Ella Jansen Scratches 2 Fly and 8 Free on Day 6 of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Trials


Day 6 Prelims Heat Sheets


  • Women’s Para 100 Back
  • Men’s Para 100 Back
  • Women’s Open 200 Fly
  • Men’s Open 200 IM
  • Men’s Open 50 Free
  • Women’s 800 Free (earlier heats)

A top-ten seed in two events this morning, Ella Jansen has opted not to swim either. She scratches out the 200 fly, where she was the 3rd seed, and she also drops the 800 free, where she was the 4th seed.

To say Ella Jansen has had a meet of near-misses would be underselling it. After entering the week as the #2 seed in the 400 free and with an entry time already under the Olympic Qualifying Time, Jansen’s ticket seemed all but punched. However, swims aren’t done on paper, and unfortunately, things have not gone as Jansen has hoped.

She withdrew from the finals of the 400 free after placing 9th in the morning. She placed an agonizing 5th in the 200 free, missing out on a (near) automatic relay berth. In the 400 IM, she finished 2nd but was unable to replicate her seed time of 4:37.35, hitting the wall .35 off the OQT with a swim of 4:38.88.

With her withdrawal from both of her events this morning, she has just the 200 IM remaining on her schedule, where she is the 5th seed behind Summer McIntosh, Sydney Pickrem, Mary-Sophie Harvey, and Ashley McMillan. If the 200 IM does not offer Jansen a ticket to Paris, she does still have a path to the Olympics as Priority 3 in the Canadian Olympic Qualification guide states that the runner-up in the event can be named to the team as long as they have the OQT from within the qualification period.

Runner-up in the 200 free, Patrick Hussey has also dropped both of his events this morning. He pulled out of the 200 IM, where he was the 8th seed, and the 50 free, where he was the 15th seed. Hussey, who likely earned a relay berth in the 4×200 free, has the 100 fly remaining on his docket. This event starts tomorrow, and he is entered as the #4 seed behind the likes of Josh Liendo, Ilya Kharun, and Finlay Konx.

Like Jansen, Mabel Zavaros has dropped the 800 free finals, which she would have swum this evening. Zavaros was the #2 seed in the 800 but opted to swim the 200 fly this morning. With Jansen’s withdrawal from the fly, Zavaros is now the # 4 seed and will have a lane next to McIntosh this morning.


  • Women’s Para 100 Back: #10 Tan Yan S8 (1:33.51)
  • Men’s Para 100 Back: None
  • Women’s Open 200 Fly: #3 Ella Jansen (2:11.39), #6 Kamryn Cannings (2:11.84), #7 Victoria Raymond (2:13.19), #13 Tess Cieplucha, #15 Julia Strojnowska (2:17.20), #22 Maeve Deyoung (2:18.48)
  • Men’s Open 200 IM: #8 Patrick Hussey (2:02.68), #12 Aiden Norman (2:04.17), #15 Jacob Gallant (2:04.92), #16 Timothe Barbeau (2:05.11), #17 Laon Kim (2:06.17), #21 Brendan Van Herk (2:06.87), #23 Own Ekk (2:07.02)
  • Men’s Open 50 Free: #15 Patrick Hussey (23.07), #28 William Beckstead-Holman (23.48)
  • Women’s 800 Free: #2 Mabel Zavaros (8:38.17), #4 Ella Jansen (8:40.14), #12 Maxine Clark (8:55.56), #13 Neala Klein (9:00.08), #17 Megan Frost (9:04.78), #22 Natasha Frost (9:04.78), #29 Lydia Hart (9:09.22), #30 Maria Saldana Riebeling (9:09.57)

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28 days ago

Seems like she’s definitely on the team according to the criteria. Top 2 in a final with a previous A cut, plus clearly useable in the 200 relay heats. Would be shocking to see her miss.

28 days ago

What are you talking about, Ella is already on the team. She has OQT and finished 2nd. Period.

29 days ago

There are always two ways to look at a story. The first’s being the one you chose where you solely highlight her “failures” based off of her best times and the assumption of an upwards trajectory. Purely based on theory, that is true. But the second way and the one you don’t even consider or fact-checked is the one of perseverance, courage, and working very hard to fight through personal challenges to – most probably – make the Olympic team after all. Like many others she over-subscribed her entries and really would need to drop considerably to make a OQT in either event.

29 days ago

I think her chances in the 200 Fly and 800 Free were likely better than the 200 IM, so wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up scratching that as well.
Maybe she’s decided that she’ll just take her likely 400 IM berth and turn towards preparing for that.

Not the meet she wanted. I don’t know if she’s had injuries or her training is just not working for her, or maybe she’s just in a natural valley of her progression, but I’m hoping Tennessee works out well for her and she comes back strong for the next quad. Still so young!

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
28 days ago

Having finished 5th in the 200 fr she will be a candidate to get a heat swim on the 4×2. Summer is almost certain not to swim in the heats of that relay since the 200 fly final is that night.

Alex Wilson
29 days ago

Ilya Kharun said yesterday in his interview after winning 200 fly that he was going to swim 50 free. I believe he has the 3rd best seed time

Greg P2
29 days ago

Brent Hayden was supposed to compete in this meet? Or his he retired? I was under the impression that he was making another comeback

Last edited 29 days ago by Greg P2
Reply to  Greg P2
29 days ago

Nah he fully retired. You may have seen that Swimming Stats made an April fools joke that he almost went 47 in a 100 free

Reply to  Greg P2
29 days ago