Dylan Boyd Transfers to Michigan After One Year with Arizona State

Dylan Boyd, who just wrapped up his freshman season with the Arizona State Sun Devils, has announced his transfer decision to the University of Michigan.

Boyd is a mid-distance freestyler who anchored ASU’s 4×200 free relay at NCAAs in March. Splitting a 1:35.60 on the anchor leg, he helped ASU clock a 6:16.05 to take 10th overall and earn All-American honorable mention status.


  • 100 free 44.83
  • 200 free 1:36.57
  • 500 free 4:21.11
  • 100 fly 49.63
  • 200 fly 1:46.55

Boyd has had some turbulence in his college decision process. In mid-October of 2016, Boyd signed during the fall signing period with Wisconsin. Then, during the summer of 2017, Boyd announced he had made a change due to family reasons and would instead attend Arizona State.

Yesterday, however, he posted on his Instagram (below) that he’d be transferring to swim for Michigan, which is also in the Big Ten, like Wisconsin.

Michigan will immediately benefit from Boyd’s presence. His times in the 500 free and 200 free would’ve been 4th and 5th, respectively, on Michigan’s 2017-18 top times list. He’d also have been 5th in the 200 fly.

The Wolverines are known for producing mid-distance freestyle talent, and with top recruit Patrick Callan coming in, they’ll have a strong set of new faces for mid-distance free.


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Why are so many people leaving ASU?


Who else left? Not surprised. All the hype and they fell flat at NCAAS!


13 people approximately from freshman and sophomore classes for men and women



Jones – please read and adhere to the SwimSwam commenting policies and don’t use multiple usernames in the same thread. Thanks.


I wonder if those early sophomore and junior commits are starting to rethink their verbals. I get a few kids dropping off once the reality of college athletics and academics hit, but 13 is a lot no matter how you try and sell it. Add in a few quick coaching departures and it would seem all is not sunny for the Sun Devils.


Somebody who commented twice under two different screen names said 13. Just random people talking trash who don’t know anything. Many of us have memory that goes back just a couple years and we remember what ASU swimming was like before Bowman.




I hear over 10 people have left


Name all the names, don’t just throw out numbers without any proof


You want to name the names, I’ll help you. Women: Freshman: Morgan T, Meghan B Sophomores: Kaylee G, Katherine W, Emily G. Freshman Men: Dylan B, Mihalis D, Evan K, Graham H, Will B, Sophomore Guys: Grant S, Joe M

Right Dude Here

Clearing money for the monster class coming in.


Haven’t seen many women signing


First names and last name initials is not terribly helpful; I looked at the ASU rosters on their website and it is hard to fully match up names there with names in this post.


It all checks out.

Swim Happens

Freshman quit or transfer everyday but IU cut conference swimmers that score, kids that were Juniors and a Junior Captain WTH


Who? Or are you speculating?

Swim Happens

So normal freshman sophomore attrition.

oh boy

That’s not normal attrition.


12 or 13 red flags for recruits to see. Could be just the dismal results of the season but either way, in my 24 years of coaching I have never seen an exodus like this.


Early cool pictures, mass exodus later. Sounds right.


Well, Ryan Mallam is out….. and now people are leaving…


Surprised he hasn’t gone back to D1 coaching with his expertise


Fantastic personality and innovative with ideas. Gone. And Misty Hyman, the face swimming in that area. Gone. See a pattern?


sad, so much promise. im surprise. with the best swimming coach in the world as coach. i dont get it

Swim Happens

hard work…too many clubs doing limited yards…can’t handle college level training and school. Normal attrition for freshman…but look at TX, IU cutting kids that vested 2+years is just wrong.


I’m kind of surprised that a 1:36.5 would have been top-5 on the Michigan team.

ct swim fan

The story says 1:35.60, not 1:36.50

Ex Quaker

That’s referring to his relay split. I believe his flat start time, 1:36.5, would be 5th.


That’s his split anchoring ASU’s relay. His individual 200 free is listed just after that as 1:36.57.

Justin e

Well for a team that got 17th in 2017…


He will find greater success at Michigan. Clearly these kids are learning not all people or programs turn out “as advertised”. Keep moving forward!

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