#1 50 Freestyler In The World, Andrea Vergani Of Italy, Tests Positive

You can read this on our Italian channel here.

Italian sprinting ace Andrea Vergani has been temporarily suspended by Italy’s Anti-Doping Federation, NADO Italia for having tested positive for cannabis.

The reported positive result came from a test conducted on April 2nd of this year, conducted at the Italian National Championships in Riccione. At those Championships, Vergani took the Italian National title in the men’s 50m freestyle, clocking a time of 21.53, a mark that ranks the 21-year-old #1 in the world.

Official Statement (translated from Italian):

Given the request for immediate suspension from the competitive activity of the athlete Andrea Vergani , registered with the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN), presented on 19 April 2019 by the National Anti-Doping Prosecutor’s Office at the Second Section of the TNA. 
acknowledged that the athlete in question was positive for the substance THC metabolite> DL for the analysis of the first competing control sample carried out by the Anti-Doping Control Committee on 2 April 2019, in Riccione (RN), on the occasion of the “Championships Absolute Italians “

SwimSwam will continue to report developments.

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ACC fan

Dope smoker! Is pot really a PED?


I’ve heard multiple high-level swimmers claim that they swim faster when they’re high. Never tried myself. Anyone willing to chime in? Specifically people who have raced high (even in practice).


Who exactly are these “high level swimmers” who can swim at peak performance after a rip?

Former Longhorn

I would guess the percentage of “high level” swimmers who can swim faster when they’re high is darn close to zero. It may be time to reevaluate whether cannabis should be classified as a PED.


Only illegal if tested for in a competition. Out of competition tests allow cannabis


Well then


Kids these days and their weed


Gotta steer clear of that disco cabbage ladies and gents


No need to be blunt. Some people have high expectations. Clearly far more goodies to the story than we can hash out here.

Love to Swim

Pun galore!


I read a lot of comments on this site and I usually disregard them as something short of tabloid media but this is my absolute favorite! My dad would approve! Carry on

Coach MM

Does that even help you swim faster?


It actually hinders your swim because it’s a downer not an upper


Unless his coach is holding a bag of doritos at the other end of the pool. Might explain the speed in his 50 lol


As much as I don’t like jokes about this stuff that made me laugh

masters swimmer



It is being used as a recovery enhancer and pain relief…. if you consider recovery under the umbrella of “performance” I would argue yes


For out of competition drug tests, they don’t test for it. So “recover” all you want…. just not a week before you race

Y choi

Actually cbd, the substance associated with the physical effects of “recovery,” is legal


When I’m on the blocks to race a 50, I’m hoping my competitors have been toking some wacky tabacky.

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