Maggie MacNeil Wants To End Her NCAA Career On Her Terms

After fracturing her elbow last year, Olympic champion Maggie MacNeil has a lot to prove, and she intends to end her NCAA career on her terms.

Judging by her 2022 Short Course World Championship performance — breaking world records in the 50 back and 100 fly, and tying for gold in the 50 fly — she’s on track. And, of course, she’s only one of two D1 college swimming stars who are still undefeated this season.

Maggie’s loving LSU and being back with her coach Rick Bishop. The team’s been welcoming, and she’s ready for her first big SEC Championships, but how fast will she swim at NCAA Championships? Let’s play the game!

Maggie MacNeil NCAA Predictions

Confession: I’m a huge MacNeil fan. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t be. She’s got that heart-of-a-champion aura athletes need to perform when it counts.

  • 50 free –  It’s a coin toss, but I think she’s 20.79, under the record, but touches 2nd.
  • 100 fly – She rips a 48.2, taking this event to a territory that seems untouchable.
  • 100 free – I’m going to get push-back on this, but I see a 45.4, clipping Simone’s iconic record.
  • 100 back – If she swims it, she’s 48.4, using massive underwaters to power her to new NCAA record.

But who cares what I think. It’s all about what you think. Drop your comments below.

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Mike McCormack
1 month ago

I’m a lifelong South Louisianan… we don’t get the likes of Curry or Maggie around here, either as natives or imports. I didn’t even know she was in town until late November. Happily, there was one home duel meet remaining to the team for me to sit in on. Such a pleasure! Go, Brooks; defend those titles! Burn ’em up, Maggie… in College Station and Knoxville!

1 month ago

Even with so much talent at NCAA’s this year, I can’t see how she wouldn’t win 1 event. She’s a very consistent racer as seen this dual meet season. Also, considering she has won an Olympic Gold at a very stressful Olympics, she has the mental strength to hold up. I think we’re going to see something really special.

Viking Steve
1 month ago

FAST….really, really, FAST

1 month ago

Tough call. I don’t see her winning any event, but betting against Maggie has ALWAYS been a losing bet. Coin flip. So much talent in the NCAAs.

Reply to  Zippo
1 month ago

I think she’s a much better sc swimmer than Huske so I’m going with McNeil over Huske by a smidge. Both under 48.8. I dont think anyone else is in their league yet. Gretchen and Kate are still too good to beat in the 50. But I see a three in four way race in the 100 free between Gretchen, McNeil, Berkoff and Ruck depending on how her senior year has been going. Berkoff going 47.5 in the thick of training makes me worried for everyone.

Gary W Hall
1 month ago

Maggie visited us at The Race Club last August and I could tell then that she was on a mission. Her times last fall and this winter confirm that. We were honored to study her using combined Velocity meter/Smart Paddle technology (synched to video with all four strokes and kicks) and are steadily releasing all of her videos and studies on our site. A few, including the link below, will be available to the public. Mel will be publishing this video soon on SwimSwam, but check it out early.
Of the 17 metrics we use to analyze dolphin kick, Maggie was the best we have tested in 11/17. That is pretty impressive. As fast as her kick is, we… Read more »

Goated Mcintosh
1 month ago

, off topic but do you have any updates on Dressel’s situation? Do you know if he’s back on pool deck with the gators ?

Have you reached out to him or his agent since this last comment? Thanks in advance !!

comment image

Sherry Smit
1 month ago

100 Fly: 48.7
100 Free: 46.0
50 Free: 20.9

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
1 month ago

Idk Mel. I think you’re a bit quick on the predictions. 20.9 yep. 46.0 probably more likely. 48.5 fly absolutely. 48 100 back unlikely. She’s only been 49.7 and hasn’t improved her 100 backstroke lcm or scm since. 22.9 in the 50 back. Yep.

Reply to  Snarky
17 days ago

We’ll, let’s see how well this aged…
20.9 ✅
22.5 ✅

1 month ago

She needs to swim back

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