What Will Shaine Casas Swim At 2022 U.S. World Championship Trials?

Shaine Casas came to play at the San Antonio Pro Swim, dropping some monster swims. He ripped a 51.1 100m fly and a 53.5 100m back, but his back was a little off, and he did say he barely hit the wall on the turn.

His best swim was that 1:56.7 200 IM–but he’s not swimming at the International Team Trials (aka U.S. World Championship Trials) in Greensboro, N.C. April 26-30.  On that topic, what is Shaine racing?  Based on this interview it sounds like 100 and 200 back and 100 fly are locked in.  50 back is a probably. 50 fly is a maybe. 100 free is on the table, but he’s not 100% sure yet.

Shaine Casas World Trials Predictions!

I am only predicting he makes Team USA. Shaine is a HUGE talent. He simply needs to get on-deck representing the Red, White and  Blue. He just needs the experience. In what event does he have the best shot? You tell me, because if he makes Team USA this year, 2023 and 2024 will be whole different conversation.

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9 months ago

Barring surprises Duncan Scott seems to have a relatively clear road to gold in the 200IM and 400IM.

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  john26
9 months ago

A young Frenchman disagrees. 😉

Bobo Gigi
9 months ago

Looks like I’m not the only one surprised to read that he skips the 200 IM.
It’s weird. 200 IM is not at all in conflict with 100 back and 100 fly.

Last edited 9 months ago by Bobo Gigi
9 months ago

IMO his ideal schedule: 100/200 back, 200 IM, maybe try to get on the 4×100 free relay and the 4×200 free relay.

9 months ago

I think he should roll with the 200 IM long term. He has tons of room to improve, and most of the heavy hitters in the international field are on the older side (Kalisz and Shun are 28, Seto is 27). Lots of opportunities there looking towards Paris

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Swammer
9 months ago

Marchand is the next boss of the 200 IM.

9 months ago

The way i look at it this is his make or break moment. He either succeeds and goes on with a successful intl swim career or he kinda fizzles out and struggles.

I Play Swimming
Reply to  Taa
9 months ago

Kinda fits his whole approach it seems. All in or all out.

Swimming fan formerly from South Texas
9 months ago

Shaine, please swim 200 IM

9 months ago

I think he should do 1 back 2 IM and 1 fly. 2IM > 2 back for him

Reply to  Pvdh
9 months ago

In terms of what? Do you think he’s better at the 2 IM vs 2 back or he’ll have an “easier” shot at making the team in the IM over 2 back.

Reply to  Pvdh
9 months ago

However it’s easier to medal in 2 back internationally right now. I think whoever makes the US team in this event will get on the podium at Worlds. With the Russians out of the competition, a 1:55 high will be enough.

Gold Medal Mel
Reply to  olivy
9 months ago


9 months ago

Haven’t watched the video, does he say why he isn’t swimmint 2 IM?

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