Camille Muffat Matches Training Partner With WR of Her Own in France

  6 Braden Keith | November 16th, 2012 | International, News

Camille Muffat, in what has become a back-and-forth, metaphorical contest with her Olympic Nice teammate Yannick Agnel, got her World Record on day 2 of the 2012 French Short Course National Championships in Angers this afternoon.

Muffat swam an 8:01.06 that knocked more than three seconds off of the old World Record that was held by Italy’s Alessia Filippi from 2009. Including continental and national bests, here are the records that Muffat broke with this swim:

  • World – Alessia Filippi, Italy, 8:04.53, 12/12/2008
  • European – Same as above
  • French – Coralie Balmy, 8:05.32, 12/12/12008

Muffat’s splits actually were paced very similarly to what we saw from Agnel in his 800 free European Record this morning, though she didn’t drop down quite as far at the end of her swim:


What’s perhaps even scarier is that her best 400 meters of that 800 meter swim puts her around a 3:57, which is only a few away from that World Record as well.

In other notable swims, Yannick Agnel won the 100 free in 46.68 – with 50 free champion Florent Manaudou sitting it out (he’s done that a few times this fall, shying away from the 100 in favor of 50’s of the other strokes).

Jeremy Stravius broke his 2nd French Record of the meet. After cracking the 200 IM on Thursday, today he swam a 4:06.85 in the 400 IM which broke Sebastien Rouault’s 4:07.97. That’s the 2nd of Rouault’s three short course National Records that were broken today.

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Camille Muffat is human. A win in the 400 free but “only” in 3.59.38. She must be very tired.

I think this could be the start of a revolution in swimming. All we need to do is really learn how to utilise the raw speed the likes of Schmitt, Pellegrini (at her best) and Muffat have to it’s potential and the times over 200-800freestyle will tumble. I can’t quite work out why Muffat was not with Schmitt over 200m in London. She has better endurance then Schmitt and is on terms over 100m (both 53.9). If Camille has learned how to swim her races (she is a relatively inexperienced freestyle) then I can’t wait to see what she has in store. On another note, her 8.01 was stunning. However, the SC top lists are very different than those is… Read more »

Did anyone else notice that Agnel’s 100 splits were 22’85 – 23’83? That’s only a .97 drop off and he obviously has so much more in the tank…


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