11 Things Swimmers Hate to Hear from Their Coaches

While we all love our coaches, it’s in their job descriptions to make sure we’re doing whatever we can to be successful. Sometimes, that involves doing things that we don’t want to do. When our coaches are holding us accountable, it’s easy to get frustrated with them. Here’s a few things our coaches say that we don’t necessarily love to hear.

1 – “You left the wall early!”

Yeah, I know I did. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, but somehow coaches literally realize everything.

2 – “Your legs needed to be stronger on that.”

My legs already felt like they were ready to fall off… I’m not sure how much harder you wanted me to kick.

3 – “That definitely wasn’t thunder.”

I don’t care what the sky looks like, that sound could have been thunder. 30 minutes out of the pool.

4 – “Today, we are going to do a worst stroke set.”

It’s my worst stroke for a reason! Why do I need to work on breaststroke if I’m literally never going to do a stroke of it for the rest of my life?

5 – “We are doing that one over.”

I guess you noticed that we weren’t giving our best on that 100 all out. We thought we could get away with it.

6 – “If you get in early, we will get out early.”

We see right through your tactic. When we get in early, practice still ends right on time.

7 – “Okay, we are going to do a get out swim.”

We all love hearing that there’s going to be a get out swim! However, the initial mention of a get out swim is followed by an intense 5 minutes of praying that we are not the chosen one.

8 – “Instead of cancelling practice, we are going to push it back to later in the day.”

There’s nothing like the excited anticipation of a snow day and then realizing that your coaches will do anything they can to get you in the pool. Even if it means giving up their whole day.

9 – “Get in the pool for warm up.”

But it’s cold and early and once I get in, I can’t get out. Please don’t make me

10 – “You need to try harder.”

I know it probably seems like I’m being lazy but in reality, I’m just really tired. I’m going as fast as I possibly can. It’s not for lack of trying.

11 – “We’re doing this set three times.”

Why isn’t once enough?

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For real? No dedicated athlete would ever hate to hear most of these things. An athlete who doesn’t want to swim maybe…

Bryana Cielo

I think even the most dedicated and elite swimmers can get frustrated and need a break.


Not really. If youre truly dedicated you will give it 100% effort 100% of the time


ok yes and no im a swimmer for quest and i relate to all of it but i can never complain because i love SWIMMING its my life


I fully agree


Not every day though!!


Who hates get-out swims??

Bryana Cielo

I don’t, but I know I get freaked out when my coach first says we are going to do one

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