2021 Pro Swim Series – Indianapolis: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


With one more day of racing to go at the 2021 Pro Swim Series – Indianapolis, day 4 prelims will feature the women’s and men’s 100 backstroke, 200 breaststroke, 50 freestyle, and 200 IM.

In the 100 backstroke, Regan Smith and Phoebe Bacon will have another chance to race following their showdown last night during which Bacon touched with a 2:06.84 to Smith’s 2:06.84.

NCAA stars Alex Walsh and Kate Douglass will be contesting the 200 IM on the women’s side, along with Emma Barksdale. On the men’s side, Michael Andrew is slated to race both the 50 free and 200 IM and will try to keep his momentum going from his impressive 58.67 100 breast and 50.80 100 fly wins earlier on in the meet.


  • PSS Record: 58.18, Regan Smith (2020)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 1:01.49

Top 8:

  1. Regan Smith – 58.81
  2. Catie DeLoof – 1:00.64
  3. Amy Bilquist – 1:00.67
  4. Phoebe Bacon – 1:00.82
  5. Linnea Mack – 1:00.92
  6. Ali DeLoof – 1:01.25
  7. Mariella Venter – 1:01.67
  8. Beryl Gastaldello – 1:01.89

Regan Smith followed up a silver medal performance in the 200 backstroke on day 3 by posting the top 100 back prelims by nearly 2 seconds. Smith was a 58.81 to win the heats, trailing her own Pro Swim Series record of 58.18 from 2020, as well as her 2019 world record of 57.57.

Smith will have a chance in the final to answer back after Australia’s Kaylee McKeown put up a powerful 57.63 100 backstroke swim yesterday in Sydney to get within 0.06 of Smith WR.

Following Smith, we will see a crowded group of 1:00s with Catie DeLoof leading the way, having hit a 1:00.64. That’s a slight improvement for DeLoof upon her entry time of 1:00.70 and bumps her up from 6th seed to 2nd heading into the final.

After scratching the 200 backstroke final on night 3, Amy Bilquist will have a chance to medal in the 100, slated to enter the event as 3rd seed with her morning swim of 1:00.67. 200 back gold medalist Phoebe Bacon was a bit shy of her 58.63 entry time as she posted a 1:00.82 prelim swim but will certainly be in the mix for a podium finish during the finals.

Linnea Mack also dipped under 1:01 with a 1:00.92 for 5th seed while Ali DeLoof (1:01.25), Mariella Venter (1:01.67), and Beryl Gastaldello (1:01.89) will round out the top 8.


  • PSS Record: 52.40, David Plummer (2018)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut:  55.51

Top 8:

  1. Hunter Armstrong – 54.46
  2. Matt Grevers – 54.73
  3. Dean Farris – 54.82
  4. Will Grant – 54.96
  5. Jack Wever – 55.20
  6. Dylan Carter – 55.23
  7. Brett Pinfold – 55.44
  8. Brendan Burns – 55.66

Only half a second separated the top 4 finishers in the men’s 100 backstroke as 3rd seed Hunter Armstrong powered to a 54.46 to establish the top time of the morning. The swim for Armstrong was a better than his 54.74 PB from December 2019. The Ohio State swimmer will look to hold off the field but only has 0.27 seconds between himself and second seed Matt Grevers.

US vet Matt Grevers came into the meet with a top-seeded 52.75 in the event but holds a lifetime best of 52.08 which he swam at the 2012 US Olympic Trials. Grevers was a little slower during the prelims, hitting a 54.73 for second seed. The A-final bound seed for Grevers is an improvement upon his 11th place finish in the 200 back prelims earlier on in the meet.

Dean Farris also got under 55 seconds with a 54.82 which is less than a second faster than his PB of 53.93 from US Trials in 2019. Rounding out the top 5, Will Grant was a 54.96 for 4th while Jack Wever was a 55.20 for 5th.


  • PSS Record: 2:20.77, Annie Lazor (2019)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 2:30.49

Top 8:

  1. Emily Escobedo – 2:24.60
  2. Lilly King – 2:27.59
  3. Ella Nelson – 2:28.68
  4. Bethany Galat – 2:29.68
  5. Laura Morley – 2:29.86
  6. Olivia Anderson – 2:30.87
  7. Miranda Tucker – 2:31.36
  8. Morgan Friesen – 2:32.68

Emily Escobedo was just off her current season best of 2:23.46 from the Richmond stop of the Pro Swim Series here, posting a 2:24.60 to claim the top spot heading into finals. Escobedo currently ranks 3rd in the nation this year behind Lilly King‘s 2:22.13 and Annie Lazor‘s 2:22.23 but will be looking to improve that ranking during the final. Escodebo’s PB in the event sits at a 2:22.00 from December 2019.

King, however, was also present during the 200 breast prelims and claimed #2 seed with a 2:27.59. King will likely be quicker during the final and we’ll likely get a solid race between her and Escobedo as the two deliver one final showdown ahead of next month’s Olympic Trials.

Ella Nelson will join the duo in the final, having swum a 2:28.68 during the prelims of the event. Nelson was the runner-up in the 200 breast at this year’s NCAA Championships with a 2:04.35 yards swim. Should she be looking to compete with King and Escobedo during the final, Nelson will likely need to get a bit closer to her current PB in the event of 2:25 from 2018.

Another big name in the women’s 200 breast final will be Bethany Galat who raced the event a few years ago at the 2017 World Championships, earning a silver medal for the US in a 2:21.77. Galat hasn’t been quite at her best yet this season, holding a season-best of 2:28.69 from Mission Viejo.


  • PSS Record: 2:08.95, Andrew Wilson (2018)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 2:15.28

Top 8:

  1. Amro Al-Wir – 2:12.40
  2. Miguel Chavez – 2:14.50
  3. Anton McKee – 2:15.17
  4. Tommy Cope – 2:15.44
  5. Alex Evdokimov – 2:15.52
  6. Coleman Modglin – 2:16.77
  7. Mauro Castillo Luna – 2:17.14
  8. Raunak Khosla – 2:17.45

Amro Al-Wir took the men’s 200 breaststroke prelims with a new Jordanian record, lowering his previous mark of 2:13.67 from earlier this year to a 2:12.40. He set the previous mark racing at the 2021 ISCA International Senior Cup which bettered his previous mark of 2:14.82 from the 2019 World Swimming Championships.

Next in the heats, Miguel Chavez was 2 seconds slower than Al-Wir with a 2:14.50 to just trail his entry time of 2:14.50. That’s a solid move up for both Al-Wir and Chevez as they jump from 11th seed to top seed and 9th seed to 2nd seed, respectively.

Third place in the prelims was Icelandic swimmer Anton McKee with a 2:15.17. McKee holds the national record in the event at a 2:10.21 which he set at the 2015 World Championships.

Tommy Cope and Alex Evdokimov both got under the 2:16 mark as well, hitting prelims swims of 2:15.44 for 4th and 2:15.52 for 5th, respectively.


  • PSS Record: 24.17, Sarah Sjostrom (2016)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 25.65

Top 8:

  1. Kate Douglass – 24.63
  2. Catie DeLoof – 25.11
  3. Linnea Mack – 25.16
  4. Erika Brown – 25.23
  5. Kelsi Dahlia – 25.61
  6. Allison Schmitt – 25.68
  7. Gabi Albiero – 25.73
  8. Casey Fanz – 25.75

2021 NCAA Champ in the 50 free Kate Douglass delivered a solid performance here in the 50 freestyle as the only sub-25 in the field. Douglass posted a 24.63 to shave some time off her PB in the event of 24.99 from December 2020.

Douglass now ranks 4th in the event this season, trailing Claire Curzan‘s 24.17 world junior record, Torri Huske‘s 24.44, and Abbey Weitzeil‘s 24.57. The swim just out-ranks Gretchen Walsh‘s 24.65 from earlier in the season.

Catie DeLoof picked up her second second-place finish of the session in here, adding to her 100 backstroke swim earlier on. Her 25.11 swim for 2nd is a little slower than her season and lifetime best of 24.80 from the Richmond Pro Swim Series.

Also completing a 100 back / 50 freestyle double was Linnea Mack, who posted a 1:00.62 for 5th in the backstroke and then a 25.16 for 3rd in the free. Mack is having a solid meet in Indy and this 50 freestyle for her improves upon her 25.22 PB which she set in April 2021 with a 25.22.

Top seed Erika Brown fell to 4th in the prelims with a 25.23, unable to match her entry time of 24.57. Brown will be looking to improve upon her result in the 100 freestyle earlier on in the meet where she placed 6th in the A final with a 54.85.

Making for a considerably competitive final, the 5th – 8th place finishers all swam under 26 as well with Kelsi Dahlia (25.61), Allison Schmitt (25.68), Gabi Albiero (25.73), and Casey Fanz (25.75) rounding out the top 8.


  • PSS Record: 21.51, Caeleb Dressel (2020)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 22.71

Top 8:

  1. Coco Bratanov – 22.47
  2. Michael Chadwick / Alberto Mestre – 22.52
  3. Abdelrahman Elaraby – 22.57
  4. Ali Khalafalla – 22.58
  5. Bowe Becker – 22.61
  6. Ryan Held – 22.70
  7. Nathan Adrian – 22.78

Less than half a second separated the field in the men’s 50 freestyle prelims as Coco Bratanov posted a 22.47 for top seed while Nathan Adrian was a 22.78 for 8th.

Bratanov was the quickest in the field with his swim of 22.47 which was better than his previous mark of 22.54 from April 2019. The swim allowed Bratanov to jump from 17th seed heading into the event to #1 for the final.

Behind Bratanov, Michael Chadwick and Alberto Mestre each delivered a 22.52 which tied them for second place. Chadwick was slower than his entry time in the event of 21.95 but moved up from 7th seed. Mestre on the other hand went in with a 14th place 22.40. Mestre currently holds the Venezuelan national record in the event at a 22.38 which he swam back in 2017.

Abdelrahman Elaraby and Egyptian record holder Ali Khalafalla were 4th and 5th with a 22.57 and 22.58, respectively. Khallafalla’s current PB and national record is a 21.94 from earlier this year at the Mission Viejo Pro Swim Series.

While Michael Andrew scratched his top seed in the event, second seed Ryan Held fell to 7th with a 22.70 while 7th seed Bowe Becker rose to 6th in a 22.61. Rounding out the top 8, Nathan Adrian was a 22.78.


  • PSS Record: 2:08.66, Katinka Hosszu (2015)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 2:15.26

Top 8:

  1. Kate Douglass – 2:11.47
  2. Alex Walsh – 2:11.88
  3. Leah Smith – 2:13.63
  4. Beata Nelson – 2:13.83
  5. Hali Flickinger – 2:14.12
  6. Abby Hay – 2:15.15
  7. Kelly Pash – 2:15.17
  8. McKenna Debever – 2:15.26

Shortly after claiming top seed in the 50 free prelims, Kate Douglass returned for the 200 IM and swam a 2:11.47 to out-swim Alex Walsh‘s 2:11.88 for second. That swim for Douglass was quicker than her 2:12.11 entry time while Walsh was a bit slower than the 2:09.01 she entered with.

Top seed in the event Kathleen Baker was not present in the final while Leah Smith jumped from 6th entry to 3rd place in the prelims with a 2:13.63. Smith also qualified to race the 400 IM prelims earlier on in the meet but scratched the final in favour of the 200 freestyle which occurred in the same session. Smith may make a similar decision tonight considering that she is entered as top seed in the 800 freestyle which will take place during Saturday night finals.

Beata Nelson was 4th behind Smith with a 2:13.83 prelims swim, just above her PB from US Nationals in 2019 of 2:13.37. 400 IM victor Hali Flickinger was also in on the action, hitting a 2:14.12 for 5th place while Abby Hay, Kelly Pash and McKenna Debever rounded out the top 8.


  • PSS Record: 1:56.32, Michael Phelps (2012)
  • Wave II Olympic Trials Cut: 2:03.02

Top 8:

  1. Michael Andrew – 1:57.17
  2. Abrahm Devine – 2:01.09
  3. Norbert Szabo – 2:01.88
  4. Angel Martinez – 2:01.90
  5. Grant House – 2:02.14
  6. Jarod Arroyo – 2:02.22
  7. Danny Kovac – 2:02.38
  8. Sam Stewart – 2:03.32

Michael Andrew got within a second of Michael Phelps‘ 2012 Pro Swim Series record of 1:56.32 as he hit a 1:57.17 for top seed. Andrew is having an incredible meet so far and has already taken down the 100 breast and 100 butterfly Series records.

Andrew’s PB in the event is a little bit faster than what he swam in the prelims as he hit a 1:56.83 back in March 2020. The swim gives Andrew the quickest time in the nation this season, beating out Kieran Smith‘s 1:59.38.

Abrahm Devine has also been a 1:56.79, holding a 1:56.79 PB from back in 2017 when he won silver in the event at the Phillips 66 Summer Nationals. Devine went on that year to race the event at 2017 Worlds and placed 10th with a 1:58.01.

Norbert Szabo from Hungary was right behind Devine’s 2:01.09 with a 2:01.88 for third seed heading into finals while Angel Martinez of Mexico notched a 2:01.90 for fourth.

Grant House hovered above the 2:02 mark with a 2:02.14 for 5th seed, while 400 IM victor Jarod Arroyo notched a 2:02.22 for 6th. Rounding out the top 8 of the prelims, Danny Kovac and Sam Stewart posted a 2:02.38 and 2:03.32, respectively.

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2 years ago

Nordin has a beautiful stroke. She’s one to watch IMO

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  rsgnsf
2 years ago

She is indeed extremely smooth & long in her stokes, even when sprinting, a delight to see

2 years ago

smoliga 58.31 100 back in atlanta

2 years ago

wait what happened to our trusty announcer? who are these people?

Curious swimmer
2 years ago

What happened to Cody? Wasn’t he competing at this meet?

Reply to  Curious swimmer
2 years ago

I have a feeling there may be some sponsor conflicts.

Dressel and Murphy are in Georgia both Speedo swimmers.

I don’t think Schooling is with speedo right now and he is at the TYR meet.

Now I can see why Dressel is in Atlanta due to distance (assuming they drove?) but why would Ryan Murphy skip the Indy meet and why to Atlanta all the way from California?

My guess is sponsor restrictions.

(Side note why is Blake P. not at the Atlanta meet when his suit sponsor is hosting it?)

Reply to  Xman
2 years ago

Dude no sponsor cares about restricting meets lmao nobody watches these things ecxcpet us weirdos anyways

Reply to  Pvdh
2 years ago

We’re the weirdos who buy their expensive products 😄

Reply to  Xman
2 years ago

Nathan Adrian is in Indy and is sponsored by Speedo, just like Miller. Ryan Lochte is in Atlanta and is sponsored by Tyr, so sponsor conflicts aren’t the reason.

2 years ago

I love that quite a few of the top swimmers are really throwing it down in prelims even though they could put it in cruise control and make the A final. Most of their competitors would be happy to final with say, Regan Smith’s 100 back prelims time, or Michael Andrew’s 200 IM prelim time. That shows readiness for trials where anyone not having initials KL or LK will have to go all-in before the final. (Even KL & LK are showing tiny hints of vulnerability. Enough to keep ’em honest.)

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  NoFlyKick
2 years ago

LK I’m blanking here… Laeleb Kressel?

Oh right Lilly King lmao

Last edited 2 years ago by There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  NoFlyKick
2 years ago

How has Katie Ledecky shown any hints of vulnerability when Katie Ledecky has posted five Top 25 All-Time Performances in calendar year 2021?

200 FR – 1
400 FR – 1
800 FR – 1
1500 FR – 2

Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
2 years ago

Titmus and Pellegrini and ruck have beaten ledecky ( ruck and Pellegrini I the 200 and titmus In the 400)

Reply to  Swimfan
2 years ago

First things first, let’s get thru the Olympic Team Trials.

The women’s 200 meter freestyle has always been the diciest part of her program.

As for the 2019 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Katie Ledecky was ill. End of story.

Put down Katie Ledecky for gold in the women’s 400 FR, 800 FR, 1500 FR at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  NoFlyKick
2 years ago

Tiny hints? Like where? They’ve demolished everyone in the U.S. Sure Lily might have a race in the 200, but have to work to make the final? As for Ledecky, Trials aren’t coed.

Kitajima Fan
2 years ago

MA is gonna go ham tonight

Reply to  Kitajima Fan
2 years ago

And Ambrose will go bananas 🤪🤪🤪

VA Steve
2 years ago

Douglass somehow underrated, likely due to the college season and not tuning up as much on LC. Here she comes. Love to see what the easy prelim swim translates to tonight.

Reply to  VA Steve
2 years ago

I still have Kate Douglass in the hunt for a top six spot in the women’s 100 meter freestyle especially wiith the disappointing performances of Erika Brown and Mallory Comerford at the 2021 TYR PSS – Indianapolis, IN.

2 years ago

Am I the only one Curious to see what Curzan puts up in the 100 back today @ the TAC spring invite??? She may pop a mid 58 in prelims (here’s to hoping)

Reply to  Swimfan
2 years ago


Reply to  Taa
2 years ago

Claire Curzan should stick to the 100 FL, 100 FR, 50 FR at the 2021 Olympic Team Trials.

Reply to  Swimfan
2 years ago

Rhyann White 58.9 prelim in Atlanta…