Beyond The Lane Lines: Rasovszky Wins Domestic OW Race

Get your news fix on happenings outside the pool with the latest ‘Beyond the Lane Lines.’  With each edition, we collect personal stories, little known facts, and general items of interest from around the world. Read on and learn something new this week.

#1 CGF President Resigns

Commonwealth Games Federation president Louise Martin resigned from leading the organizing committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Revealed near the end of last month, Martin cited concerns about the lack of diversity on the board.

“The CGF is proud that our organization reflects the diversity of the Commonwealth Sport Movement and that we have a person of Sandra’s caliber to actively contribute on the Birmingham 2022 board,” the federation statement said. “The CGF supports the renewed commitment of the Birmingham 2022 organizing committee to ensure that its governance and management fully reflects the diversity of the city and region.”

The CGF said Martin would continue to play an “active role in the supporting preparations” for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. (ESPN)

#2 Olympic Rings Drawing Sells for Over $200,000 USD

An original drawing of the Olympic rings, sketched by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, reportedly sold for €185,000 (£169,000/$216,000). Per Inside the Games, the piece was expected to fetch nearly $99,000 less than that at the auction in Cannes late last month.

“The drawing was sold to a Brazilian collector,” Alexander Debussy, associate director of Cannes Auction House, said, per Inside the Games.

De Coubertin claimed the colors of the rings together with the white of the background included the colors composing every competing nation’s flag at the time.

#3 Southern Californian Swimming Official Pike Dies

After a sudden bout with ketoacidosis, 84-year-old South Californian swimming official Keith Pike died on July 19th. 84-year-old Pike started officiating high school meets in the region in 1962 through 2017, receiving the Ed Ruth Excellence in Officiating Award from South California Swimming.

Per OC Register, Pike officiated the CIF Southern Section swimming championships and was a fixture at the Long Beach Wilson-hosted Klaus Barth Invitational. Pike swam and played water polo at Long Beach Jordan High before serving in the Air Force from 1956-1962.

“His zest for life and laughter were contagious and irresistible,” the Pike family wrote in a tribute. “He was silly and loud, dedicated, and strong, dynamic, and deep. … Kieth’s voice will always be with us, cracking jokes, brightening our days, and urging us to be better.”

#4 Microchip Can Monitor pH & Chlorine Levels

Researchers at the University of South Australia have created a new microchip they say is capable of continuously monitoring pH and chlorine levels in swimming pools.

Associate professor Craig Priest said, “Pool chemistry keeps swimmers safe from viruses and bacteria, yet getting it right takes a lot of effort.

“Backyard swimming pool management would be a lot easier with a continuous and automated water-quality sensor that can reliably measure accurate chlorine and pH levels all summer.

“The sensor that we’ve developed is essentially a ‘lab-on-a-chip’ – a network of microscopic pipes running through a credit-card-sized chip.

“The chip quickly and continuously does all the work of a chemistry laboratory using tiny amounts of chemical, without leaving the poolside.

“For pool owners, this removes the arduous task of manually testing swimming pools and avoids overuse of pool chemicals, which saves time, money and, most importantly, the risk of infection from incorrect pool chemistry.”

An over-dosage of chlorine can cause adverse health effects to the skin, eyes, and immune system, while under-dosage creates risks of infection for swimmers. (Engineering & Technology)

Research partner Stephen Thornton, from Tekelek Australia, said the new microchip has mass potential for both private and public swimming pools.

“Right now, the need to stay healthy is paramount for us all, and while we generally feel safe in our own backyard, we must remember that all swimming pools need to be accurately and efficiently monitored to ensure water safety,” he said.

The research team is currently in the final stages of developing the microchip with industry and hopes to have it on the market soon.

#5 Kristof Rasovszky Wins Hungary’s Balaton Lake Swim

More than 10,000 people participated in Hungary’s Balaton Lake Swim over the weekend, with two-time European open water champion Kristof Rasovszky setting a new course record en route to capturing the win.

The course spans 5.2k (3.2 miles) across Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Per Reuters, Rasovszky finished in a time of 57 minutes, despite sweltering conditions to the tune of a 79F water temperature.

Due to measures to contain the virus, all the race participants had temperature checks before starting and were let into the water one by one at entry points to allow social distancing. (Reuters)

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