2015 ACC Men’s Championships: Day Four Ups/Mids/Downs



The NC State Wolfpack really put on a show last night, and they have continued to blast great swims this morning. After yesterday’s finals session, and adding in all of the diving, here’s what the top 4 looks like going into tonight:

1. NC State 896

2. VT 850

3. UNC 821

4. Louisville 771

Now, here’s what the ups, mids, and downs look for these top 4 teams after the last session of prelims:

Ups/Mids/Downs 200 Back 100 Free 200 Breast 200 Fly Totals
NC State 2|1|0 4|2|1 0|2|0 2|0|0 8|5|1
Louisville 3|0|0 1|4|1 4|0|0 1|1|0 9|5|1
UNC 1|1|0 0|2|0 1|2|0 1|2|0 3|7|0
VT 1|2|0 1|0|2 1|1|0 1|1|0 4|4|2


Louisville and NC State both had really big mornings, especially in the 100 free for the Wolfpack and in the 200 breast for the Cardinals. It’s looking pretty good for 2nd place for Louisville, as they have 6 more A finalists than UNC and 5 more than VT and enough B finalists to feel safe to jump over UNC big time.

Louisville will bring out the big guns tonight, and will likely outscore UNC and VT by a good amount. But they have a signifcant deficit they must overcome before they can duel with the H20kies and the Tar Heels. This is a battle that could truly come down to the 400 free relay, depending on how finals goes. We also can’t overlook the 1650 free. Virginia Tech holds the 5th, 6th, and 32nd seeds while Tar Heels are seeded 7th and 12th after scratches. Louisville has the edge here, with the 1st and 4th seeds. Tonight should be a very tight team race behind the Wolfpack, and places 5 thru 8 are looking really bunched up as well.

Scores after Day 3 (including all diving events)

1. NC State 896

2. VT 850

3. UNC 821

4. Louisville 771

5. Notre Dame 479

6. Florida State 467

7. Virginia 463

8. Georgia Tech 437

9. Duke 313

10. Pittsburgh 282

11. Boston College 144

12. Miami (diving only) 105

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6 years ago

The platform diving scores have not been added in yet, because if they were, Tech would be in 2nd with 850 points.

Zach McGinnis
6 years ago

I think you forgot to add platform diving? Live results says NC State: 896, VT: 850, UNC: 821.5, and Louisville: 771.5

NCAA Swimmer
Reply to  Zach McGinnis
6 years ago

Platform diving was included in those scores. Looks like Platform diving won’t bailout the hokies this year.

6 years ago

Very impressive Virginia Tech Diving & Swimming Team!

6 years ago

Red Legend Pride!! Kazoom! Kazam! Let’s go Pack!

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