Watch Dean Farris Smoke 47.08 100 Freestyle Relay Split in Prelims at WUGs


In the prelims of the 4 x 100 freestyle relay at the 2019 World University Games in Naples, Italy, Team USA’s Dean Farris threw down an incredible 47.08 relay split. Farris is swimming the 2nd leg of the relay. Team USA is in lane 5.

Reported by Robert Gibbs.


  • World Record – 3:08.24, USA, 2008
  • Meet Record – 3:10.88, Russia, 2013

Top 8:

  1. USA, 3:12.55
  2. Italy, 3:15.90
  3. Brazil, 3:17.27
  4. Japan, 3:17.95
  5. Russia, 3:18.80
  6. Poland, 3:19.04
  7. Great Britain, 3:19.18
  8. Australia, 3:20.68

Long-time readers will know that from about 2011 to 2016, there was lots of handwringing about the state of the USA men’s sprinting. Those concerns were alleviated after the USA won gold in the 4×100 free in 2016 and 2017, and it looks like any lingering doubts can be laid to rest after the college guys put up a big boy time in prelims; their 3:12.55 would’ve put them 3rd in prelims at the 2017 World Championships and would’ve finished 4th in finals.

Tate Jackson led off in 48.36, followed by Dean Farris, who smoked a 47.08 that is one of the fastest splits of all-time. Robert Howard also broke 48, with a 47.72, before Michael Jensen anchored in 49.39. Expect to see Zach Apple, who’s been 48.0 individually, replace Jensen tonight, meaning that the USA men have a legit shot at 3:10 and the meet record.

Just like on the women’s side, the USA was over three seconds faster than any other squad this morning; once again, Italy holds the 2nd seed. Their team was led by Ivano Vendrame, who led off in 48.92 and Davide Nardini, who split 48.42 on the 3rd leg, which were the only other sub-49 splits in the entire field.

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1 year ago

Wow. They were swimming alone. Tonight is gonna be epic

1 year ago

Robert Howard’s stroke is beautiful

Reply to  Swimnerd
1 year ago

funny cause i find Tate’s stroke beautiful – not the one from Howard ( his is very efficient though )

1 year ago

Lots of open water

Reply to  PhillyMark
1 year ago

Get gud

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