Dave Marsh explains shaving SwimMAC Elite for Austin PSS (Interview)

Going into the olympic year, things noticeably start changing.

Everyone has a little more drive in workout, a little more pep in their step at meets. They take their recovery more seriously, they start watching their diet more diligently. One person who has seen this effect taking place the last 6 months in his elite group is none other the head women’s olympic coach himself, Dave Marsh.

In Austin, SwimMAC elite was having a ball, throwing down very formidable times in events that we haven’t seen many of them swim often (Lochte’s 400 IM, Katie Meili’s 200 Breast, Tim Phillips‘ 200 IM). Dave Marsh explained how training has been going for team elite for the past few months, as well as why he decided to give his pro group a little rest, and even let them shave, for the series stop in Austin.

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bad anon
7 years ago

Times posted by team elite look rested rather than tapered. Definitely gives confidence to the group when they registered such decent in season times

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