Gold Medal Mel

Coleman’s Carpool: Gold Medal Mel explains SwimSwam Origins

Melvin Stewart is a man of many names. But to us at SwimSwam, he is Co-Founder and CEO.


Gold Medal Mel Interview: “Swimming Isn’t Fair” (VIDEO)

In an interview with Gold Medal Mel Stewart, co-founder of SwimSwam and Olympic gold medalist, the team from “The Water…


Lessons From Legends, Mary T. Meagher

Chuck Warner, the author, is a coach and an old friend. Thoughtful and passionate about the sport, he has studied the details behind what it takes to achieve swimming excellence.


9 Swim Jobs You Might Love

If you are jobless or don’t like the career you’re in, you might want to work in the swimming community and be a part of our big swimming family! Here are 9 Swim Jobs you might love…

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SwimSwam Film Fest: Swim in the murky waters of fantasy

I’m a swim film festival fan, and I love this swimming video, this murky water fantasy produced by Tomek Ducki,…

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SwimSwam Film Fest: Gone Swimming

I’m a swim film festival fan, and I love this swimming video produced by Maia Media, titled Gone Swimming.

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The Michael Phelps & Bob Bowman Show: Gold Medal Minute Video

Phelps is on track for a great 100 fly this summer. PREDICTION: The Phelps, Lochte and le Clos 100 fly will be the race of the year. Phelp and Lochte go sub 50.8, but only one of them gets past le Clos. What’s your prediction?


SwimSpray to Offer a Free Sample to Anyone Willing to Send A Testimonial after Trying the Product

To help show that SwimSpray works, we are offering free samples of SwimSpray to anyone interested in trying it. Just send an email to [email protected], telling us where to send your sample.


Joao de Lucca Dubstep

“We missed Joao de Lucca in the media room for an interview, but thankfully SwimSwam contributor and swimming photo artist, Tim Binning of the swim pictures, captured a lot of images of his unique celebration after winning the 200 yard freestyle.” (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


D & G Sell Out to the Talkies?

Speaking of bad ideas…video?

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Nathan Adrian Makes The Salvation Army His Charity for Christmas

Swim News: “I was first introduced to The Salvation Army thanks to my parents, who have been involved with them for a number of years in my hometown,” Adrian said. (Swim Photo Credit: Tim Binning)


Ryan Lochte Stars with Sir Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg

Fresh off of his 2012 London Olympic gold medal performances, Ryan Lochte stars with actors Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams…


Ryan Lochte, Funny or Die, Pee in Pool

“It’s ok to pee in the pool,” Lochte advises.