8 Things to Remind Yourself During Your Training Trip

Bryana Cielo
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December 30th, 2019 Lifestyle

Training trip can be some of the best memories of your swimming career. Time with your teammates in the warm weather is the best. When I went on training trips, I was so excited for that part of it, but found myself dreading the training. However, it is important to prioritize your training, even though it’s the last thing you want to do. Here are some things I’ve told myself during training trips.

1.     This is the most important part of your training.

Being off from classes and work is a great opportunity to focus on swimming. With a million things on your mind during the semester, it can be easy to lose sight of your athletic goals.

2.     It is NOT a vacation.

With the warm weather and beach time, training trip can feel like an escape from reality. Let it be that, because it is. However, with the amount of time you’ll spend training, it can be detrimental to lose sight of why you’re really there.

3.     Stay focused on the end goal.

Remember that this time is specifically designated for you to focus on your upcoming meets. It is the training that can lead to your lifetime best at your conference meet.

4.     Support your teammates.

You’re going to be exhausted, and your teammates will be, too. It is important that you’re there for them if they need something. They need the same encouragement that you do. Be sure to keep them in mind.

5.     Make sure to sleep.

Between the hours of pool and land training and the bright sunshine, your body is going to get drained quickly. It can be tempting to stay up and hang out with your teammates. However, it is important to take care of yourself, not only to optimize your training, but also your overall health.

6.     Prioritize your team.

College swimming puts a huge emphasis on the aspect of coming together as a team. Your contribution to the team in the pool directly correlates with the work you put in in practice.

7.     Bond with your team.

Being tired from practices that feel like an eternity can deter you from spending time with teammates. It can be a lot easier to spend the night watching a movie rather in the hotel rather than going out for ice cream. However, this is the time to bond with your teammates! Having close relationships with your team members is a very important part of a team being successful. Don’t push yourself, but make sure to be social!

8.     Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

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4 years ago

Remember to EAT! Our boys focus so much on the swimming part that the eating part is hard when exhausted. Our team does not provide a training table and the boys (and girls) must shop for and cook their own food. Only the hotel breakfast is provided (and what my son told me it is a bagel and a piece of fruit in a paper bag- my guess they leave before the waffle maker, cereal and other items are out for the “normal” people). Many of the boys have come home significantly lighter than when they left.

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