2020 Big 12 Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


  • When: Wednesday, February 26th to Saturday, February 29th | Prelims 10:00 am | Finals 6:00 pm
  • Where: Aquatic Center at Mylan Park, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: University of Texas Men (40x), University of Texas Women (8x) – results
  • Live Streaming Links: Thursday finals / Friday finals / Saturday finals
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Detailed Timeline: Here
  • Psych Sheets: Here
  • Live Results: Here

Team Standings After Day 3


  1. University of Texas 712
  2. University of Kansas 573
  3. Texas Christian University 352
  4. West Virginia University 303
  5. Iowa State University 262


  1. University of Texas 764
  2. West Virginia University 581
  3. Texas Christian University 436

The Texas men and women look to have sealed another Big 12 team title sweep while the Kansas women and West Virginia men have Big 12 runner-up contention in their sights. This morning, the preliminaries of the 200 back, 100 breast, 200 breast, and 200 fly will be contested.

Kicking off the session will be the women’s 200 back, headlined by Texas’ 400 IM champ Evie Pfeifer and 100 back runner-up Julia Cook. Then, Austin Katz will take a jab at the Big 12 title in his best event alongside fellow Longhorn and 100 back winner Alvin Jiang.

Into the fastest event of the session, Texas Longhorns Claire Adams will swim for another Big 12 title while Daniel Krueger and Maxime Rooney take the top spots for the men. Onto the 200 breast, Kansas’ Kate Steward will aim for a breaststroke sweep while the new Longhorn breast men’s squad will debut, headlined by 100 breast champ Caspar Corbeau.

Finally, Kelly Pash and Lauren Case will close out the women’s 200 fly while Sam Pomajevich and the rest of the men’s flyers will top off the final morning session.

Swimmers with an asterisk (*) appear to be exhibition entrants who can’t compete in the A final. We’ll include them below, but will also note who should make the A final in their place.

Women’s 200 Back – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 1:54.01
  • NCAA “A”: 1:50.50
  • NCAA “B”: 1:57.11

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Julia Cook (TEX)- 1:52.10
  2. Evie Pfeifer (TEX)- 1:54.96
  3. Dewi Blose (KANS)- 1:56.30
  4. Elizabeth Amato-Hanner (KANS)- 1:58.53
  5. Liz Richardson (ISU)/Lauryn Parrish (KANS)- 1:59.38
  6. Kaeleigh Rice (TCU)- 1:59.50
  7. Emily Haan (ISU)- 1:59.52

Julia Cook takes the top of the 200 back with a 0.62-second drop from mid-season, clocking in a 1:52.10. That time bumps Cook up to 10th in the NCAA, currently. Longhorn teammate Evie Pfeifer came in for second with a 1:54.96, setting up another Texas 1-2 finish.

Kansas will swim a trio of women, led by #3 seed Dewi Blose (1:56.30). Iowa State will see 2 swimmers in tonight’s A-final while TCU occupies the #7 seed.

Men’s 200 Back – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 1:41.31
  • NCAA “A”: 1:39.87
  • NCAA “B”: 1:45.04

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. *Josh Artmann (TEX)- 1:41.21
  2. Austin Katz (TEX)- 1:42.68
  3. *Jason Park (TEX)- 1:43.90
  4. *Ethan Harder (TEX)- 1:44.91
  5. *Peter Larson (TEX)- 1:44.98
  6. Trayton Saladin (WVU)- 1:45.05
  7. Alvin Jiang (TEX)- 1:45.30
  8. Kade Knoch (TCU)- 1:45.50
  9. Radu Duican (TCU)- 1:45.93
  10. *Preston Varozza (TEX)- 1:46.55
  11. Angelo Russo (WVU)- 1:47.44
  12. Josh Harlan (WVU)- 1:47.65
  13. Joao Andrade (TCU)- 1:48.36

Austin Katz remains at the top of the 200 back despite fighting off food poisoning, which Big 12’s Josh Davis reported yesterday. His time of 1:42.68 is 5 seconds off his mid-season best of 1:37.35. Sliding in for the #2 seed was West Virginia’s Trayton Saladin (1:45.05), touching 0.25s ahead of 100 fly champ Alvin Jiang (1:45.30).

Saladin will be joined by 2 more West Virginia teammates in the top heat while TCU will have 3 swimmers in the A-final.

Women’s 100 Free – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 48.56
  • NCAA “A”: 47.18
  • NCAA “B”: 49.51

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Claire Adams (TEX)- 48.46
  2. Bridget Semenuk (TEX)- 49.53
  3. Jenny Nusbaum (KANS)- 50.19
  4. Miranda Heckman (TEX)/Emily Haimes (WVU)- 50.24
  5. Kyla Leibel (TEX)- 50.27
  6. Carly Straight (KANS)/Anna Munster (TCU)/Anna Andersen (ISU)- 50.56
  7. *swim-off will be required, top 2 qualify to A-final

Claire Adams currently sits in the right spot for another Big 12 title, leading by over a second with a 48.46. She will be joined by 3 Longhorn teammates, led by freshman Bridget Semenuk (49.53). Kansas’ Jenny Nusbaum (50.19) and the remaining top 8 are separated by four-tenths of a second.

Kansas, TCU, and Iowa State will all be cheering on to get one of the 2 spots in the A-final after the three-way tie for 7th. There was also a tie for 4th between Heckman (Texas) and Haimes (West Virginia), where both women swam 50.24.

Men’s 100 Free – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 42.53
  • NCAA “A”: 41.71
  • NCAA “B”: 43.80

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Daniel Krueger (TEX)- 42.21
  2. Maxime Rooney (TEX)- 42.56
  3. Hunter Armstrong (WVU)- 43.31
  4. *Luke Bowman (TEX)- 43.54
  5. Drew Kibler (TEX)- 43.62
  6. *Jacob Huerta (TEX)- 44.04
  7. Matthew Willenbring (TEX)- 44.20
  8. Chris Staka (TEX)- 44.23
  9. *Sam Kline (TEX)- 44.64
  10. Dusan Babic (TCU)- 44.67
  11. Ryen Van Wyk (WVU)- 44.76

Texas’ Krueger and Rooney come in as tonight’s top 2 seeds with their pair of 42s. West Virginia newcomer Hunter Armstrong jumped over the un-shaved Texas sextuplet begin Krueger/Rooney to place 3rd in prelims with a season-best of 43.31.

The Texas Longhorns will also score 3 more swimmers, led by 200 free champ Drew Kibler (43.62). Looking at the D1 ranks, Krueger (#1), Rooney (#4), and Kibler (#7) are all in the top-10. West Virginia will also have an extra A-final swim while TCU will see just one A-finalist.

Women’s 200 Breast – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 2:09.77
  • NCAA “A”: 2:06.84
  • NCAA “B”: 2:13.97

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Kate Steward (KANS)- 2:11.95
  2. Dannie Dilsaver (KANS)- 2:15.27
  3. Haley Downey (KANS)- 2:15.86
  4. Mathilde Kaelbel (WVU)- 2:16.18
  5. Martha Haas (ISU)- 2:17.19
  6. Lehr Thorson (ISU)- 2:18.04
  7. Holly Jansen (TEX)- 2:18.44
  8. Kennedy Lohman (TEX)- 2:18.90

Kansas’ Kate Steward was right at her meet seed, remaining under the 2:12 mark. Her time was 4 seconds faster than the next time, setting up Steward for a breaststroke sweep. She will be joined by 2 more teammates, setting up a Kansas 1-2-3 finish.

West Virginia will score one A-finalist while Iowa State will see two swimmers. Texas’ top breaststrokers placed 7th and 8th, both going a pair of 2:18s.

Men’s 200 Breast – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 1:54.04
  • NCAA “A”: 1:52.61
  • NCAA “B”: 1:58.43

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Caspar Corbeau (TEX)- 1:55.50
  2. Vitauts Silins (TCU)- 1:55.81
  3. Hugh McPherson (TCU)- 1:57.91
  4. Charlie Scheinfeld (TEX)- 1:58.81
  5. Jake Foster (TEX)- 1:58.86
  6. Braden Vines (TEX)- 2:00.34
  7. Jack Portmann (WVU)- 2:01.05
  8. Fausto Huerta (WVU)- 2:02.73

The Texas men cruised through prelims this morning, with Caspar Corbeau‘s 1:55.50 top time just about 3 seconds off his mid-season best. TCU’s Silins and McPherson slid in for 2nd and 3rd over Texas’ Scheinfeld, Foster, and Vines, who were all 6+ seconds off mid-season times.

The remaining top 8 swimmers are from West Virginia.

Women’s 200 Fly – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 1:56.18
  • NCAA “A”: 1:53.20
  • NCAA “B”: 1:59.23

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Kelly Pash (TEX)- 1:54.14
  2. Morgan Bullock (WVU)- 1:59.31
  3. Lauren Case (TEX)- 1:59.89
  4. Sally Clough (TCU)- 2:01.46
  5. Greta Olsen (KANS)- 2:01.65
  6. Reka Kovacs (WVU)- 2:02.61
  7. Megan Morris (TCU)- 2:02.74
  8. *Grace Ritch (TEX)- 2:03.31
  9. *Ellie Flanagan (KANS)- 2:03.83
  10. Lucia Rizzo (ISU)- 2:04.47

Texas rookie Kelly Pash set a new season-best with her 1:54.14 prelims top time, which currently sits 11th in the NCAA. She will be joined by West Virginia’s Morgan Bullock (1:59.31) and Longhorn teammate Lauren Case (1:59.89).

TCU will see 2 more swimmers in the A-final while Iowa State, West Virginia, and Kansas all have an extra swim in the A-final.

Men’s 200 Fly – Prelims

  • 2019 Invited: 1:42.35
  • NCAA “A”: 1:40.76
  • NCAA “B”: 1:46.69

Top 8 Qualifiers

  1. Sam Pomajevich (TEX)- 1:42.79
  2. Andrew Koustik (TEX)- 1:43.82
  3. David Dixon (WVU)- 1:46.20
  4. Piotr Sadlowski (TCU)- 1:46.34
  5. *Cole Crane (TEX)- 1:46.74
  6. Jack Frazier (WVU)- 1:47.73
  7. Michael Chwaluk (TCU)- 1:49.44
  8. Zach Boley (WVU)- 1:49.78

Texas’ Sam Pomajevich closed out the morning session with a 1:42.79, just 3 seconds over his sub-1:40 prelims swim. Teammate Koustik was also under 1:45, putting up 1:43.82.

West Virginia will see 3 A-finalists while TCU scored 2 more A-final swims to close out Big 12s.

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4 years ago

Texas women still sitting at 4 individuals qualified.

Semenuk on bubble or just outside for a possible 5th
she could use a kick butt 48 low to cement. Might be in as relays only.

Case needs a 3 second drop in 2 fly, she’s done it before. Last chance as senior. Don’t think anyone else is close

Interesting, but smart move to throw Pfieffer in 200 back for funsies. Just to see if that might be a higher chance to score than 1650. She already has an invite in the bag.

Still looking for time drops from other swimmers, are they waiting for finals of last session? Argh.

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
4 years ago

Seems to always mishandle the season one way or the other. You would think you could walk across the bulkhead and learn a bit from the GOAT right? Maybe too much pride…..who knows

4 years ago

No Grace Ariola in the 100 free? Is she sick?

4 years ago

Breaststroke results are wrong

4 years ago

Seems like Reece tapered the ones who aren’t gonna swim in NCAAs and didnt taper the ones who will. Seems like a logical plan.

Reply to  Dbswims
4 years ago

It’s an Olympic year. UT men got bigger fish to fry.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Adam
4 years ago

Like 2 of them.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Realistically, about 8 of them. Lol

4 years ago

Why are the astricks randomly distributed amongst the Texas swimmers? Not just like second and third best getting through, but in some cases the second and fourth best are but the third best isn’t.

4 years ago

results are not updating?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Tomek
4 years ago

Just slow. Like the entire meet.

4 years ago

*Day 4. But this meet sucks so you are forgiven for the typo

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