Watch Kate Douglass Push a 23.0 50 Fly in the Middle of Practice (Video)

After the Pro Swim Series stop in Greensboro, SwimSwam embarked on the East Coast Pancake Tour 2019. This tour will be taking fans to various swimming programs along the east coast for Practice + Pancakes, Beyond the Pancakes, and maybe a few more pancake goodies thrown in.

As a preview of what is to come in the next few days, we thought our readers might enjoy this snippet of UVA’s workout. It features 3 of the 4 women that were on Virginia’s nation-leading 200 medley relay just a few weeks ago in Knoxville doing a 50 for time in the middle of practice. Alexis Wenger goes a 29.9 50 breast, Morgan Hill goes 24.5 in a 50 fly, and Kate Douglass swims to a 23.0 in a 50 fly.

Stay tuned for the full practice video this week.

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9 months ago

how old is that photo?

Reply to  Yup
9 months ago

It’s from her glory days at Westchester Aquatics, good to see she’s back in that same form!

Steve Nolan
9 months ago

Eeeeh looks like a 24.0-24.2 / 25.mid / 30.high to me, but I mean…still sorta good, high fives all around.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
9 months ago

Yeah that seems to be what I got just hand timing the video.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  toastedcoconut
9 months ago

Ya, I first went, “hrm” after seeing the clock behind ’em, lol. (But of course I timed it, I’m a biggole nerd just like everyone else here.)

9 months ago

I got 24.1, I timed it twice, still very very impressive.

Reply to  BSD
9 months ago

If I time from “go” I get 24.1 as well. Most coaches I know, though, time from feet off the wall when doing push speed work. Feet off the wall I got 23.4.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Braden Keith
9 months ago

And why is that? I assumed that’s where the timing discrepancy I got came from.

Do folks do the same thing for swims off the blocks?

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