Video: How To Have A Start Like Caeleb Dressel

At this point, it’s a well-known fact that Caeleb Dressel has one of the best starts in the sport. His overwhelming strength in seemingly every event he swam at this past World Championships cemented that statement even further. This was exactly our inspiration for this weeks video.

A lot of people struggle with theirs starts as a weakness that is more much difficult to fix than a simple technique tip in your stroke or an added drill to your training. A good start is the difference between swimming through clean or choppy water during a sprint or an upper hand on your competition in a distance event.

We recommend three various tips in this video to find your perfect foot placement, teach your body not to lean backward (a common mistake), and then finally to work with a partner on reaction time. All super fun and simple fixes to your start that will surely pay dividends at your next meet. Also, do yourself a favor and watch a few YouTube videos of Dressel’s start.

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Music by Joakim Karud

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crooked donald

You forgot having a 40+ inch vertical leap. Kind of key.


Easy. Trampoline.

Steve Nolan

Can 100% attest to this. Had the pleasure of training with Caeleb while swimming at UF and he is a monster in the weight room. Kid can box jump my height. Wouldn’t want to be playing against him in a pickup basketball game that’s forsure


I hoped to see Dressel and Troy 🙁
But this still helps
Thanks Swimswam


Glad we could help out! Going to try and get troy and/or Dressel in a video soon enough, wasn’t in Gainesville over the summer so this had to suffice ?

willy beeman

Is that photo in FLO RIDA? I’d like to be there. It sucks here.


It is! It may look enjoyable but summers in south Florida are grueling!!!

E Gamble

Most pools are too hot for swimming in SF.