2021 Short Course World Championships: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


The first night of finals at the Short Course World Championships kicks off in Abu Dhabi at 6 PM local time (9 AM EST). We will see several finals this evening, including the men’s 400 free, women’s 200 free, men’s 200 fly, women’s 400 IM, men’s 200 IM and both 4×100 free relays.

Hong Kong’s Shiobhan Haughey will be the star to watch in women’s race as she chases Sarah Sjostrom’s World Record after nearly breaking it in the ISL final. American Trenton Julian is the top seed in the men’s 200 fly, but will be chased by Olympic gold medalist Chad Le Clos. The semifinals of the men’s 100 breast will have a stout field, including Ilya Shymanovich, Nic Fink and Arno Kamminga, while Daiya Seto and Carson Foster will battle in the men’s 200 IM final.

Men’s 400 Free Finals

  • World Record: 3:32.25 – AGNEL Yannick FRA (FRA) 15 NOV 2012
  • Championship Record: 3:34.01 – RAPSYS Danas (LTU) 11 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 3:37.92 – SATES Matthew (RSA) 7 OCT 2021

Top three finishers

  • Gold: Felix Auboeck (AUT): 3:35.90
  • Danas Rapsys (LTU): 3:36.23
  • Antonio Djakovic (SUI): 3:36.83

Austria’s Felix Auboeck blasted a new Austrian record to take the win in 3:35.90, touching just ahead of Lithuania’s Danas Rapsys who took the silver in 3:36.23. The two swimmers swam stroke for stroke for the first 300 meters before Auboeck began to pull away at the 350 and hung on for the win.

Switzerland’s Antonio Djakovic also blasted a new national record to take the bronze in 3:36.83.

Women’s 200 Free Finals

  • World Record: 1:50.43 – SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) 12 AUG 2017
  • Championship Record: 1:50.78 – SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) 7 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 1:52.85 – SANCHEZ Kayla SGP (CAN) 16 DEC 2018

Top three finishers:

  • Gold: Siobhan Haughey (HKG): 1:50.31 (WR, CR)
  • Silver: Rebecca Smith (CAN): 1:52.24
  • Bronze: Paige Madden (USA): 1:53.01

Hong Kong’s Siobhan Haughey finally broke through to break Sarah Sjostrom’s 200 free World Record after flirting with the record for months. She was out in a blistering 53.81 and continued to separate from the field down the stretch to touch in 1:50.31.

Canada’s Rebecca Smith, who tied with Haughey in the heats to come is as the co-top seed, took the silver in 1:52.24. Paige Madden of the United States faded a bit down the stretch but held off a hard-charging Katja Fain of Slovenia to claim the bronze.

Men’s 100 Back Semis

  • World Record: 48.33 – STEWART Coleman (USA) 29 AUG 2021
  • Championship Record: 48.95 – DONETS Stanislav (RSF) 19 DEC 2010
  • World Junior Record: 48.90 – KOLESNIKOV Kliment (RSF) 22 DEC 2017

Top 8 finishers:

  1. (Tie) Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS)/Shaine Casas (USA): 49.57
  2. —-
  3. Apostolos Christou (GRE): 49.89
  4. Kacper Stokowski (POL): 49.94
  5. Lorenzo Mora (ITA): 49.99
  6. Guilherme Guido (BRA): 50.05
  7. Pavel Samusenko (RUS): 50.11
  8. Robert Glinta (ROU): 50.21

Russia’s Kliment Kolesnivkov and USA’s Shaine Casas won each of their respective semi-finals and tied for the top seed heading into tomorrow’s final with a 49.57. Casas had more front end speed that the Russian, while Kolesnikov closed quicker and should set up a tight race tomorrow night.

Greece’s Apostolos Christou qualified third in 49.89 and was followed closely by Poland’s Kacper Stokowski (49.94) and Italy’s Lorenzo Mora (49.99). The 3rd through 7th qualifiers all finished within .22 of each other, setting up for a close battle for a medal in the final.

Women’s 50 Breast Semis

  • World Record: 28.56 – ATKINSON Alia (JAM) 6 OCT 2018
  • Championship Record: 28.81 – MEILUTYTE Ruta (LTU) 3 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 28.81 – PILATO Benedetta (ITA) 21 NOV 2020

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Nika Godun (RUS): 29.42
  2. Ida Hulkko (FIN): 29.62
  3. Mona McSharry (IRL): 29.65
  4. (Tie) Sophie Hansson (SWE)/Benedetta Pilato (ITA): 29.76
  5. —-
  6. Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR): 29.77
  7. Fanny Lecluyse (BEL): 29.85
  8. Veera Kvirinta (FIN): 29.97

Russia’s Nika Godun will head into the final as the top seed after touching first in 29.42. She will chased by Finland’s Ida Hulkko who qualified second in 29.62 and Ireland’s Mona McSharry who qualified third in 20.65. Sweden’s Sophie Hansson and Italy’s Benedetta Pilato tied for the fourth qualifying spot in 29.76.

The huge story from the semis, however is the DQ of World Record holder Alia Atkinson of Jamaica. Figured to be one of the favorites and the top qualifier out of the heats, the 33 year old Jamaican will be out of the final.

Men’s 200 Fly Finals

  • World Record: 1:48.24 – SETO Daiya (JPN) 11 DEC 2018
  • Championship Record: 1:48.24 – SETO Daiya (JPN) 11 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 1:49.89 – WANG Kuan-Hung (TPE) 16 NOV 2020

Top three finishers:

  • Gold: Alberto Razzetti (ITA): 1:49.06
  • Silver: Noe Ponti (SUI): 1:49.81
  • Bronze: Chad le Clos (RSA): 1:49.84

Italy’s Alberto Razzetti took the gold in the men’s 200 fly, touching in 1:49.06. He turned second at the 100 and 150 before charging home in 28.43 to touch for the win. Switzerland’s Noe Ponti, who medaled at this summer’s Olympics in the 100 fly, took the silver in 1:49.81. South Africa’s Chad le Clos touched in third for the bronze just behind Ponti in 1:49.84 thanks to the field’s fastest closing 50 split on 28.39.

The USA’s Trenton Julian held the lead at the 150 turn but faded hard down the stretch, posting a 29.71 final 50 split to be run down by Razzettti, Ponti and le Clos to finish off the podium.

Women’s 400 IM Finals

  • World Record: 4:18.94 – BELMONTE Mireia (ESP) 12 AUG 2017
  • Championship Record: 4:19.86 – BELMONTE GARCIA Mireia (ESP) 3 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 4:23.33 – YE Shiwen (CHN) 12 DEC 2012

Top 3 finishers:

  1. Tess Cieplucha (CAN): 4:25.55
  2. Ellen Walshe (IRL): 4:26.52
  3. Melanie Margalis (USA): 4:26.63

Canada’s Tess Cieplucha took home her first world title in the 400 IM, touching first in 4:25.55. Her splits were consistent the whole race, touching second at the halfway point and charging into the lead with the field’s fastest breaststroke and holding on for the win.

Her University of Tennessee-based training partner Ellen Walshe of Ireland finished second in 4:26.52. For her part, Walshe turned fourth at the halfway point and then charged hard on the back half, similar to her training partner’s race.

The USA’s Melanie Margalis finished in third for the bronze in 4:26.63.

Men’s 100 Breast Semis

  • World Record: 55.28 – SHYMANOVICH Ilya (BLR) 26 NOV 2021
  • Championship Record: 56.01 – van der BURGH Cameron (RSA) 12 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 57.27 – MARTINENGHI Nicolo (ITA) 16 DEC 2017 / 11 DEC 2018

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Arno Kamminga (NED): 56.41
  2. Nic Fink (USA): 56.48
  3. Ilya Shymanovich (BLR): 56.54
  4. Fabian Schwingenschlogl (GER): 56.80
  5. Nicolo Martinenghi (ITA): 56.81
  6. Yan Zibei (CHN): 57.19
  7. Qin Haiyang (CHN): 57.23
  8. Berkay Ogretir (TUR): 57.34

The Netherlands’ Arno Kamminga won the second semi to qualify first in 56.41. Kamminga used the field’s only sub-30 second 50 split to power home in a blazing 29.33 to outtouch Nic Fink, who finished second in his semi and will be the second seed tomorrow.

World Record holder Ilya Shymanovich of Belarus cruised to win the first semi in 56.54, well off of his lifetime best, to qualify in the third position for tomorrow.

Women’s 100 Back Semis

  • World Record: 54.89 – ATHERTON Minna (AUS) 27 OCT 2019
  • Championship Record: 55.03 – HOSSZU Katinka (HUN Doha) 4 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 55.99 – NIELSEN Mie Oe (DEN) 13 DEC 2013

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Louise Hansson (SWE): 55.85
  2. (Tie) Kira Toussaint (NED)/Rhyan White (USA): 56.05
  3. —-
  4. Kylie Masse (CAN): 56.07
  5. Katherine Berkoff (USA): 56.10
  6. Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR): 56.65
  7. Maaike de Waard (NED): 56.72
  8. Simona Kubova (CZE): 57.26

Sweden’s Louise Hannson blasted a new Swedish National Record en route to the top seed for tomorrow’s final, winning the first semi in 55.85. She used a quick first 50 of 27.02 to take the lead an never relinquished it, qualifying first by two tenths.

The Netherland’s Kira Toussaint and the USA’s Rhyan White tied for the second seed in 56.05 with both swimmers splitting nearly identical races. Former long course World Record holder Kylie Masse of Canada qualified fourth in 56.07, while American Katherine Berkoff qualified fifth in 56.10, making for a tight field behind Hansson for tomorrow’s final.

Men’s 200 IM Finals

  • World Record: 1:49.63 – LOCHTE Ryan (USA) 14 DEC 2012
  • Championship Record: 1:49.63 – LOCHTE Ryan (USA) 14 DEC 2012
  • World Junior Record: 1:51.45 – SATES Matthew (RSA) 2 OCT 2021

Top three finishers:

Japan’s Daiya Seto took the win in the men’s 200 IM, touching the wall first in 1:51.15. Seto blasted out to the lead in the first 50 and held an over full second lead at the 150 and despite fading down the stretch was able to hold on to his lead for the win.

The USA’s Carson Foster out of the University of Texas took the silver in 1:51.35, nearly coming from behind to snag the win thanks to a field-best 26.91 closing freestyle split. Italy’s Alberto Razzetti also closed hard in 26.95 to grab the bronze in 1:51.54.

Women’s 4×100 Free Relay Finals

  • World Record: 3:26.53 – Netherlands – 5 DEC 2014
  • Championship Record: 3:26.53 – Netherlands – 5 DEC 2014

Top 3 finishers:

  • Gold: (TIE) USA/Canada: 3:28.52
  • Silver: —–
  • Bronze: Sweden: 3:28.80

In a thrilling women’s 4×100 free relay final, the United States and Canada tied for the gold in 3:28.52, while Sweden finished in third for the bronze in 3:28.80. The Canadanian quartet set a new Canadian record in the process.

The Swedes opened with the lead courtesy of Sarah Sjostrom’s 51.45 leadoff, while Canada was close behind thanks to Kayla Sanchez’ 51.73 leadoff. Sweden held the lead at the halfway point thanks to a 52.06 split from Michelle Coleman, but Canada held the lead at the 300 mark by over a full second.

The Americans made up massive ground on the anchor leg, as Abbey Weitzeil blasted a 51.50, including a 23.93 opening 50 split, to bring the Americans exactly even with the Canadians going into the final 50. Canada’s anchor Katherine Savard matched Weitzeil stroke for stroke over the final 50 to finish in the tie for the gold.

Men’s 4×100 Free Relay Finals 

  • World Record: 3:03.03 – United States – 11 DEC 2018
  • Championship Record: 3:03.03 – United States – 11 DEC 2018

Top 3 finishers:

  • Gold: Russia: 3:03.45
  • Silver: Italy: 3:03.61
  • Bronze: USA: 3:05.42

The Russians came from behind to win the men’s 4×100 free relay in 3:03.45, just off the World Record of 3:03.03. They were led by Andrei Minakov’s 45.61 2nd leg and Aleksandr Schegolev’s 45.53 anchor leg, which was just enough to overcome the Italians at the touch.

Italy finished second for the silver thanks to a trio of 45 second splits from Thomas Ceccon, Leonardo Deplano and Lorenzo Zazzeri. The USA finished in a distant third despite a blistering 45.75 leadoff split from Ryan Held.

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7 months ago

*Berkoff (not Berkhoff)

Bob Dobbalina
7 months ago

Where are all MA groupies???🦗

Reply to  Bob Dobbalina
7 months ago

USPRT training!

Mediocre Swammer
7 months ago

Siobhan Haughey is an adult woman, and she has a name. (Would you say “The Hong Kong boy is a good swimmer” if he wasn’t at least under 18?)

7 months ago

Why does the pool look so cloudy in the underwater shots?

7 months ago

The Women’s 4 x 100m without Femke swimming for the Netherlands just feels so wrong

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  fdoc14
7 months ago

They had more depth than I expected, missing bronze by .06

7 months ago

I’m excited to see more 4×100 free relays with Curzan, Huske, and Douglass. And even Berkoff (I didn’t know she had a good 100 free!) They – along with Gretchen Walsh – could be the core American sprint group for 2024.

Reply to  moonlight
7 months ago

Poor Manuel. Discarded after only one off year.

Reply to  Troyyy
7 months ago

Manuel will be back along with Weitzeil. You can add any other two you want

Reply to  Breezeway
7 months ago

I have no doubt. To be honest despite the debacle that was the 100 free at trials this year the US’s 100 free stocks look better than ever. US trials in the next few years could be looking similar to what Australia’s did this year.

Reply to  Troyyy
7 months ago

If she is not swimming she discarded herself. She has show up at a meet before we can put her back in the conversation. No doubt if she is healthy and training she is going to qualify to be on the relays

Reply to  moonlight
7 months ago

Things looking good for the US in this relay! Berkoff was 47.9 and 21.8 last SCY season. Was 25.6 and 55.2 LCM at an off meet last summer. I expect she will do like Smoliga and diversify.

Single Swim Pete
7 months ago

Semifinals are just as exciting to watch as the finals. Anybody disagree?

Reply to  Single Swim Pete
7 months ago

Ummmm. I’ll bite. Big disagree

Reply to  Single Swim Pete
7 months ago

Only if you like seeing your swimmers worn out by an unnecessary swim

Coach Rob
7 months ago

Great swims for everyone so far!