2016 U.S Olympic Trials: Day Seven Prelims Live Recap


This morning’s prelims are going to be short and sweet, at least for the first half of the morning.

The women will compete in the 50m freestyle where SwimMAC Carolina’s Madison Kennedy is the top seed with a time of 24.45.

The entirety of the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay team, with the exception of Allison Schmitt, will be competing in the women’s splash-and-dash.

Lia Neal, Simone Manuel, and Abbey Weitzeil will be in heat 17. Both Amanda Weir and Dana Vollmer will be in the final heat, heat 18.

On the other side of the coin, the men will be racing the mile today where Connor Jaeger is the top seed. Jaeger is the American record holder in the event.

He’ll be racing against Michael McBroom and Clark Smith in the final heat, heat number 10.


Top seed: Madison Kennedy (24.45)
World record: 23.73 – Britta Steffen (Germany)
American record: 24.07 – Dara Torres
U.S Open record: 24.13 – Cate Campbell (Australia)
U.S Nationals record: 24.25 – Dara Torres
JR World record: 24.74 – Rikako Ikee (Japan)
2012 Winning Time: 24.50 – Jessica Hardy

Top seed Madison Kennedy will be going into the semifinals as the top seed after dropping a 24.52 int he final heat of the women’s 50m freestyle. Kennedy was well ahead of her heat.

Second was Simone Manuel who raced 100m freestyle champion Abbey Weitzeil in the second last heat. Weitzeil had the lead, but Manuel began to close in on it as they both reached for the wall. Manuel had the magic touch, winning the heat in 24.57 compared to Weitzeil’s 24.58.

100m backstroke champion Olivia Smoliga is the fourth seed after putting up a 24.78.

Both Dana Vollmer and Kelsi Worrell made the semifinal in the sixth and eighth spots respectively.

Of the top sixteen, eight swimmers are already on the Olympic roster.

TOP 16

  1. Madison Kennedy (24.52)
  2. Simone Manuel (24.57)
  3. Abbey Weitzeil (24.58)
  4. Olivia Smoliga (24.78)
  5. Katrina Konopka (24.90)
  6. Dana Vollmer (24.96)
  7. Ivy Martin (25.05)
  8. Kelsi Worrell (25.12)
  9. Amanda Weir (25.15)
  10. Lia Neal (25.16)
  11. Maddie Locus (25.27)
  12. Katie Meili (25.37)
  13. Anika Apostalon (25.43)
  14. Taylor Schick (25.48)
  15. Caitlin Cooper (25.51)
  16. Anya Goeders (25.53)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Connor Jaeger (14:41.20)
World record: 14:31.02 – Sun Yang (China)
American record: 14:41.20 – Connor Jaeger
U.S Open record: 14:45.54 – Peter Vanderkaay
U.S Nationals record: 14:45.54 – Peter Vanderkaay
JR World record: 14:51.55 – Mack Horton (Australia)
2012 Winning Time: 14:52.19 – Andrew Gemmell

American record holder Connor Jaeger already established himself as the clear leader heading into Sunday night’s final in the 1500m freestyle. This morning he was a comfortable 14:58.59 to lead the heads.

Jordan Wilimovsky, who’s already qualified for the Olympics for open water, took the second seed with a 15:05.89.

Michael McBroom, PJ Ransford, and Zane Grothe make up the remainder of the top five.

Most notably Sean Ryan missed the final.


  1. Connor Jaeger (14:58.59)
  2. Jordan Wilimovsky (15:05.89)
  3. Michael McBroom (15:07.42)
  4. PJ Ransford (15:09.04)
  5. Zane Grothe (15:11.72)
  6. Robert Finke (15:15.52)
  7. Clark Smith (15:17.08)
  8. Chris Wieser (15:17.10)

For official results click here.

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6 years ago

Anyone on nbc mention the obvious cupping marks on certain swimmers ?

6 years ago

Predictions for tonight
Women’s 200 back
1. Dirado 2:06.70
2. Franklin 2:07.06
Dirado looks good and Franklin, though she has not been anywhere near her best for a long time, should be able to qualify no problem.
Men’s 100 fly
1. Phelps 50.68
2. Shields 50.75
I think Shields goes out hard and comes back well, but Phelps clutches the last 15 meters to win. I am not confident about this prediction at all, Phelps really has not looked good in the 100 fly so far, and shields can be all over the place. I’m really rooting for Conger in this event though, I want him to make the team individually. Tim… Read more »

Stay Human
Reply to  Track
6 years ago

LOL I love the “Non-Ledecky WR”, I think it’s a legitimate category along with textile WR. 😉

6 years ago

Upvote if Ledecky breaks Wr in 800 free, downvote if she doesn’t.

Reply to  SwimmerFoxJet
6 years ago

8:04.32 Mark my words.

6 years ago

Connor won that 1500 by a mile heheh

6 years ago

Wait a sec, how do we watch the Finals tonight on TV? NBC scheduling shows stupid NASCAR. Help?!

Reply to  EliteSwimmer99
6 years ago

NBCSN tonight.

Reply to  EliteSwimmer99
6 years ago

It is televised, just check a different station called NBCSN.

Attila the Hunt
6 years ago

upvotes if you want more Debbie Phelps/Nicole Johnson sightings and interviews tonight
downvotes if you don’t

Reply to  Attila the Hunt
6 years ago

I think the last interview was scripted. Debbie got her lines a little mixed up.

The whole Michael Phelps “Happytalk” sounds scripted too.

What did he have to be so unhappy about before?

Stay Human
Reply to  marklewis
6 years ago

I’d say: Several untreated mental disorders including probable alcoholism, severe burnout, estrangement from his friends, family and coach, allowing himself to get caught up in the fame game, demons from childhood–bullied, estrangement from father, rough divorce. Not making excuses for him; he caused a lot of his own unhappiness. But there was a lot going on there before.

Stay Human
Reply to  marklewis
6 years ago

That said, I agree the “HappyTalk” is totally scripted and already really tired and old. Even my friends who don’t follow swimming are sick of that plus the OJ commercial with Missy.

Lazy Observer
Reply to  Stay Human
6 years ago

Haha. My friends who don’t follow swimming think Phelps is retired and don’t know who Missy is.

Joel Lin
6 years ago

Clark Smirh is going to figure out the long course 1500 meters in te next year or so, and when he does it will be scary.

Outside Smoke
6 years ago

Can someone post the top 8 of the 1500 when it’s done?

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