Cielo: Dressel Has The Ability To Break My World Records

Brazilian sprint star and world record-holder Cesar Cielo says he believes young American Caeleb Dressel has the ability to break Cielo’s super-suited world records in the 50 and 100 freestyles.

Cielo said as much at the Jose Finkel Trophy, Brazil’s winter national championship meet, which is taking place this week in Sao Paolo. reports that Cielo spoke highly of Dressel, saying he has “full capacity” to break Cielo’s records by 2020 in a rough translation of the original Portuguese.

Cielo’s two world records have been among the hardest to challenge on the men’s side since the banning of rubberized full-body racing suits in late 2009. At the 2009 World Championships in July, Cielo went 46.91 in the 100 free, and five months later, he put up a 20.91 in the 50 free at Brazil’s national championships just weeks before the bodysuit ban took effect. Both world records have stood the 8 years since, and have only been seriously challenged a couple of times.

At the 2017 World Championships, the upstart Dressel swept the 50 and 100 free titles, going 21.15 and 47.17, respectively, in just his second senior-level international swim meet. Dressel’s international debut on the senior stage was the Rio Olympics last summer. Just 20 years old and improving fast, Dressel was the breakout star on the men’s side this summer, winning 7 gold medals in Budapest.

Now, Cielo says Dressel could be the one to finally snap the Brazilian’s incredible world records. Here’s a rough translation of Cielo’s full quote from

“Look, Dressel has put himself in a position to surpass my two world records. You have to overcome the fine tuning, the hard part, those details. I think he has the full capacity to do that. Who knows, by 2020 he may have a new world record in the two races.”

For his part, the 30-year-old Cielo finished 8th in the 50 free at the World Championships in Budapest. He said he’s hoping to return to his best times since the bodysuit era – roughly in the 21.3-range. Cielo went 21.32 in 2013 and 21.39 in 2014, but has been off that mark in the few years since. He told that he’s hoping to stay in contention for a medal, and is encouraged that his textile-best would still put him in medal contention based on Budapest results.

You can read Cielo’s full comments in their original Portuguese here.

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Well that 47.17 is already superior to that suited 46.91 BY FAR.


Even Cielo 21.32 is faster than his suits WR.Cielo himself told in past interview the suits gave him 0.5s per fifty.


Cesar’s suited wr his 20.9 bro


Basic Math:
21.32-0.5=20.82.It’s faster than 20.91.


There’s is ABSOLUTELY no way you can measure that… is just like trying to convert SCY to LCM, it just doesn’t make any sense…


I am using Cielo OWN words when asked how much the suit(X glide) helped him.He was very vocal to say it helped half second per fifty.


There is no way for Cielo to know if it really helps half a second per fifty.


Given his extraordinary strength in the 100 fly, I wonder if Kristof Milak can pull off a strong 100 free in the future. His PB is a 50.09, which is already better than Cseh’s PB of 51.08.


Cseh’s PB is 50.87 at 2015 worlds.


My comment is referring to the 100 free. It is quite surprising that Cseh has a faster 100 fly than 100 free though.


Well he doesn’t train free at all I assume so…


I doubt he swims it much at a big meet.

bobo gigi

20.91 will be harder to break than 46.91 for Dressel.


The 20,91 to be broken would need to have Dressel first part of the race with Fratus second part (Maybe even Dressel Start + UW + Fratus over the water). If Dressel evolves to have that kind of speed and finish over the water maybe a sub-21..


50 free is one that probably won’t happen. Swimming 100 fly, free 200 free and (maybe even 200im, he’s a 51.8 200 breastroker in scy and went 55 completely untapered and unrested in the 100 back in season this year). Raw speed won’t be the most significant part of his swimming. That’s it to say he isn as fast over the water as everyone else. Outside of fratus, he probably is the second fastest swimmer over the water. But he would be must faster if he didn’t do so much endurance work. But that’s what gives him his 100 free and fly ability. His hold of speed is 2nd to none. Now he could develop to a point where’s he’s… Read more »


I agree, it would take a near perfect race to take down that WR. The 100 fly & free is much more achievable.

samuel huntington

agree with this. Would add that in form Morozov also might be the fastest over the water


Did you guys forget (in-shape) Anthony Ervin?


they did …… come ? haha


He doesn’t have to give up on swimming it,is that what you are saying?


Maybe now, but Dressel will keep getting bigger. He’s still a boy. Hopefully he’s working on that base cause if he can keep from getting toooo big he can be the first to have a dominant 50-200. I think he can be the best in the world in 50, 100, 200, 100 Fly, 200IM. If he can find another stroke or figure out a 200 fly, I think he can beat Phelps’ standard. He’ll probably get 9 golds in Tokyo but it wont really be better than Phelps cause of the mixed relay. I think we start to see some serious times in the NCAA season in the 200 free and IM. I really won’t be surprised with a 1:29… Read more »

samuel huntington

ok….Dressel has been in Gator strength for three years now – I can see some fine tuning of his strength but he’s not going to get radically stronger. And I highly doubt Dressel will be the best in the world in the 200 free and IM – you think he can beat Sun/Haas/Guy and Kalisz/Hagino?


Guys don’t really really fully mature until like 25, but I don’t really think he will get much stronger, I agree. Most of these guys have enough strength at a young age. Any more is a detriment. That said, his freestyle technique still isn’t that good. He spins his wheels. It’s much better than last year, but he needs to improve that to really unlock his full potential


He doesn’t spin his wheels too much. He said his stroke count per 25 in a 50 yard free is like 7. Also he said he’s very focused on pulling the water more.


Yeah his technique for free is pretty bad he going to have to work on it if he wants a chance of medaling in the 50 or 100 free


Where did I say it was bad? It’s decent but he clearly could Improve it


pretty bad ? how come …..he could surely work on the stroke efficiency but i find it just fine .


Samuel, although I agree with you that it would be hard for Caeleb to win gold in any 200, I actually believe that once he goes pro and starts focusing on lcm he could be a major threat in the 400 free and im. I was talking to Greg Troy, and he said when they did time trials in practice, Caeleb was able to break 15 minutes in a 1650, so clearly the endurance is there.


He’s under Troy. The base will be there. His lack of improvement this year in the 50 free and remarkable progress in the 100 free/fly at NCAAs shows as much. Pan Pacs will be extremely helpful to figure out his event schedule if swimmers are still allowed to enter whatever events they want. I also hope he does 200y free over 50 free at NCAAs even though it means giving up guaranteed 1st place points.


Wow… You don’t want to see the first man ever to break 18 seconds?

Phelps swims 200 breast rio

Not a problem- he’ll split 17.9 in the 100 🙂


Wow…. yeah no


Keep in mind that Dressel improved his best 50 free time by .4 this summer. I wouldn’t put limits on this guy, he’s done things no one saw coming


Actually it took him 2 summers.

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