’s face afterwards would have more grounds for sanction . . .

3 years ago

But PED use is okay?

3 years ago

Is this even legal to do

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