13 State Records Fall At Hawaii Age Group Championship

2018 HI Age Group LCM Championship

  • Thursday-Sunday, July 12-15th
  • Veteran’s Memorial Aquatic Center, Waipahu, HI
  • Long Course Meters
  • Results
  • Team Scores

Top 5 Combined Team Scores

  1. Kamehameha Swim Club – 2,376
  2. Punahou Aquatics – 1,017.50
  3. Hawaii Swimming Club – 962
  4. Aulea Swim Club – 907.50
  5. Splash Aquatics – Makiki – 270

The 2018 Hawaii Age Group Championships were held in Waipahu on the weekend of July 12th-15th. Over the course of the meet, 13 state records fell, 8 of which were relays which were all broken by meet champs Kamehameha Swim Club. Kamehameha also had 1 of the individual records, totalling 9 of the 13 records.

Starting with the individual records, Aulea Swim Club 14 year old Tom Caps swam to victory in the 13-14 boys 100 breast, posting a 1:08.48 to break the previous record of 1:08.93. He was out in 32.03 and came home in 36.45, knocking 1,67 off his previous best time of 1:10.15.

Grace Monahan (Kamehameha Swim Club) took the girls 13-14 100 fly in state record fashion, dropping a 1:01.50. The previous record stood at 1:01.84. Monahan shed .72 seconds off her previous best of 1:02.22. She was out quick, touching the 50 mark in 28.98, and coming home in 32.52.

Connor Seminavage (Hawaii Swim Club) won the boys 11-12 200 fly with a 2:22.22, breaking the previous record of 2:25.71. Seminavage was previously just off the record with a best time of 2:25.80, marking a 3.58 second drop with his swim. He swam a pretty tightly split race for a 200 fly, swimming a 1:09.09 (32.30/36.79) on the first 100, and 1:13.13 (37.29/35.84) on the 2nd 100.

Ethan DeGalicia of Hawaii Swim Club broke 2 10&U boys records, coming in the 50 free and 100 free. In the 50 free, DeGalicia broke 30 seconds for the first time ever, shedding .32 seconds off his previous best, and breaking the state record of 30.10. In the 100 free, DeGalicia threw down an impressive 1:04.69, fueled by a 30.93 on the 1st 50, and a 33.76 on the 2nd. That time came in well under the previous record of 1:05.76.

Kamehameha Swim Club broke records in the 13-14 girls 800 free relay, 15-16 boys 800 free relay, 11-12 girls 400 free relay, 13-14 girls 400 free relay, 11-12 girls 400 medley relay, 17-18 boys 400 medley relay, 11-12 girls 200 medley relay, and 17-18 boys 200 medley relay.

The 13-14 girls 800 free relay team of Andrea Zeebe (2:11.90), Kai Flanagan (2:16.58), Joey Misailidis (2:19.61), and Grace Monahan (2:07.27) combined for an 8:55.36. They shattered the previous record of 9:02.89. Their 400 free relay, which was made up of the same group, with the exception of Christie Jiang instead of Misailidis, aslo broke the record. The team of Jiang (1:03.23), Flanagan (1:04.53), Monahan (58.33), and Zeebe (1:01.39) combined for a final time of 4:07.48, cracking the previous record of 4:07.86.

The 11-12 girls 400 free relay sqaud of Sala Yasumi (1:06.41), Hana Wienckowski (1:03.38), Belise Swartwood (1:06.37), and Gigi Hioki (1:00.34) came in the the finish in 4:16.50, knocking over a second off the previous record of 4:17.91. The same group took the 11-12 girls 400 medley relay, with the order being Wienckowski, Yasumi, Swartwood, and Hioki. The splits on that relay are unavailable, but their final time was 4:43.39, shattering the previous record of 4:51.52. Wienckowski (33.44), Yasumi (36.74), Swartwood (32.04), and Hioki (28.16) also combined to break the record in the 11-12 girls 200 medley, posting a 2:10.38. The record previously sat at 2:11.42.

The 17-18 boys 200 medley relay team of Allen Hayakawa (29.94), Jaek Horner (29.83), Kanoa Sawai (25.73), and Noah Carlson (24.51) posted a final time of 1:50.01, breaking the previous record of 1:51.44. The Same group of boys broke the 17-18 boys 400 medley relay record, swimming a 4:04.12. The splits are unavailable, but their time took a little over half a second off the previous record of 4:04.73.

The 15-16 boys 800 free relay team of Makena Ginoza (1:59.72), Rayne Duhaylonsod (2:03.94), Micah Ginoza (2:03.08), and Noah Peters (1:58.33) swam an 8:05.07 to break the previous record pf 8:06.76.


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3 years ago

You’re telling me that there’s a swim team called kamehameha?

another swammer
3 years ago

King Kamehameha was around hundreds of years before Dragon Ball Z popularized the term.


3 years ago

KSC for life!

3 years ago

Well the coach is one of the fastest ironman swimmers ever, and could throw down 45 second 100 frees on relays when I was on aulea, they learn from the best

Reply to  Ragnar
3 years ago

Not to mention the other coach was an ACC record holder in college!

3 years ago

Grace Monahan has a really quick 100 fly. Keep an eye out for her