Arena Pro Swim Series Austin, TX, Day 1 Prelims Recap


100 LCM Free

Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom dominates the first event of the meet, touching the pads in the 100 free in 53.72 to seed her first going in to tonight’s final. Excluding Sjostrom, who was the only woman to break the 54 second barrier this morning, 54 was the time to go to make it back into the A final, making tonight’s final one to watch. Here are the other 7 swimmers joining Sjostrom in the final; Abby Weitzeil (54.11), Dana Vollmer (54.44), Katie Ledecky (54.45),  Katinka Hosszu (54.58), Chantal van Landeghem (54.86), Missy Franklin (54.90) and Amanda Weir (54.96).

It was a similar situation on the men’s side, France’s Jerem Stravius was the only male to break the 49 second barrier this morning and nothing above 49 seconds made a spot in the A final. Tonight’s final will consist of Stravius (48.90), Nathan Adrian (49.26), Ryan Lochte (49.55), Jimmy Feigen (49.61), Matt Grevers (49.91), Michael Phelps (49.94), Michael Chadwick (49.96) and San Condorelli (49.97).

200 LCM Breast

Laura Sogar (2:27.42) edges out Molly Hannis (2:27.93) to take the top spot for tonight’s A final. Also coming back tonight is Anna Belousova (2:28.12), Melanie Margalis (2:28.27), Hilda Luthersdottir (2:28.32), Alia Atkinson (2:29.18), Breeja Larson (2:29.21) and  Esther Gonzalez Medina (2:29.77).

In the men’s event, Josh Prenot will take lane 4 tonight, after his 2:11.04 swim this morning. Also in tonight’s A final; Kevin Cordes (2:11.48), Erik Persson (2:12.38), Chase Kalisz (2:13.46), Andrew Wilson (2:13.47), Nic Fink (2:13.50), Will Licon (2:13.89) and Nicholas Schafer (2:14.86).

100 LCM Fly

Sjostrom (56.72) and Vollmer (57.62) both returned to the pool for their 2nd event of the morning, with a 1-2 seed in the 100 fly respectively. They will be joined by Noemie Thomas (58.70), Sarah Gibson (59.05), Kelly Naze (59.35), Felicia Lee (59.79), Claire Donahue (59.89) and Farida Osman (59.97) in the A final tonight.

Lochte and Phelps also came back for their 2nd event of the day, making it back for the A final in times of 52.58 and 52.99 respectively. Tonight’s final will be a race to watch with the top 8 all swimming between 52 high or 53 low this morning. The other 6 swimmers for the A final are; Giles Smith (52.63), Tom Shields (52.65), Tim Phillips (52.91), Matthew Josa (53.18), Simon Sjodin (53.20) and Zheng Wen Quah (53.23), who made the A final over Singapore national teammate Joseph Schooling. After scratching the 100 free, Jack Conger didn’t make it back to the A final, but is seeded 2nd in the B final (53.61), just behind Kyler VanSwol (53.50).

400 LCM Free

Ledecky and Hosszu swim impressive times for their 2nd event of the morning, clocking in in 4:01.45 and 4:06.58 respectively. Also coming back tonight is Leah Smith, who finished just ahead of Hosszu in 4:06.06 for a lane 5 spot, Lotte Friis (4:07.95), Stephanie Peacock (4:07.98), Becca Mann (4:08.17), Sarah Henry (4:11.37) and Cierra Runge (4:11.57).

5 of 8 swimmers with a 3:53 low in tonight’s final will make the men’s 400 free A final a race to watch. Michael McBroon will lead the way tonight in lane 4 with a prelims time of 3:51.34. Joining him is Jordan Pothain (3:51.49), Connor Jaeger (3:52.07), Jay Lelliott (3:53.10),  Mads Glaesner (3:53.20), True Sweetser (3:53.21), Zane Grothe (3:53.30) and Ous Mellouli (3:53.40).

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5 years ago

Some early results..
Women 100 free: Sjostrom 53.72, Weitzeil 54.21, Vollmer 54.44 (great!), Hosszu 54.58
Men 100 free: Stravius 48.90, Adrian 49.26 (cruising in the last 10 metres), Lochte 49.59, Feigen 49.61, Grevers 49.91, Phelps 49.94, Condorelli just behind Phelps (in the last heat a pretty even finish for at least 5 swimmers)

5 years ago

I think it’s pretty clear now that Ledecky wants to be in play for the 400 FR. She may not get there, but I think it’s very realistic now that she could throw down a :53 at Trials to get herself into contention. I certainly won’t count her out. Great swim for Vollmer too — the comeback continues.

5 years ago

57.62 for Vollmer in 100 Fly great swim!!!! She is closing the gap .

Reply to  Troy
5 years ago

I think that both vollmer and worrell will be swimming in the 56s by the summer, but I don’t think they can beat sjostrom unless they are well under 56.

5 years ago

I am not watching the live stream, just the results.. did Vollmer tried to stay with Sjostrom and faded? But even so, is this a new “PB” after her return right?

Reply to  Rafael
5 years ago

different heats: circle seeding for prelims

5 years ago

Ledecky 400 free prelims time tie with Muffat’s Olympics winning time……

Reply to  GI
5 years ago

Thats Wilddddddd !!! she is in power all year long

5 years ago

On the women’s side, 4 great doubles: Sjostrom (53.72 in 100 free and 56.72 in 10 fly), Ledecky (54.45 in 100 free and 4.01.45 in 400 free), Vollmer (54.44 in 100 free and 57.62 in 100 fly) and Hosszu (54.58 in 100 free and 4.06.58 in 400 free). Obviously the most surprising results came from Vollmer who’s quickly improving her SBs.

On the men’s side, good double from Lochte (49.59 in 100 free and 52.58 in 100 fly). Phelps’ performances as expected considering the period and his way of training (49.94 and 52.99).

5 years ago

Random prelim time from Ledecky would have beaten everyone but herself at worlds. Same for Sjostrom

5 years ago

does anyone know what to look for on meetmobile?

Reply to  Catherine
5 years ago


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