Bob Bowman shares sentimental story from Phelps’ youth (Video)

There’s no doubt that we are all ecstatic that Michael Phelps has decided to give it another go for Rio before he hangs up his goggles and settles into the family life. However, there might not be anyone more excited than his own coach, business partner, and long time friend Bob Bowman.

It’s obvious that since coming back, and really since 2008, Michael has had his ups and downs, with varying levels of success along the way. But for the last year we have seen a new Phelps, a reborn Phelps if you will; one who is happy with his swimming, his relationships, and most of all himself. And no one has taken more notice of that than Bob, who has had to deal with Phelps on a daily basis through all of the ugly times before this rebirth.

Bob expressed his relief that Phelps was finally enjoying the sport again this weekend in Austin, where he told us that he had wanted Michael to go out on a better note than London, where he admits no one had much fun at all in the Phelps camp. Bob went on to tell a story that showed how much Phelps truly loved the sport of swimming at one point, and how he has hopefully found that love once again heading into his final olympics.

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LP Man

I’m sure Bob Bowman is a tremendous coach. However, is anyone else tired of him being at every Michael Phelps press conference? I feel like he is constantly riding the coat tails of MP


Nah I like Bob being there. He adds great insight

LP Man

There’s Bob Bowman, hogging the limelight once again. Awesome

Displaced Wolverine

The difference between MP and other superstar athletes is that he has stuck with the same coach for his entire career. Of course Bob would be at his press conferences.

Irish Ringer

I always felt bad for him because he’s always there but rarely do they ask him questions directly.


@LPman if you’ve watched any MP press conference Bowman hardly hogs the limelight; he’s there as I’m sure most people understand because he’s an intrinsic part of the MP brand and success. Personally love to hear from the coaches perspective and more back story.

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