British 2017 World C’ships Team Tracker Day 6: Solid Team For Budapest

Retta Race
by Retta Race 14

April 23rd, 2017 News


The full selection policy for the 2017 World Championships is linked in the meet outline above. At a high level, the first place finisher of each individual event automatically qualifies for that specific individual event provided he/she swims a time at or below the first qualification time listed by each event in our recaps.

If the first place swimmer does not meet or exceed that qualifying time, then the athlete may be considered for selection as long as he/she falls within 2% of the 2nd time listed by each event. Runners-up also must be within 2% of the 2nd qualification time in order to be considered for selection. However, coaching discretion ultimately determines the final roster, so nothing is completely objective. A maximum of 30 athletes will be selected.

With the aforementioned applied, here is how things shape up as of the conclusion of the 2017 British Championships. From first glance, it appears that all ‘consideration standard’ athletes will indeed get the invite, as well as key finishers to be added to relays. A full roster will be revealed once released from British Swimming.

Automatic Qualifiers:

  • Adam Peaty, 100m breaststroke
  • Jocelyn Ulyett, 200m breaststroke
  • Max Litchfield, 400m IM
  • Duncan Scott, 100m freestyle
  • Ben Proud, 50m freestyle

Possible Consideration (1st or 2nd place and within 2% of consideration standard):

  • James Guy, 400m freestyle & 100m butterfly & 200m freestyle
  • Stephen Milne, 400m freestyle
  • Hannah Miley, 400m IM
  • Aimee Willmott, 400m IM
  • Ross Murdoch, 100m breaststroke & 200 breaststroke
  • Georgia Davies, 100m backstroke
  • Molly Renshaw, 200m breaststroke
  • Daniel Jervis, 1500m freestyle
  • Charlotte Atkinson, 200m butterfly
  • Alys Thomas, 200m butterfly
  • James Wilby, 200m breaststroke
  • Holly Hibbott, 400m freestyle
  • Max Litchfield, 200m IM
  • Sarah Vasey, 100m breaststroke
  • Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, 100m breaststroke
  • Duncan Scott, 100m freestyle

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Coach Mike 1952
4 years ago

Anyone care to speculate of Siobhan-Marie makes the team in 200 IM?

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
4 years ago

I would say yes. They have nothing to lose by it, since they didn’t have anyone else under the consideration standard in the 200 IM anyway and she made the A cut in prelims. Molly Renshaw and Hannah Miley did have A cuts and will likely make the team, but Renshaw will probably want to focus on the 200 breaststroke.

4 years ago

No Carlin, even though she beat all swimmers other than KL in Rio. Is she dealing with an injury or something?

E Gamble
Reply to  Swammer
4 years ago

If Katie Ledecky swims slow at US Nationals, she won’t make it either.

4 years ago

Also should be added relay swimmers: the men and women medley relay both make the consideration time, as does the men’s 4×200 (but not the women’s I don’t think). That means CWH, Freya Anderson, Callum Jarvis and Nicholas Grainger should be added to the consideration roster.

Assuming GB take all those, that makes a squad of 25, so up to 5 WC picks. Personally I think Rudin and Szaranek deserve one, with Rudin getting so close to CT in the 200 back and Szaranek not far in the IMs (also could swim the 4×200 prelims to give Guy and Scott a rest). After that, Carlin? Depends on if she can get back up to speed, certainly possible.

Overall not… Read more »

Reply to  Thomas
4 years ago

Sorry, the addition of relay swimmers makes a squad of 23, just noticed that Scott and Litchfield are put in the “consideration time” brackets for the events in which they hit the CT but not the QT, but obviously they already have a spot secured. So GB could take up to 29 swimmers if they fill all WC spots, but not sure that will happen.

Also worth pointing out that GB don’t have a selection policy for who swims what, other than those who qualify automatically via the QT will swim that event: so Peaty swims 100br, Ulyett 200br, Litchfield 400IM, Scott 100 free, Proud 50 free, but for all other swims it’s discretionary.

Reply to  Thomas
4 years ago

I think Carlin and SMOC will be in the team. What’s about Tutton?

Reply to  Brownish
4 years ago

Can’t see it re Tutton. She swam a perfectly decent time but was beaten by two who swan quicker. Would be grossly unfair to pick her ahead of Renshaw (Ulyett makes the team automatically in any case).

Reply to  Thomas
4 years ago

Thanks, I see.

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Retta Race

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