Another One: Katherine Wagner Transfers from ASU to Minnesota

The Arizona State revolving door keeps spinning, as Chatsworth, Calif., native Katherine Wagner has announced her decision to leave ASU to pursue new opportunities at Minnesota. After two seasons in Tempe, Wagner will have two more left in Minneapolis.


  • 50y free – 22.54
  • 100y free – 49.41
  • 200y free – 1:49.82
  • 100y fly – 55.31

Wagner is primarily a sprint freestyler. While she did not score individually at Pac-12’s as a freshman, Wagner did race in the 50 free B final and 100 free C final this season at the 2018 Pac-12 Championships.

Minnesota has struggled to grow a sizable sprint free group in recent years, so Wagner will be a welcome addition– especially when considering the fact that Minnesota just graduated Danielle Nack, the Gophers’ best 50 freestyler during the 2017-18 season.

With her current bests, Wagner would’ve been a B finalist at the 2018 B1G Championships in both the 50 and 100 free, her best events.




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What is going on?


PAC 12 has Cal, Stanford, USC…B1G not so much…if you can contribute and want to make confrence you transfer…its been that way since time began. Social media adds lots of hype!

I’m not sure that’s the case. Big Ten has Michigan, Indiana and Minnesota, all top 10 programs last year. That’s one more top 10 program than the Pac-12 had on the women’s side. And the Big Ten was deeper than the Pac-12 – in fact, Wagner would have placed lower in all three of her events in the Big Ten compared to where she placed at Pac-12s. She’s certainly not leaving for an easier conference.


Some are not destined for greatness. Coach B is the guy who stewarded Phelps for Pete’s sake!


Yeah but he coached Michael. Just Michael. If you look at other top coaches they have a lot more of well rounded success. Not just one stand out athlete.

Scott Morgan

I would call Allison Schmitt pretty standout! Chase Kalisz as well. PVK was excellent.

Scott Morgan

Guess people don’t like gold and silver olympic medalists. Please feel free to keep down-voting. LOL.


There’s a huge difference between an Olympian and college Student athlete. College students have school demands, study hall, practice time and dryland. An Olympic athlete devotes a huge portion of time to their training. These kids are student-athletes! Not professional swimmers!


PVK was mostly Urbanchek.


You seem to be forgetting Allison Schmitt and Chase Kalisz


Georgia. Bob gets some credit, but UGA gets most.


PAC 12 has Cal, Stanford, USC…B1G not so much…if you can contribute and want to make confrence you transfer…its been that way since time began. Social media adds lots of hype!


Slow on out tracker, fast on in tracker! Some sign up and expect what they had in club…sets here aren’t for the faint of heart! Most coaches look at their freshman class and sophmores and say by jr year 1/2 of you wont be here. Fact

Justin Wright

Your argument here is that a really high turnover rate is a good thing? Special things happen when a senior class makes it all four years together. Not completely sure whats happening here, but we had an exteremly controvercial coaching change last year and had less turnover than this. For all I know it’s no big deal, but trust me when I say it really does matter when you make it to the end with the same guys you started with.


It didnt appear to be an argument…simple fact. Yes athletes should be able to finish 4 years but it isnt always their choice. Someone should do a roster study of the last 4 freshman classes and rank programs on retention where eligibility and injury were not determining factors. You cant argue it would be interesting.


This may start to affect recruiting. With this many transfers, especially if they are due to ASU cutting people, recruits should think twice about signing especially if there’s a big incoming class. When I was looking at schools I definitely looked at transfer rates and asked coaches about why people transferred. While no one ever thinks they’ll be the one who gets cut, stats tell a story that recruits should be cautious about.

Golden Gophers

Congrats Katherine! Future 21 right there


Mostly men are transferring in with the exception of a few women. It would seem this environment and training style is not female friendly.


This honestly makes sense. Because I remember a World record named Katie Hoff leave Bowman as well and it was clear that his practices/style of training was emotionally to rough on her. So I can see this being a true statement.


Pretty sure that Hoff was with Yetter pretty much the entire time she was at NBAC.

Scott Morgan

And I’m sure it makes little sense, with Allison Schmitt among others.

Mark Wilson

One high performing female swimmer over a 30+ yr career doesn’t help prove he’s a good women’s coach. None of the top 20 female high school swimmers sign to swim at ASU. They prefer other coaches with track records of developing female swimmers. ASU women had a terrible NCAA meet. The relays were last or near last along with some individuals. ASU fans like to talk up the 3rd place showing at PACs, but that was because of diving points (points breakdown on swimswam). Top point scorer was a diver, 3 of top 5 point scorers were divers. Remove diving points from ASU, USC and U of A, and ASU would be 5th, behind those two. This is not an… Read more »


Hoff never swam for Bowman


Hoff did swim a short period with Bowman post ‘08, but was with Yetter through most of her time at NBAC

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