Watch 14-Year-Old Summer McIntosh Post Blistering 1:56.19 200 Freestyle

by Ben Dornan 43

June 21st, 2021 News


During the second night of finals at the 2021 Canadian Olympic Trials, 14-year-old Summer McIntosh threw down a 1:56.19 200 freestyle to collect the national title and book a spot on the Canadian Olympic team.

Read all about that historic race here and check out the full race video, courtesy of CBC Olympics on YouTube:


  • Canadian Record: 1:54.44 – Taylor Ruck (2018)
  • FINA A Standard: 1:57.28


  1. Summer McIntosh – 1:56.19
  2. Penny Oleksiak – 1:57.24
  3. Rebecca Smith – 1:57.76

14-year-old Summer McIntosh managed to pull out her first win of the meet here with a 1:56 to book a spot on the Olympic team in the 200 freestyle. Prior to this meet McIntosh held a PB in the event of 1:57.65 from May of 2021 and has now swum the 6th fastest time in the world this season.

Penny Oleksiak didn’t need to win this event in order to swim the event in Tokyo as she was nominated already based on her 6th place finish in the event in Tokyo. Oleksiak did finish in the top 2 though and posted a 1:57.24 for the silver medal.

Oleksiak was a bit faster during the prelims where she posted a 1:57.07 meaning that she’s been under the FINA A twice today.

Rebecca Smith was 3rd overall with a 1:57.76 which is a little bit over the FINA A but will likely be enough to get her on the team in the 4×200 relay. That’s a bit slower than her PB which sits at a 1:57.43 from earlier this year.

Next, Katerine Savard was a 1:57.79 for 4th place and could also be getting the nod for the relay after qualifying individually for the 100 butterfly on day 1. Like Smith, Savard has been a little bit faster in the past, holding a PB of 1:57.13 from 2017.

Canada has medaled in the 4×200 freestyle a few times in the past few years, taking bronze in Rio in 2016, bronze in 2019 at Gwangju.

Mary-Sophie Harvey placed 5th overall with a 1:58.70 while Kayla Sanchez was 6th in a 1:58.81.

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1 year ago

I think it is worth mentioning that CBC broadcaster Byron macdonald has referred to her as summer Mortimer during 200 free and during the 800 free he mixed it up and referred to her as summer sanders😂looking forward to hearing a new last name tomorrow!

1 year ago

8.29.48 in the 800

1 year ago

The Loonie Bin gonna be hype after this performance.

1 year ago

She did the 8:35 on the way to pacing her club teammate to a mile time.

The same meet she swam the 1:57.6 is where she swam the 4:05. Extrapolating from her improvements in the 200 since then, her 400 could be a 4:02-4:03 now.

If she really is in 4:02-4:03 shape, I see an 8:18 coming.

1 year ago

Change my prediction

Now I am thinking 8:10 something really stunning. She is so tough mentally and so focused. She is on a roll.

Reply to  Lucytheretriever
1 year ago

She is an amazing talent, but 8:10 for the 800 seems unlikely given that her recent time for the 400 was 4:05. It will be exciting to watch her – today and in the future.

Reply to  CanSwimFan
1 year ago

Pretty much impossible to predict a time just off that 4:05. Köhler and Quadarella are a bit faster in the 400 free and can swim 8:14-8:16, on the other hand Kesely went 4:01 and couldn’t get close to 8:15 (another example would be Gose who went 4:05.1 and 8:26 this year). It is impossible for someone in 4:05 shape to go 8:10, but if she goes 8:10, then she certainly is capable of swimming 4:00 or faster.

Reply to  CanSwimFan
1 year ago

She didn’t really have any competition during that 400 race when she went 4:05. She is hungry for a great time.

Reply to  Lucytheretriever
1 year ago

Only 8:10? Why not predict a world record while you are at it …
Would be shocked if she would go that fast and i don’t see it happening, but it would certainly make the women’s 800 free in Tokyo even more interesting.

Last edited 1 year ago by AnEn
Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Can she do a Ledecky 2012-like performance in Tokyo? It seems a little bit early. But what a talent.
It’s always hard to predict the future but she could well peak in 2024.
Will US girls Sims and Grimes be able to improve as much as the Canadian swimmer to play with her for the gold medals?

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Titmus will only be 23 in Paris, don’t see why she shouldn’t be in the mix and very possibly some completely new names will pop up until then.

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

She still looks tiny… guessing we have a true superstar in the making although you never really know. If I had to guess, she will end up a lot stronger in the 200-400 distances (including fly and IM) while the 800/1500 may fall by the wayside, or be relatively weaker events like they are for Titmus.

Reply to  Caleb
1 year ago

Agreed. Her 200 fly was already great in 2019. So, I think that 200 free/400 free/200 fly could be a good schedule of races. About the 400 IM, she had some little difficulties in the breaststroke leg. Nothing impossible to overcome with the training, but – considering that swimming 5 races at the best level is impossible – I would focus on free and fly.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
1 year ago

Bobo Gigi do you have the video for us foreigners?

The unoriginal Tim
1 year ago

Cant see the video in my country but always hate it when people swim fly on freestyle. Good time though 🙂

In all seriousness this is unreal.