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This Sunday is the last time Michael Phelps swims in USA. And he’ll probably finish with a win in the 100 fly.

ok, that just like really depressed me

Just like he wasn’t swimming the 400IM….

Touche, Phil.

Watch out for 2014, there will be more swims by MP in US soil

I don’t think Missy Franklin will break the world record in the 200 back. She isn’t fully tapered for this meet. A 2.06 would be good for her. The battle for the second place will be huge. I hope Elizabeth Pelton will have it. She deserves a spot. And I like her backstroke. It’s smooth. I like Elizabeth Beisel too but she already has her ticket to London. Michael Phelps will win the 100 fly ahead of Tyler McGill or Tom Shields. The big race for me is the women’s 800 free. There are veterans and young swimmers. For me it’s a battle between Chloe Sutton, Katie Ledecky, Gillian Ryan and Kate Ziegler. Katie Ledecky has to start the race… Read more »

Schneider may cause an upset for Adrian..

Wait are you saying Schneider is going to upset adrian and Ervin? I think Ervin with win, and then it’s between Schneider, Adrian and Feigen . Don’t forget about him.

I said an upset for adrian (only).. i Think Ervin will win also… so is the second spot that is a dogfight..

Jean Michel

When the 100 free in Usa will be on the level the 50 is right now , it will be owesome ! Feigen will learn with Usa team for the relay and i beleive within one year , he will be the 100 freestyler to beat . Same for Lia Neal , Megan romano , and a few others !

the 50 free is good, but even now it is below the brazilians..

Feigen will not be the freestyler to beat as long as Cielo and Magnussen can keep up their speed.

As far as I’m concerned Fratus is unproven on the international stage. With the depth of men’s sprinting right now, a PR of 21.70 doesn’t warrant him heady medal consideration above several of his rivals.

I actually think its going to be a very tight race. Even if Nathan goes 21.5 again, which isn’t UNlikely, I think given the way the others have swum its possible the others will get close. From what I’ve seen, the men most likely to improve from yesterday are Josh Schneider followed by Ervin.

i agree with you.21.7 is good only to gain a slot in 50 free final, not to win a medal.I think a lot of people have a chance to do 21.5.I will not be surprised if even Magnussen blast a 21.5(after he went from 22.4 to 21.74…).
I just have my doubts if will be a tight race(Olympic Final).After his 21.38 in ML Trophy, i think Cielo has a bit more in the tank than 21.3.


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